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  • Tru Playa
  • philip
    lmao thats hella funny love it....sooo true
  • Lance
    That was cool, especially to someone like me who haven't gone to gay clubs. I wanna visit sometime but I feel like end up like stupid if I am alone.
    • by Lance on 05/17 12:02 AM
  • Mary Jane
  • Shawn
    Wow, it hits on almost every stereotype in bars everywhere especially gay bars and I can't begin to tell you how I wish I was in that situation sometimes LOL. but it was a funny film.
    • by Shawn on 05/23 1:47 AM
  • Kendall
    LOL!!!!! Most gay bars are like that! How Tragic.
  • Skylar -p
    that was kool
  • Copyright restrict us from playing this video outside the U.S. this is unfair.. ;(
    • by on 04/22 1:48 PM
  • HOWW CUTEEE!! i think im the one who thinks hes soo hott...hahaha kididng!! ahahha
    • by on 04/18 2:11 AM
  • This film was awesome and so true!! Loved it great job.
    • by on 04/18 12:51 AM
  • this is so jacked up, talk about reinforcing the worst gay stereotypes
    • by on 04/18 12:18 AM
  • Awww.... I love this movie, I love movies like this.... The guy in the blue shirt, the main guy... I could kinda relate if I were step my feet in a gay club. Good Movie Whoever made it! :)
    • by on 04/17 9:03 PM
  • this was cute haha
    • by on 04/17 8:00 PM
  • Ryan
    called out the paper towel handouters!
    • by Ryan on 04/17 5:55 PM
  • Hahaha so true haha
    • by on 04/17 11:55 AM
  • Arnold
    lol this is so cute.

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