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  • camron
    Very good ,need more like this to show who we r!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Magik
    • by Magik on 01/25 6:28 PM
  • Hihopez
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  • Sofie
    • by Sofie on 10/11 9:47 PM
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    • by on 10/07 8:41 AM
  • Kayla
    Then end was truly touching when all their lives started coming together.. gives me hope that things really will get better
    • by Kayla on 09/20 11:00 AM
  • Miranda
    I Love this video...it really had me choked up
    I LOVE THIS VIDEO ..had me tearing up...In time things always get better...... i will accept myself more everyday i live in this world......... love me or hate me
  • JERK Gyllen
    i enjoyed this video. and the Navy commercial at the end. Hooyah Navy lol
  • AHL
    • by AHL on 06/04 9:29 AM
  • devin
    good video
    • by devin on 05/19 10:02 PM
  • Chelle
    good video
  • That was great.
    • by on 05/14 9:28 PM
  • Taj
    This was a good video I understand this so much! It took me A While to accept myself...
    • by Taj on 05/14 8:19 PM
  • Great movie and I feel Vanessa 1000% .. I'm also a singer and songwriter and also a lesbian and my family has learned to deal with it but they haven't excepted me .
    • by on 05/14 7:43 AM
  • to pretty
    good movie
  • AlYasa'
  • BeautifulliBorn
    Good movie..had me tearing up...In time things always get better..Dont ever be scared 2 be yourself..
    Awesome!!! Got me all choked up at work lol smh

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