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Top 30 Best Anime Hackers (Listing Most Favorite Characters)

In many animes, there will always be a character who is good at computers. We call it a hacker. Hackers are characters who use their skills to get unauthorized information and other cool things through their computers.

The way they work with data and the internet shows that hackers are cool characters that will blow your mind with their intelligence. Hackers can fit in any anime irrespective of the genre of the narrative. With different skills, today, we will share the best anime hackers.

1. Yuki Nagato

yuki nagato

  • From: The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

Yuki Nagato is a humanoid who looks like a taciturn high school girl but is actually a hacker master of artificial people. She can transmit data through electronic devices. She used her ability to create a computer for the Computer Research Association.

The operating system used was compatible with all software, but the source code was not readable. She can also use her “magic touch” to fix software errors. Most of her abilities require her to use incantations that will make you think she is muttering some computer language.

2. Anonydeath


  • From: Hyperdimension Neptunia

Anonydeath is a genius hacker with a rather flamboyant personality. He works for the Seven Sages, and his main role is to use his hacking skills and gather knowledge for them. Despite being male, Anonydeath believed that he had the heart of a pure maiden. He prefers to keep his identity hidden by wearing a pink Mecha suit.

Despite this, his hacking skills are exemplary. Anoonydeath used his hacking skills to destroy the defenses of the Lastations nation. Anonydeath is a good character who has no ill intentions but finds himself working for the wrong organization, making him deceptive and manipulative.

3. Matsu


  • From: Sekirei

Matsu is Sekirei and probably the best hacker in animes because of her exceptional skills. Her hacking skills are so great that she can hack into any electronic device. However, she uses her skills to spy on other people. She exploits the vast network of satellites to gather intelligence and classified information.

Using her Telepathy abilities, she could easily spread information to the other Sekirei. In his anime, Matsu spends most of her time running away from MBI agents in the Izumo Inn.

4. Manami Aiba

Manami Aiba

  • From: My Hero Academia

Manami Aiba is another great hacker who also has a Quirk called Love. That helped her give the person she loved most a power boost for their own Quirk. She would freely fall in love, and it was quite deep when she did.

Manami uses her hacking skills to hack into various security systems, including the U.A. system. That showed that she was a genius and talented character. Being a loyal fan of Danjuro, Minamo would record all his acts and post them online.

5. Jun Lee

Jun Lee

  • From: Genesis of Aquarion

At the young age of 14, Jun Lee was not only an Aquarion pilot but also operated computers in the DEAVA control room. He is an adaptive and smart person with incredible hacking skills.

However, he does not hack regularly, but one notable event was when he managed to hack the DEAVA systems and retrieved classified information about events from 12000 years ago. In addition to that, Lee can also see through objects and pin weak points. He also tries to assess situations using his watch-like gadget.

6. Jun'ichirou Kagami

Jun'ichirou Kagami

  • From: Denpa Kyoushi

Jun'ichirou Kagami is a carefree person that does what he likes. Even when forced to do something not in his interests, he somehow finds a way to include what he likes. Kagami was a great hacker and programmer. He used his programming skills to create an MMO video game. Since he was a high school teacher, Kagami influenced his students with his gaming site.

In addition to that, his hacking skills are shown when he developed a chatroom with extensive security measures like those of a military base.

7. Izzy Izumi

Izzy Izumi

  • From: Digimon Adventure

Koushirou Izumi, better known as Izzy, is a computer expert and a hacker who is almost inseparable from his laptop. He spends most of his time experimenting and trying out various things on his laptop. Izzy was a very intelligent and knowledgeable teenager with an insatiable curiosity that made him explore new things.

He uses his coding skills to help his ally fight Digimons. He reactivated a Digivice by recoding it and tracked their friends, saving them from Digimons heinous plans. Izzy was always fascinated by the nature of the Digital World and was more than willing to learn everything about it.

8. Christina Sierra

Christina Sierra

  • From: Mobile Suit Gundam 00

Christina Sierra is an idealist about changing the world. She has a lovely personality and is always on the lookout for those in her life. As a hacker, Sierra works and operates for the CIC. She is a talented hacker who can hack through any highly secured system or server.

With her excellent hacking skills, she can collect and leak any piece of information without getting caught. However, she focuses on using her abilities to help her team C.B. complete their missions and also keep track of their movements.

9. Shinomiya Himawari

Shinomiya Himawari

  • From: Vivid Red Operation

Shinomiya Himawari was a mysterious hacker who used her hacking skills to hack into the systems of the Manifestation Engine. This left Kenjirou Isshiki, the developer of this security system, baffled. He could not believe that someone had managed to hack into his system, forcing him to launch an investigation.

Shinoyima spent most of her time in her room sharpening her hacking skills. Even though she was a great hacker, Kenjirou Isshiki managed to track back the I.P. address that hacked his system. Regardless, Himawari was an intelligent hacker who was always interested in technology and computers.

10. Tsugumi


  • From: Guilty Crown

Tsugumi is a cheerful and impressive hacker who works for the Funeral Parlor, a guerilla resistance group. Despite her young age, Tsugumi is a great anime hacker who helps her team by feeding them intel on their enemies and warning them of incoming attacks. She sabotages their data and analyzes their movements after hacking their systems.

Tsugumi also possesses a void that allows her to create a holographic image of something or someone. After duplicating it, she remotely controls it in her favor. Surrounded by modern technology, Tsugumi is one of the best anime hackers with exceptionally great hacking skills.

11. Takeyama


  • From: Angel Beats!

He is a reliable hacker for the Shinda Sekai Sensen or Afterlife Battlefront. Mostly known as Christ, Takeyama is the person that everyone turns to in matters that require an understanding of programming. He showcases his hacking skills when Yuri asks him to hack into Kanade's computer. After that, he was used by the SSS to hack into the Angel Player software found only in the Afterlife. Impressively, Takeyama also created this world and all its attributes. Takeyama is a great hacker who was always with his laptop and ready to hack into anything.

12. Akira Renbokoji

Akira Renbokoji

  • From: Valvrave the Liberator

Don't be fooled by her timid personality. Akira was a great hacker who could hack into any security system. Akira was always intimidated and had extreme anxiety attacks whenever asked to mingle with the others. She was afraid of other people because of her bullying experiences when she was a teenager.

However, her hacking skills could not go unnoticed. She could not only effortlessly access any public or private information but also managed to code WIRED. This was a system used by the team for confirmation purposes. She was always protective of her trusted friends and would come to their rescue when the need arose.

13. Benny

Black Lagoon

  • From: Black Lagoon

Benny is a whole lot of character in Black Lagoon. He not only works as a hacker for the Lagoon Company but also as their mechanic, researcher, computer specialist, and driver. He was also the owner of the vehicle that the company traveled in and would drive their boat when Dutch was not around.

Even though he was in charge of most of the missions in Black Lagoon, he preferred to sit back as a hacker. He would also supply his team with all the electronics that they needed. Benny shows his proficiency when he saves Janet's data from being lost.

14. Chihiro Fujisaki

Chihiro Fujisaki

  • From: Danganronpa

Chihiro Fujisaki is a hacker who loves talking much about what he does. He enjoys it when people talk about topics related to programming. Chihiro ventured into programming at a tender age, becoming the self-proclaimed ultimate hacker. He spends most of his time working on various projects on his computer, including an A.I. called Alter Ego. He would use it to duplicate his appearance and voice. Despite being extremely talented, Chihiro possessed a timid personality that made him apologize a lot. It was easy for anyone to intimidate him, but he was a completely different person when it came to programming.

15. Kazari Uiharu

Kazari Uiharu

  • From: Toaru Majutsu no Index

Kazari Uiharu is a shy and humble student with a friendly personality. She uses her exemplary hacking skills to prevent other hackers from attacking a system. She even created the best security system for her school to keep off other hackers. Kazari has always cared about others. She tries to impress Kuroko with her tea-making abilities.

Kazari knows that she possesses great abilities and therefore limits herself. Without this limit, she is an extremely energetic person. She is also a member of Judgement, and since she has a strong sense of justice, she does her job well. Kazari Uiharu is an all-around anime hacker that will impress you with what she can do.

16. Edward Wong

Edward Wong

  • From: Cowboy Bebop

Edward Wong is a radical anime hacker who uses her hacking skills from the beginning of the anime to help others. She hacks into the ship when she notices the Bebop descending on earth. After that, she joins Spike and his team on their quest for a mysterious hacker. When the Bepob fails to arrive, she tracks its movements and hacks her way onboard.

Technically, the only thing that Edward Wong does is hack things, making him the best hacker ever. Edward Wong is an awesome anime hacker in that she can even hack using her feet and enjoys her moments with her V.R. goggles that are corgi compatible.

17. Kona Furugoori

Kona Furugoori

  • From: Robotics; Notes

Kona Furugoori is an antisocial character who spends most of her time alone. She used her time alone to learn programming through her computer. Kona was very shy in that she would stutter while talking to others. Therefore, she would mostly communicate by SMS language.

With practice, she mastered the art of programming in that she could effortlessly interfere with or invade anyone's network. Using her intelligence in A.I., Kona created Ais of the main characters in the anime. She would also use her skills for the greater good by stopping other hackers in their mischievous endeavors.

18. Yuusaku Fujiki

Yuusaku Fujiki

  • From: Yu-Gi-Oh! VRANIS

Yuusaku Fujiki, the main protagonist, was a smart and cheerful teenager. His personality changed after he was kidnapped and tortured for over ten years. That made him hate the Knights of Hanoi and swore vengeance for ruining his life. Yuusaku used his expertise to hack into the SOL technology and captured the A.I. The A.I. helped him get Storm Access abilities. That made it easier for him to win over his opponents by predicting their thoughts and moves. In addition to that, Yuusaku used his hacking skills to expose the Hanoi Project's leader.

19. Yuuko Shionji

Yuuko Shionji

  • From: Kami-sama no Memo-cho

Yuuko Shionji looks nothing like a hacker. She is a mysterious girl, and despite being sweet, Yuuko is one of the greatest anime hackers. She was put in charge of the NEET Detective Team, where she mainly utilized her hacking skills for most of her work. Her hacking skills played a key role in her investigations, helping her solve many crimes.

Like most hackers, Yuuko Shionji spent most of her time inside her dimly lit apartment. The only light came from the monitor on the desk. It was even her other team members who brought her food.

20. Akira Shirase

Akira Shirase

  • From: Battle Programmer Shirase

Akira Shirase was the main character of the anime Battle Programmer Shirase and was also a talented programmer. His appearance might be deceiving, but he was brilliant and, surprisingly, the most interesting character. He can easily hack into any computer or smart device whenever he wishes to. His capabilities made him famous, making more organizations and individuals notice him.

Therefore, it was easier for him to become a freelance hacker. Different organizations hired him to hack security systems and networks as well as perform other programming tasks for them. Akira Shirase was a genius computer hacker who could do anything with his skills.

21. Lain Iwakura

Lain Iwakura

  • From: Serial Experiments Lain

Lain Iwakura was a quiet and less talkative school girl who concentrated more on computers. Judging by her appearance, you would consider Lain an unhealthy weird character. She often hallucinated and saw things that were not real.

However, she was a great anime hacker who fell in love with computers. She used her devices to hack into various systems, which made her discover a virtual world. She became too attached to it and obsessed with uncovering the mysteries of this big discovery.

22. Sakura Futaba

Sakura Futaba

  • From: Persona 5

After being traumatized by the loss of her mother, Sakura was not comfortable with leaving her house. She would freak out by just seeing strangers around her. This made her avoid school and other social places. Therefore, she devoted her time to learning, programming, and hacking through her devices. She communicated with the world remotely through the internet.

Even though Sakura was a great hacker, she could not let her past go. She was obsessed with discovering what happened to her mother, making her join the Phantom Thieves. She became a Necronomicon whose shape and appearance symbolized her massive knowledge.

23. Noiz


  • From: DRAMAtical Murder

Noiz was a talented anime Hacker who worked as an information broker for Rhyme. He is highly skilled in collecting information he and his team use to make money by selling to players. One of the most significant ways he used his skills was when he revealed Usui's appearance and location.

Noiz is a skilled hacker and well-versed in anything related to electronics. He showcases his skills by fixing built-in glitches within Allmates. He grew up with a passion for knowledge, information, and logic. This helped him develop his skills as a hacker and an information broker.

24. Hashida Itaru

Hashida Itaru

  • From: Steins; Gate

Hasida Itaru, nicknamed Daru, is an esteemed anime hacker obsessed with programs and computers. He used his hacking skills to hack into top-secret organizations. His biggest move was when he hacked into SERN, a global research organization. He managed to crack very complex programming codes. Okabe heavily relied on his hacking skills to complete his missions.

Daru enjoyed making future gadgets and was behind the PhoneWave that received messages from the future. He was an extremely talented hacker who managed to accomplish a lot in the anime Steins; Gate.

25. Laughing Man

Laughing Man

  • From: Ghost in the Shell

Laughing Man was a mysterious anime hacker who used the logo of a laughing man. After hacking into six major micro-machine companies, he blackmailed them and left them the symbol of Laughing Man. He proved that hacking into government systems was nothing to him.

You would think of Laughing Man as the best anime hacker ever. This is because he managed to hack and control an individual's brain. He achieved this by attaching cybernetic parts to their bodies and using his high-tech devices to control them.

26. Asagi Aiba

Asagi Aiba

  • From: Strike the Blood

Asagi Aiba is a high school student who works as a part-time programmer for Gigafloat Management Corporation. She is an intelligent, kind, and confident girl with enhanced hacking abilities. When she is serious, her eyes are surrounded by a red light which makes her showcase her enhanced hacking skills. She managed to crack the puzzle for Nalakuvera's activation. With this ability, her fingers would move swiftly, allowing her to hack a whole corporation using her laptop.

27. Ishikawa


  • From: Ghost in the Shell

Ishikawa is an information warfare and technology specialist for the Public Security Section 9. He boosted his hacking skills by attaching cyber parts to his body, making him a partial cyborg. He supported his team by hacking different systems and gathering information that would help them.

Because of his cybernetic augmentations, Ishikawa became the best hacker in Ghost. Therefore, his team heavily relied on him, and with his skill set, he managed to thrive in the technology-augmented world they lived in.

28. Ritsuko Akagi

Ritsuko Akagi

  • From: Neon Genesis Evangelion

Ritsuko Akagi was NERV's head scientist and was heavily involved in the repairs and maintenance of Tokyo-3's defenses. She used her hacking skills to protect the NERV security systems from any hacking attacks. Even though her job was very demanding, she had incredible mental resilience that helped her thrive under pressure.

She didn't break even when put under pressure and remained composed even under the toughest conditions. In many ways, Ritsuko wanted to be like her mother. She even completed her mother's work by developing Magi's computer system.

29. Akari Tsukumo

Akari Tsukumo

  • From: Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL

Akari Tsukumo is a self-centered character who despises her brother for Duelling behind her back. She physically attacked him, but despite that, she genuinely cared about her little brother.

Akari ventured into hacking when she learned about a virus that would attack the city. To learn how to stop it, she had to hack into the city systems. After figuring out how to stop it, Akari uses her computer to attack the virus. Her great hacking skills were shown when she managed to stop the virus.

30. Hoka Inumuta

Hoka Inumuta

  • From: Kill La Kill

Hoka Inumuta is a student council member in charge of the information and strategy committee. He is a great hacker who analyzes information on his laptop. Besides that, Hoka is also a freelance hacker. He started hacking into systems at a tender age which earned him the position at the council.

He is also in charge of the analysis of the Goku Uniforms research in the Sewing Club. Hoka analyzes life fibers for developing new uniforms for the club. Even though Hoka is not combat-ready, he utilizes his hacking skills to infiltrate his enemies, gather vital information, and leak it to his committee members.