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15 Best Romance Anime Like My Dress-Up Darling to Watch

“Sono Bisque Doll wa Koi wo Suru” is the Japanese original title for the 2022 anime My Dress-Up Darling. The story talks about Wakana Gojou, a high school student who loves to create little Hina dolls and decorate them. His grandfather inspired him to start this hobby, and although Gojou became good at it, he is still insecure about revealing what he does to the public.

Marin Kitagawa, on the other hand, is the complete opposite. She is Gojou’s classmate, and she loves to Cosplay. When Marin and Gojou encountered each other after the school day, they accidentally revealed their hobbies.

The timid Gojou thought she would make fun of him, but Marin reacted completely differently when she requested him to help her make high-quality Cosplay outfits. How will their relationship end? And will Gojou be able to pull her Cosplay off?

1. Teasing Master Takagi-san

Teasing Master Takagi-san

Takagi and Nishikata are very close middle schoolers. They always sit together in class and hang out together after. Takagi loves teasing Nishikata; since day one, she kept playfully provoking him and inviting him for challenges she knew he couldn’t win.

Nishikata constantly struggles to overcome his feelings, blushing and embarrassed at Takagi's teasing. Yet, he is still determined that one day he will make a great comeback that will put a blush on Tagaki’s face.


2. Komi Can't Communicate

Komi Can't Communicate

The first day of High School can always be uneasy for new students, and Hitohito Tadano was no particular case. Although he tried to keep an excellent impression, Tadano failed to fit in with his classmates because he decided to take a seat next to the most beautiful girl in school, Shouko Komi. Having to deal with all those who wanted to take his place, Tadano struggled on his first day.

But something unexpected happened when he realized the gorgeous Komi had a communication disorder. When the both of them were left to interact, Tadano saw through her anxiety, but instead of making fun of her, he did the right thing and offered his help.

3. Don't Toy with Me, Miss Nagatoro

Don't Toy with Me, Miss Nagatoro

Naoto Haciouji is a student and a mangaka who got discovered by a first-year student named Hayase Nagatoro. When she looked at his work, she was pretty impressed, but at the same time, she decided to take an interest in Naoto, promising to tease him every time they met. From that day, Naoto Haciouji was called Senpai by Nagatoro, teasing him devilishly in every way she could.

However, when Nagatoro’s friends would join in on the tease, her face changes to a jealous one. Haciouji and Nagatoro become close friends, but perhaps their interaction could lead to something more romantic.

4. Shikimori's Not Just a Cutie

Shikimori's Not Just a Cutie

Yuu Izumi had always had terrible luck, which didn’t stop when he entered high school. In a life with so many unexpected events, Izumi vows to try being at the very least a great boyfriend to a cute girl he started dating named Micchon Shikimori.

Little did he know that Shikimori is a super cool person. As more unfortunate events would fall upon Izumi, Shikimori would start to come to the rescue, showing off more of her admirable, fascinating side. Because of this, perhaps Izumi stopped being so resentful toward his luck.

5. Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai

Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai

Puberty Syndrome is an unnatural disease that affects young groups of people, specifically teenagers. This disease makes the affected individual hard to recognize in public as if they were never present. Sakuta Azusagawa is the main protagonist of this series.

A male high school student who happened to meet a girl who suffered from Puberty Syndrome was called Mai Sakurajima, a quite famous girl who had made a career for herself since she was a child. However, Mai wasn’t the only person who suffered from Puberty Syndrome. Sakuta encountered more characters with the same problem, and he offered his help to all of them.

6. My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU

My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU

Hachiman Hikigaya is a high school student with quite a difficult mindset. One day, his teacher forces him to join one of the school clubs, and it happened to be the Volunteer Service Club, the last place Hikigaya ever wanted to join. Inside the club, there was only one member, a beautiful girl named Yukino Yukinoshita.

Now, Hikigaya is forced to interact with her and any possible other students to ‘help’ them achieve their dreams and solve their problems. Will his view of this current modern world be of any use in these new given tasks?

7. Horimiya


The anime talks about two high school students, Miyamura, who is a male student that decided to be distant and quiet toward his classmates, and Hori, a beautiful popular girl. One day, the two of them happened to meet in an unexpected scenario.

It was when Hori learned more about Miyamaura and what he was hiding beneath his appearance. His usual nerdy glasses and formal clothes were changed to make him look like a lawless criminal, especially with the tattoo on his body. Both of them slowly started revealing more about themselves, eventually becoming friends.

8. Kimi Ni Todoke: From Me To You

Kimi Ni Todoke- From Me To You

Being a high school student isn’t easy sometimes, but when you start getting called “Sadako” for looking exactly like a horror character, then things might have gotten out of hand. Sawako Kuronuma is a kind young girl with an intimidating appearance, strictly because she resembles The Ring character.

However, being desperate to make friends and live a normal high school life, Sawako approached a popular boy named Shouta Kazehaya. Sawako was happy to find Kazehaya unbothered by her appearance. Ever since their little interaction, their lives have changed for the better.

9. Hyouka


Houtarou Oreki is probably the laziest high school student you will ever meet. He wants to go on with his education while spending as little energy as he can. Unfortunately, things didn’t go as planned when he was forced to join the Classics Club.

Although it had no members, he found himself meeting Eru Chitanda, a beautiful, cheerful, and pretty curious girl. Now, his peaceful high school days would change as he and the rest of the club members would have to solve mysteries that he had never thought of thinking about.

10. Kaguya Sama: Love Is War

Kaguya Sama- Love Is War

Miyuki Shirogane and Kaguya Shinomiya have already developed feelings for each other. With both of them being the President and the Vice President of the student’s club, it is unavoidable for them to interact with each other almost daily.

But the problem is, none of them would dare to confess their feelings. From their point of view, the one who confesses first would be looked down upon. Regardless of whether that’s true or not, they are both in competition to try and be the winner of this Love War.

11. Quintessential Quintuplets

Quintessential Quintuplets

If you have ever met twins before, you probably have struggled a little bit to distinguish between the two, especially when they look exactly the same. It would be super embarrassing and perhaps awkward, too, if you have mistaken their identity. Fuutarou Uesugi has to deal with something even harder, a group of identical quintuplets.

Follow his experience of being a private tutor as he tries to guide Ichika, Nino, Miku, Yotsuba, and Itsuki, all while staying aware of who each of the students is. However, Fuutarou didn’t plan how deep his relationship with all of them would become once he remembered that he might have interacted with one of them in the past.

12. Toradora


It is hard being kind when your face scares everyone away; this was the case for Ryuuji Takasu, a kind, and tender high school student. But he wasn’t the only student misjudged by their appearance. Taiga Aisaka is a cute, doll-like girl with a fierce and aggressive personality.

One day, both students encounter each other and realize they have a crush on each other’s best friends. To learn more about their crush and perhaps get close to them, Ryuuji and Taiga decide to work together as a team to achieve their goals.

13. Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-Kun

Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-Kun

Love can be blind, and those who fall in love become very naive and can be led into wrong scenarios. Perhaps that wasn’t exactly the case for Chiyo Sakura, but what happened when she tried to confess to her crush was unexpected. Little to her knowledge, her crush Umetarou Nozaki is a secret mangaka and quite a popular one.

He has mistaken Chiyo’s confession and thought of her as just a fan. After many misunderstandings, Chiyo ended up becoming his assistant. This anime is full of silly romantic comedies that will leave you grinning at the very least.

14. Real Girl

Real Girl

Getting invested in the world of games will have drawbacks for its investors. Hikari Tsutsui and his best friend Yuuti Itou are both introverted gamers who are constantly mocked by their classmates in high school. However, Tsutsui kept himself consumed by video games and tried not to be bothered about the ridicule he received.

One day, Tsutsui came into contact with an infamous girl named Iroha Igarashi, known for toying with boys. His first natural reaction was to try to avoid her, but he caught Igarashi’s attention. Since then, the girl has been trying to break through Tsutsui and find his unrevealed emotions.

15. Wotakoi: Love is Hard for Otaku

Wotakoi- Love is Hard for Otaku

When having a first job for the first time, it is essential to leave a good impression on everyone in the workplace. That was what Narumi planned to do, but it was quickly ruined when she realized she had overslept. Being late for her first day at work was a bad start, but for Narumi, that wasn’t the worst, that could happen.

In reality, Narumi is an Otaku, and she dedicated herself to keeping it a secret from her coworkers. However, things were quickly blown away when she met an old middle school friend at her workplace who also happened to be an Otaku.