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  • =o
    • by on 09/06 7:19 PM
  • ERIC
    Austin is an attention whore and loves when hes in and on everyones minds but hes not fulling Ryan but their all catty bitches and thats the main problem.
    • by ERIC on 09/02 1:43 AM
  • ERIC
    Nyasha is a mess shes young in a grown world and shes insacure, Derek only acts the way he dose cause he cant stand alone and he wants to hurt Austin as much as he hurt him. Ryan is grown up and cool, Richen is codependent when it comes to relationships i think he needs someone by his side and in his bed to feel like a full man Rodney is gay as hell and just needs to get his ish together lol
    • by ERIC on 09/02 1:40 AM
  • CaliKidd
    nyasha is a mess. The only one that is cool is ryan, miKe and rodney.. RICHEN ACTS LIKE A LIL B****. DEREK IS A FOLLOWER. AUSTIN IS A OUTLAW WHICH I LIKE BUT IMMATURE WHICH I DONT. Tj is cool too but not really a factor
  • All these bitches have lost their shit except Ryan and Nyasha.
    • by on 08/30 12:31 AM
    • by on 08/29 7:45 AM

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