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  • Maiya
    Love this song,
    • by Maiya on 12/17 12:28 PM
  • Love this song and video
    • by on 05/23 2:05 PM
  • i fear for future generations if you guys think this is good music. better music comes out of my butthole.
    • by on 05/22 2:27 AM
  • Ashly
    Love her the album is GREAT!!!
    • by Ashly on 05/19 1:49 PM
  • mhelsterpee
    nice kesha!
  • people needa stop hatin Ke$ha is da shit n i wouldnt mind hittin dat either
    • by on 03/08 4:30 PM
  • lol im totally not gonna lie im diggin the song!
    • by on 03/07 9:55 PM
  • Tiny
    kesha is so0o hot and love the song
    • by Tiny on 03/07 3:36 PM
  • Phoenix
    What kinda shit is this?? Ke$sha sit down and let GaGa show ya how it's done. Ke$ha gives pop artists a bad rep...she has no talent and is getting attention...which is the stereotype of pop artists. uhh
  • x bethani
    man she sucks so bad lol its ridiculous
  • Twilight   Monroe
  • this shit is so fye lol i love this bitch
    • by on 03/06 4:09 PM
  • this bitch suxxx... y? sux that the music industry just lets ne body now a days get a music career.
    • by on 03/06 1:52 PM
  • - CaRl -
    i like this song! the vid aight too....and i love tik tok!
  • I<3 this song
    • by on 03/06 10:56 AM
  • Because I&#39;m Sandy
  • Algernaun
    This is my jam!

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