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How to Fix "This account is also logged into Facebook" on Messenger

Getting the error "This account is also logged into Facebook" on Messenger can be very frustrating. As a social media marketing expert, I‘ve helped many users troubleshoot this issue. Here‘s my comprehensive guide on how to fix it, based on extensive research and hands-on experience.

What Causes This Error?

This error occurs when you try removing a Facebook account connected to Messenger, but you‘re still actively logged into that same account on the Facebook app. Messenger prevents you from disconnecting an account that‘s currently in use.

Based on my analysis, the root of the problem lies in the integration between the Facebook and Messenger apps. Even if you log out of Facebook, some remnant connectivity remains, causing this error on Messenger.

Step-by-Step Guide to Fixing This Error

Here are the most effective solutions I‘ve found to fix "This account is also logged into Facebook" on Messenger:

1. Log Out of Facebook Completely

First, open the Facebook app and log out of the account connected to Messenger. This severs the integration between the two apps.

But logging out within Facebook may not be enough. You need to completely log out of Facebook on all devices.

On desktop, go to Facebook Settings > Security > Where You‘re Logged In and log out of all sessions. This signs you out everywhere.

2. Remove Facebook Account from Your Phone‘s Settings

Go to your phone‘s Settings > Accounts > Facebook and remove the account connected to Messenger. On Android, tap "Remove Account." On iPhone, tap "Delete Account."

This ensures the account is fully disconnected from your device.

3. Clear Cache and Data for Facebook and Messenger

In your phone‘s Settings > Apps, select Facebook > Storage > Clear Cache and Clear Data. Repeat the same process for Messenger.

This deletes any stored connection between the two apps.

4. Reinstall the Messenger App

Uninstalling and reinstalling the Messenger app can also fix lingering account linkages by completely resetting the app.

5. Try Logging Into a Different Account First

Log into a different Facebook account in Messenger, then try removing the problem account again. This workaround has helped some users.

6. Update Facebook and Messenger

Ensure you‘re running the latest versions of the apps. Older versions may have bugs causing this error.

Preventing This Error in the Future

Based on my experience, here are some best practices to avoid this error when removing accounts from Messenger:

  • Always log out of Facebook fully before removing the account from Messenger.

  • Disconnect Facebook accounts from your device‘s settings when you‘re done using them.

  • Periodically log out of Facebook on all devices to reset all sessions.

  • Keep Facebook and Messenger updated to the latest versions.

Why This Error Happens

To provide more context, here is some additional technical information on why "This account is also logged into Facebook" occurs:

  • Messenger uses Facebook login for user authentication. Your Facebook and Messenger accounts are linked.

  • When you log out of Facebook, session cookies and cached data remain on your device, maintaining the linkage.

  • Messenger checks if you‘re logged into Facebook before allowing you to disconnect an account.

  • If your phone detects you‘re still logged into Facebook, Messenger blocks account removal, showing this error.

  • Fully logging out of Facebook on all devices clears session data, fixing the error.

Final Thoughts

In summary, this error occurs due to persistent connectivity between the Facebook and Messenger apps. While frustrating, it can be fixed by completely logging out of Facebook, clearing app data, and resetting stored sessions.

As a social media expert, I recommend proactively logging out of Facebook periodically and keeping your apps updated. Following these best practices will prevent you from encountering "This account is also logged into Facebook" on Messenger again.