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30 Best Anime Girls with Glasses [2023 Ranked]

Appearances in anime do really matter. Many characters' first impressions are usually through their appearances.There is another majority of people who prefer simple-looking ones. For example, Glasses! Anime Characters do look different with glasses, and today we will be listing the best anime girls with glasses.

The color of their hair and the style of it, the outfits they are wearing, the swords they are holding, or perhaps the armor they are protected in all of these plays a huge factor in making a first impression. We all love some badass-looking characters.

1. Kobayashi


The main characters of “ Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon”. Kobayashi is an ordinary woman who works as a computer programmer. She has red hair tied in a short ponytail and hazel eyes. Kobayashi’s life changed when she met mythical creatures that could turn into dragons.

She helped them stay at her place and slowly started to create a bond with them. She is a kind-hearted person, but perhaps she should stay away from alcohol as it makes her very aggressive.

2. Tsubasa Hanekawa

Tsubasa Hanekawa

Tsubasa is one of the female characters in the Monogatari series. Her first appearance was in Bakemonogatari. Starting with her appearance, Tsubasa wears glasses almost all the time. She has beautiful black hair that is quite lengthy and violet eyes. Usually, she tends to style her hair into braids.

Tsubasa appears multiple times throughout the series and often plays an important role in the story. Her personality is complicated. Tsubasa tries to stay humble in front of others while proving smart and knowledgeable. But her true identity has a different mindset, making her almost a different person.

3. Tashigi


Now known as Captain Tashigi, she is a Marine officer that works under Vice Admiral Smoker. Tashigi had an early appearance in the series when she met Zoro. Their encounter was very intriguing because Tashigi looks like Zoro’s deceased childhood friend.

Her sword-wielding skills are above average, making her able to defeat basic wanted pirates, but she can also use Haki, making her a threat to Logia users. Tashigi has dark brown eyes and black hair. Before the time skip, her appearance was noticeably different. By having shorter hair and a less feminine-looking figure.

4. Shizuku Murasaki

Shizuku Murasaki

A member of the Phantom Troupe in Hunter x Hunter. Shizuku is a clumsy woman with a fixed facial expression. No matter what is being done, she barely shows new emotions on her face, but she doesn’t have a cold type of face. The only time she showed a bit of struggle was when she had an arm-wrestling match with Gon, which she lost because she didn’t use her more muscular arm.

Shizuku has an hourglass figure. Her hair is black and short, just above her shoulders. Her eyes are reddish-purple-colored. Do not get fooled by her appearance. Being a member of the Phantom Troupe makes her a cold merciless killer. Her ability allows her to summon a vacuum that can suck and eat all the carnage made to clean up the place.

5. Mirai Kuriyama

Mirai Kuriyama

The main character in the Kyoukai no Kanata series. While she might look like an ordinary first-year student, she has supernatural abilities. Mirai can manipulate blood which is a power that is shunned by the Spirit World Warrior clans. Although such abilities might be considered demonic and evil, Mirai’s appearance is far from anything.

She has a cute, pretty face, golden eyes behind her red glasses, and chin-length pink hair. Mirai does stand out from her fellow students due to the pink sweater she wears on top of her school uniform. Mirai is a clumsy girl and not so socially experienced, making it difficult to interact with others.

6. Maki Zenin

Maki Zenin

One of the new popular girls in the anime community. Maki Zenin is a jujutsu sorcerer in Jujutsu Kaisen. The reason she became a sorcerer was to go against the will of her family, the Zenin clan. However, she lacks the abilities needed because she was simply born a non-sorcerer, which didn’t stop her from being one of the best Jujutsu sorcerers. She is looked up to, and she has a great fighting talent.

Maki is very familiar with all different kinds of weapons, making her a fearsome foe to fight. However, the glasses that she is wearing are needed to let her be able to see the monsters she needs to defeat. Maki has dark green hair tied in a ponytail and hazel eyes.

7. Sheele


A member of the Revolutionary Army’s assassin group in Akame Ga Kill! Sheele uses a powerful Extase that allows her to wield a giant sharp scissor. She is selfless, helpful, and caring for her friends and group members. Sheele has long purple hair and purple eyes.

She also wears purple-colored outfits to match her appearance. She is loved by all her team members; even Akame, the one who tends to be the coldest, shows affection towards her. However, don’t get the wrong impression; Sheele can quickly get the job done. Her sense of justice and her will to protect her friends is stronger.

8. Rio Futaba

Rio Futaba

Coming from the “Seishun Buta Yarou wa Bunny Girl Senpai no Yume Wo Minai” series is Rio Futaba. An attractive second-year student and an essential member of the Science Club. Rio has light brown eyes and wavy long gray hair, though you can see a bit of brown in the color of her hair.

Rio can be easily distinguished from other people by her science lab coat. She makes it obvious to everyone where her interests are. Although she isn’t a fan of her body shape, it is still considered attractive in terms of high beauty standards. Rio is intelligent, straightforward, and often very sarcastic.

9. Hange Zoe

Hange Zoe

Hange Zoe is one of the most trusted units in the Survey Corps in Attack on Titan. She has brown hair that is tied into a short ponytail. Unlike others, Hange loves titans. In the beginning, she held a grudge against them for all the deaths they caused, but then she discovered how interesting it is to study and learn more about them.

Erwin and Levi trust her deeply, putting her on the chain of commands multiple times. When fighting titans, Hange tends to screw around before going for the kill. Hange can be a bit scary because she is obsessed with titans. When given the opportunity to learn about titans, Hange became thrilled, and her cheeks would turn red.

10. Lisa Yadomaru

Lisa Yadomaru

Lisa was introduced in Bleach when Ichigo met the Visored, a group of people who can use both Hollow and Shinigami powers. Just like Ichigo, Lisa had gone through a phase of fighting her inner Hollow to control her powers. Now, she is capable of fully utilizing it by summoning a mask on her face, giving her a hollow-like look and voice. Lisa has black hair braided in a ponytail.

Her eyes are greenish-blue. Lisa is straightforward most of the time. She also speaks openly about reading mature content and what men do at that age which frequently causes everyone around to redden and feel shy.

11. Rize Kamishiro

Rize Kamishiro

The one who turned Ken Kaneki’s life upside down and started it all for Tokyo Ghoul. Rize is a known girl in the Ghoul community. She persuaded Kaneki to go on a date with her, fooling him and leading to a trap. Finding the perfect moment, Rize attacks Kaneki and reveals her true identity of being a Ghoul.

Unfortunately, an unexpected accident leads to her passing, leaving Kaneki in dangerous injuries. When he wakes up, he realizes he has become a one-eyed ghoul. However, Rize’s presence was kept throughout the series and Kaneki’s life. After all, everything that happened and would happen was because of her. Rize has purple hair, purple hair, and seductive pink lips.

12. Nanao Ise

Nanao Ise

Another character from Bleach with glasses is no one other than Nanao. She is the co-lieutenant of the First Division, which is being led by Captain Shunsui. Nanao has a slim body, but that doesn’t define her strength. Her hair is black and pinned back. Her eyes are blue and are covered behind glasses.

Nanao is not the type of person to joke around with. She is a serious woman who wants to stay productive, unlike her captain, who is lazy and careless. Nanao is very skilled with Kidō, capable of casting skills in a short time, making it hard for the enemy to see it coming.

13. Asuka Tanaka

Asuka Tanaka

Asuka is very talented at using the Euphonium. At her high school, Asuka is the vice president of the band that represents her school. Asuka has a bright face with red glasses. Her hair is black, and her eyes are light blue. Everyone in the school finds Asuka quite gorgeous. But her appearance isn’t the only appealing thing, because her personality is attractive to many people.

Asuka is a friendly person that is easy to approach. However, deep down, Asuka is struggling because of the way her mother is raising her. Living with a strict parent is never easy. Nonetheless, Asuka still creates free time for herself to research information about music.

14. Anri Sonohara

Anri Sonohara

Anri Sonohara is a student at Raira Academy. She attends there with two of her best friends. All alone, Anri can be timid and anxious, keeping herself away from approaching strangers. However, she is indeed smart and productive.

Unfortunately, her attitude attracts many males instead of shunning them away. Not being able to express how uncomfortable she feels around them makes others think she is just being shy and cute. Anri has black hair and brown eyes. Her figure is thin but very feminine at the same time.

15. Ursula Callistis

Ursula Callistis

She is also known as Shiny Chariot. Ursula is a teacher at Luna Nova Magical Academy who excels in Astrology. Ursula is an intriguing woman because of how she occupies herself. In one period, she is just a normal teacher, but in another, she is a sparkling, glamorous idol that is loved by many fans. Ursula has dark blue hair tied in a small ponytail above her shoulder and unique red eyes with white pupils.

However, as Shiny Chariot, she has long, beautiful red hair. Ursula is truly not her first name. Chariot du Nord is her birth name and true identity. She has become what she always wanted, a witch, but she isn’t the evil kind of a witch; she is a friendly, passionate woman who wants to make others smile.

16. Saya Takagi

Saya Takagi anime

From HighSchool of the Dead comes Saya Takagi. One Of the main characters in the current apocalyptic world. Saya used to be a high school student with high grades, which proves her heavenly level of intelligence. After the virus spread, Saya played a significant role in keeping the friends alive. Although she hasn’t been close to those people before, she created a bond with them after the catastrophe that hit the world.

Saya has pink hair tied into two ponytails. She has aggressive strong-orange eyes that show off her fierce nature. Against the dead, Saya prefers not to engage in combat, she doesn’t necessarily lack physical strength, but she is instrumental while using her brain. She is also considered to be super attractive.

17. Shino Asada

Shino Asada

Shino is a character introduced in the Sword Art Online series, mainly in Gun Gale Online. She met Kirito inside the virtual reality game and saw his fantastic swordsman skills in person. She was amazed by how smoothly he dodged incoming bullets.

However, Shino herself is also a strong player, excelling with snipers and long-ranged combat. Although she looks different in-game, Shino wears glasses in the real world. She has short black hair and blackish-brown eyes. Although Shino struggles with herself because of the trauma caused when she was a child, Kirito helps her hold her head high.

18. Shimizu Kiyoko

Shimizu Kiyoko

A third-year student and one of the managers for the Volleyball team in Haikyuu!! Kiyoko has black hair that is shoulder-length and gray eyes accompanied by beautiful long eyelashes that extend her feminine energy. Kiyoko is known among many students to be extremely attractive and quite the attention seeker of both girls and boys.

Kiyoko is also passionate about her role as the manager of the Volleyball team. When it comes to her responsibilities, she is always serious and straightforward. One small flaw of Kiyoko as a team manager is her shyness and anxiety toward giving speeches in front of a large audience.

19. Meiko Shiraki

Meiko Shiraki

Getting a bit mature in the genre, Meiko Shiraki is one of the ‘antagonists’  of Prison School. She is a third-year student and the USC vice-president. Meiko is a very serious person with an aggressive, rude tone. She was put on guard duty after the enrollment of the boys in their female-only school.

Meiko quickly hated the boys for their perverted actions, and she was happy to watch over them in the school’s prison. Meiko has an attractive, Large figure. She has silver hair, brown eyes, black eyebrows, and red lipsticks.

20. Kasumi Nomura

Kasumi Nomura

One of the main casts in the Asobi Asobase series. The series is a comedy anime that revolves around the life of three student girls and their daily educational experience. Nomura is a cute beautiful girl with light brown eyes and short black hair. Although her appearance is something many girls are jealous of, Nomura isn’t a social person.

She considered herself to be a lone wolf, all until she met Olivia and Hanako. Nomura became a close friend of these two classmates, and then she started to be known for her scary face when she gets serious, which is something that no one should cause to happen.

21. Nemuri Kayama

Nemuri Kayama

Goes by “Midnight” as her hero name. Nemuri Kayama is a hero and a teacher in the U.A High School. She is known for being an R-Rated hero for obvious reasons. The way she dresses and her personality is seductive, and her powers match with her theme as she intoxicates people to get them to fall unconscious, having full control over them.

Usually, she wields a whip as her main tool of attacking. Midnight has long spiky purple hair and light-blue eyes. Although it might not appear, Midnight's eyes are covered with glasses shaped like a hero's eyes mask.

22. Moeka Kiryuu

Moeka Kiryuu

In this modern technology, it is common for many to be addicted to smartphone apps. However, to be completely attached to it 24 hours every day is indeed a problem. This is Moeka Kiryuu, a part-time editor at Steins Gate. She is constantly using her phone and can’t progress through her daily life without it.

Moeka has a stylish appearance, having light-brown wavy hair and pink eyes. So although she is always on her phone, she still takes care of her physical appearance, making her look more attractive than average people.

23. Sumireko Sanshokuin

Sumireko Sanshokuin anime

She goes by her nickname, Pansy, but that is what most people call her, at least her acquaintance. Sumireko Sanshokuin is a high school student and quite the stalker. She can be seen hanging out in the library most of the time. Her eyes are usually covered behind square glasses.

The lighting causes her eyes to be hidden in some scenes. However, she does have light blue eyes and black hair put into low twin tails. Pansy hides her true nature behind her glasses and school uniform. She is, in fact, a true beauty with an attractive figure.

24. Manami Okuda

Manami Okuda

She is one of the students in the Assassination Classroom. She takes part in trying to kill the professor, even though she doesn’t wish to kill him. Manami is a naive girl and perhaps a little bit stupid when it comes to certain situations.

For example, when she walked to the teacher to give him poison to drink, only to declare that it was poison, making it easy for the teacher to avoid it. Manami is shy but caring. She has braided black hair and purple eyes. Later in the anime, Manami gained quite some growth that made her more open about herself.

25. Yuki Nagato

Yuki Nagato anime

Yuki might appear like an ordinary, timid high school student. But in fact, she isn’t even a human. She is an alien created by the Data Overmind. Yuki Nagato started to seek the meaning of emotions and being a person. Yuki has short purple hair and golden eyes.

Her school uniform is her casual wear; even outside school, she can be seen in it. Although she stopped wearing glasses after Kyon told her that she looks prettier without them, she still should be considered one of the glasses-wearing anime girls.

26. Nina Einstein

Nina Einstein

The most hated character in Code Geass, if not the whole anime industry. Nina Einstein is a 17-year-old girl that appears as a shy and lonely person. But after her enrollment in Ashford Academy and joining the Student Council, she earned more reputation for her character and skills.

Nina is prideful about her looks, having short green hair and glasses in front of her indigo eyes. Unfortunately, no matter how appealing a person can be, their beauty can never hide the ugly truth of racism. Nina has a racist train of thoughts, and she also believes that she is superior to most people.

27. Ichika Takatsuki

Ichika Takatsuki

Ichika is the main protagonist of the Ano Natsu De Matteru series. She has beautiful long hair in ponytails and blue eyes behind her round silver glasses. Ichika is super friendly, kind, and sometimes formal.

But she tends to be polite, especially with her savior. While she looks like any pretty high school girl, she is an alien who came to earth to start her dream. Ichika can also be shy sometimes, depending on the situation and the clothing she is wearing.

28. Mari Illustrious Makinami

Mari Illustrious Makinami

Mari is a character from the Evangelion series, but she only appeared in the

The Rebuild of Evangelion movie. Her hair can be seen styled into twin tails, and her eyes are real colored. She does wear red glasses, and it kind of gives her that smart look. Mari is the only known Evangelion character to say that they enjoy piloting, meaning she doesn’t hate the battles she goes through. Mari can often be enthusiastic as she is energetic.

29. Miyuki Takara

Miyuki Takara

Miyuki is one of the leading female protagonists in Lucky Star, an anime that tells everyday stories of specifically named characters. Miyuki has long pink hair and purple eyes. Her skin is quite pale, leaning towards pink.

Miyuki’s vision is extremely poor, and because of that, she is always wearing glasses. If these glasses happen to fall, Miyuki would have difficulty finding them or looking.  Miyuki is an intelligent girl. Sometimes she can be extroverted, which is surprising considering her shut-in nature.

30. Yomiko Readman

Yomiko Readman

Yomiko is an introverted teacher that is invested in books. She spends most of her time reading books either in hand or online. When she finds a book she enjoys, she spaces out and blushes from the pleasure of reading. Yomiko had always been seen wearing the same outfits.

She has long black hair and black eyes. Yomiko has a special ability to control papers and manipulate them to her will. One of her powers is making her paper cards bulletproof; this can make her very reliable and unpredictable to enemies during fights.