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  • Tru Playa
  • awwuh
    • by on 05/30 8:23 AM
  • whats was the sad part he should have went out and find him some friend
    • by on 11/06 4:28 PM
  • that was sad but very good
    • by on 08/13 8:19 PM
  • Yung Incredable  ME
    wel hot guys sometimes get lonely to and feel the need for true companionship.
  • Ayie Biie
  • awwww... sad but so cute.
    • by on 05/03 11:35 PM
  • Johnny
    Keith, you are a total idiot
  • Johnny
    Keith, you are a total idiot
  • omg i wish i could be the one in the bed lol omg he so cutee ;)
    • by on 04/29 5:48 PM
  • really sad
    • by on 04/29 4:41 PM
  • so sad....
    • by on 04/28 6:45 AM
  • Dat was beautiful!
    • by on 04/27 1:00 PM
  • Edo
    sad sad video... :,(
    • by Edo on 04/27 10:44 AM
  • Edwin
    I thought the song at the beggining was "lacrymosa" by evanscence! but it wasnt. so sad. this reminds me of myself ='[
    • by Edwin on 04/26 8:48 PM
  • ummm yeah some men do go thru that some men have ppl who lose the one they love to death. or it just wasnt right... it still hurts everyone can go thru it handle it in different ways. thats why we get so many assholes dunt wanna get hurt. they want to inflict hurt before it gets to them or if they feel hurt.
    • by on 04/26 8:21 PM
  • omg,,,A hot Guy like him in real world will never gonna get stuck on those situation,..so overrated..
    • by on 04/26 8:07 PM

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