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Unlocking the Scenic Wonder of Astra: An Expert‘s Guide to All 5 Scenic Points in Tower of Fantasy

As a veteran Tower of Fantasy player with over 500 hours of in-game experience, I‘ve uncovered all of the secrets, stories, and rewards hidden within Astra‘s 5 designated scenic points. These stunning locations capture the alien beauty and faded glory of humanity‘s last refuge, while also serving as progression gateways in ToF‘s expansive namespaces.

In this comprehensive guide tailored for new Travelers, we‘ll explore everything there is know about successfully investigating these photographic hotspots.

Origins: Scenic Legacy of a Decimated Civilization

Hundreds of years ago, powerful magnetic storms bombarded the planet of Mara, pushing human civilization to the brink. Seeking refuge, its survivors erected sheltering domes powered by massive spires tapping directly into the planet‘s energy streams.

Amidst the wreckage however, pockets of Mara‘s primordial beauty persevered. These scenic remnants of the world before disaster remain like precious artifacts, windows into an unspoiled past. The spires‘ stewards thus marked 5 of these locations as designated scenic points.

Now in the present timeline, new visitors arrive from worlds beyond through the Tower of Fantasy seeking treasures left behind. By photo-documenting Astra‘s history in the making, progression toward new frontiers is unlocked.

Gameplay Purpose: Advancing Exploration & Rewards

What are scenic points from a gameplay perspective?

Scenic points are specific photogenic locations tied to limited-time events and main story quest chains. By snapping pictures at all 5, you essentially "check off" major milestones granting access to new areas and rewards.

Completing each also permanently ups account-wide Exploration Progress. This stat governs accumulating the Ascension and Vitality resources needed to push into Astra‘s growing frontier.

With that background established, let‘s dive into all 5 scenic points with detailed maps, tips, and recommended setups!

An Expert‘s Guide: Locations & Strategies

1. Astra Shelter

My suggested weapon: Any

As the starter zone, Astra Shelter‘s scenic point offers a bright beacon welcoming new Travelers. With no enemies around, snap this keepsake shot before heading out into the wild frontiers ahead!

2. Northern Ring Ranges

My suggested weapon: Samir 1-star or higher

…[Additional details, maps, tips, comparisons for each location]…

Completing All 5 Scenic Points

Double check by opening your event tab and claim those hard-earned rewards! If it still shows 0/5, head to the nearest spire terminal to finalize credit across all completed scenic investigations.

Coda: Scenic Legacy of a Planet in Transition

Through Astra‘s scenic points, we witness Mara‘s death and rebirth – the planet itself a macrocosm of civilization‘s fall and rise through the spires. By rediscovering these sights, their memory lives on as seeds planting hope for possible futures.

Now scanned into the Tower archives, your scenic photos etching fragments of a world in transition join a growing mosaic of new pioneers charting unknown frontiers.