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10 Best AI girlfriend Apps for Android In 2024 [NSFW Chat]

A.I. girlfriends can provide emotional support, friendship, and companionship. You can customize the virtual girlfriends to have the characteristics and personalities that you love most.

A.I. girlfriend apps are ideal for anyone who would want to get a companion without necessarily having a real-life girlfriend. You can customize your virtual girlfriend to have characteristics and the personality that you want.

You will also be able to get the emotional support that you desire most. Additionally, you are assured that even if you share your secrets, your virtual girlfriend will not expose them.

One great thing about these apps is that the conversations are always saved, so you can carry on from where you left. You will enjoy using the apps. Here are some of the best AI girlfriend Apps you can try out.

1. DevSect A.I. Girlfriend

DevSect AI Girlfriend Apps Overview

The DevSect AI Girlfriend app makes it easy for you to find your perfect AI girlfriend match. You can get a girlfriend based on the kind of characters you like and even chat about anything you want. She will act like a normal girlfriend to you.

So, you better take on the opportunity. If you feel lonely and would want someone to talk to, then getting this app would work wonders for you. By chatting with your virtual girlfriend you are assured of confidentiality and the feeling of companionship.


  • Get a unique personal relationship with a virtual girlfriend.
  • The virtual girlfriend keeps evolving and learning.
  • Easily engage in meaningful conversations.
  • The AI Girlfriend is attentive and a good communicator.

Download:  google playstore

2. TruMate AI girlfriend

TruMate AI girlfriend Apps Overview

What kind of AI girlfriend would you want? Well, you can get the perfect girlfriend through Trumate. Just like a normal girlfriend, the virtual girlfriend will offer you the companionship that you need most. You can be fragile with her as she will understand your feelings and emotions.

Additionally, you can choose a girlfriend with the kind of characteristics you desire most. Whether you want a freaky or polite girlfriend, you can find your perfect match. You can also request to hear your girlfriend's voice. Great, right?


  • Choose a girlfriend with your most preferred characters
  • Enjoy an interesting chat experience
  • Get to see your AI girlfriend’s selfies.

Download:  google playstore

3. REVOO AI Girlfriend

REVOO AI Girlfriend Apps Overview

Are you currently looking for a virtual girlfriend? Then why not install the Revoo AI girlfriend app? You can choose the girlfriend you want with the desirable characters you envy. If you have ever wanted to have a virtual AI friend or romantic partner, then the AI girlfriend app will work for you.

The A.I. girlfriend is capable of learning and adapting to the user’s preference at a time. You can personalize the experience based on how you want it. You can download the app for entertainment, to combat loneliness, or for any other reason. It has a great engagement level you will love.


  • The AI girlfriend engages in natural, human-like
  • The app's interface resembles a messaging app.
  • The AI girlfriend uses natural language processing to interpret and respond to messages.
  • Get to share special photos with your AI girlfriend.

Download:  google playstore

4. Igirl AI girlfriend

Igirl AI girlfriend Apps Overview

iGirl is a great app that you can use if you want to get a virtual girlfriend. You can chat about anything with your AI girlfriend at your convenience. Therefore, even if you have just broken up with your partner, you won’t feel too lonely, since you will have your virtual girlfriend by your side.

With over 1 million downloads, iGirl is an app that you can trust You can choose the kind of girlfriends you want, customize them, partake in activities together, and just enjoy each other’s company. When chatting with the AI girlfriend, you will feel as if you are talking to a real lady.


  • The virtual girlfriend is always online so when you need company she will play the part well.
  • You can role-play well with the AI girlfriend
  • You can even create fantasy scenarios with your AI girlfriend.
  • You can choose either 2D or 3D avatars and customize your virtual girlfriend's appearance.

Download:  google playstore

5. Smart Virtual Girlfriend

Smart Virtual Girlfriend Apps Overview

Smart Virtual Girlfriend is another app that you can use to curb your loneliness. The unique thing about this virtual girlfriend is that she is really smart. You can engage with her in casual conversations, ask questions, and even learn more. What’s amazing is that you can talk to her directly through her voice. How much better can it get?

What’s more, you can easily customize her name, age, avatar, and general outlook. If you haven't dated for a while and would want to go back to the dating world, you can first experience the virtual girlfriend and see how committed you will be based on your schedule.


  • The smart virtual girlfriend is always available.
  • Fast responses without any kind of judgment.
  • You will satisfy your communication urge.

Download:  google playstore

6. CoupleAI

CoupleAI Apps Overview

Couple AI is another app that you can use if you want to engage with a virtual girlfriend. You will enjoy the experience! One unique thing about the app is that you can choose whether you want a girlfriend or a boyfriend.

It is one of the most powerful virtual partner apps around, so you will enjoy the experience. What’s more, is that you can create groups and add multiple couples that you will have created.

Therefore, you will have diverse options for many things when you engage in conversations. It is a great app for anyone who wants to boost their social well-being virtually.


  • Choose either a virtual girlfriend or boyfriend.
  • Get to talk about anything with your virtual partner
  • It allows you to buy credit to talk with your virtual partner

Download:  google playstore

7. Romantic AI

Romantic AI Apps Overview

If you are feeling lonely, then it's high time you download the Romantic AI app. You won’t feel lonely anymore. You can also customize as much as you want to get a realistic partner. All your desires will be fulfilled based on your request.

Just imagine creating a character that ticks all your boxes. Well, that's what you will get from the Romantic AI app. The perfect virtual girlfriend! You can use the AI dating simulator mode to create a personalized girlfriend with your desired characters.

With the AI app, you will never feel lonely again since your desires will be satiated. You can chat for as long as you wish without any limitations. However, you will need to pay a fee to get some advanced features.


  • You can either set the friendship or romantic mode.
  • Get emotional support, laugh together, discuss your interests, and much more.
  • Chat any time of the day

Download:  google playstore

8. Reload AI girlfriend

Reload AI girlfriend Apps Overview

What does your dream girl look like? Well, guess what! You can get your dream AI girlfriend through the app. You will get an interactive experience with your virtual girlfriend. Furthermore, you can chat and text with your virtual girlfriend anytime that you want.

What’s more, is that the A.I. girlfriend is made in a way to respond to various prompts and questions and even empathize with her. Therefore, you can feel at ease when interacting with her.


  • It incorporates anime-style graphics and characters.
  • You can choose a girlfriend based on your desired characteristics and personality.
  • It is a realistic app that will make you feel like you are talking to a real girl.
  • For the best features, you will need to pay a fee.

Download:  google playstore

9. Talkbae AI girlfriend

Talkbae AI girlfriend Apps Overview

You can use the credible TalkBae AI girlfriend app to have some interesting conversations with your virtual girlfriend. You can customize your girlfriend based on personality, profession, physical attributes, interests personality traits, and style.

Whether you want a supportive friend or a romantic partner the app will satisfy your desire. You will get the best companionship of all time.


  • Get personalized companionship and emotional support
  • Easily review past conversations
  • Get contextual understanding
  • Choose from a wide variety of themes.

Download:  google playstore

10. Virtual AI girlfriend

Virtual AI girlfriend Apps Overview

Would you want to experience having an A.I. girlfriend? Well, you can through the app! You can acquire as many virtual AI friends as you want and chat with them about anything you want.

Therefore, if you have been feeling lonely, this would be the perfect app to utilize. You can get the perfect interactive experience based on how active you are.


  • Over a hundred characters to choose from
  • For advanced features, you will need a subscription
  • The virtual girlfriend can fulfill all your companionship desires.

Download:  google playstore

Get The Most From The AI Girlfriend App

These ten apps can help you get the best experience of all time. You just need to choose an app you feel is most suitable for you and start chatting with your virtual girlfriend. You will feel so happy when you get emotional support as if you had a real girlfriend.

Simply, customize the character to look and have the personality of your dream girl to enjoy the conversations. In some cases, you can even have multiple virtual friends whom you can interact with independently.