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The Best Dunk Packages to Equip in NBA 2K23

For any basketball player, throwing down a thunderous, crowd-pleasing dunk is one of the biggest rushes and highlights in the game. In NBA 2K23, equipping the right dunk packages for your MyPlayer build is crucial to unleashing your inner Vince Carter and dominating above the rim. But with so many dunk packages to choose from, how do you know which ones are the most effective and stylish?

In this comprehensive guide, we‘ll breakdown the best dunk packages in NBA 2K23 so you can leave defenders in the dust and ignite the highlight reel every possession.

An Overview of Dunk Package Types

Let‘s start with a quick rundown of the main dunk package categories available to equip:

  • One-Foot Moving Dunks: These off-one-foot driving dunk animations activate when you euro-step or drive for a dunk with momentum. Great for flashy plays off the drive.

  • Two-Foot Moving Dunks: Equip these for two-foot cockbacks and driving dunks with two feet. Not as quick as one-foot packages.

  • Alley-Oops: For catching and throwing down lobs. Level of difficulty ranges from basic one-handers to 360 alley-oops.

  • Standing Dunks: Your go-to dunk package for stationary finishes directly under the basket after an offensive rebound or post play.

  • Signature Dunks: These showcase signature dunk animations from NBA legends like Jordan and Vince Carter.

Now let‘s dive into the elite, S-tier packages in each category that belong in your lineup.

#1 One-Foot Moving Dunks

Rim Grazer

For one-foot drive packages, Rim Grazer is hands down the best dunk animation in 2K23. Available at a 36+ driving dunk rating, Rim Grazer explodes up instantly for an aggressive one-hand throwdown. The ultra-quick animation leaves weak defenders in the dust and makes getting blocked nearly impossible.

According to testing from 2K Tutes, Rim Grazer has the fastest animation time at just 0.83s. This gives defenders little time to react compared to slower packages like Quick Drops (1.16s) or Side Clutches (1.33s).

Other top tier one-foot drive packages include Athletic One-Handers Off One and Uber Athletic Tomahawks Off One. But Rim Grazer‘s elite speed and finishing ability off Euro steps and drives make it the top choice.

Rim Grazer Dunk Package

Rim Grazer in action

#2 Two-Foot Moving Dunks

While two-foot drive dunks are slower, the Athletic 360s package provides some of the best style and efficacy here. The 360 cockback animation shields the ball from shot blockers as you take off into a smooth 360 spin dunk.

According to NBA 2K Lab tests, Athletic 360s has a high 87% make percentage on driving dunk attempts. The flashy spin move throws off defenders while keeping you protected.

Other solid S-tier options for two-foot drives include Elite Contacts Off Two and the Space Jam Jordan package. But for balancing highlights and power, Athletic 360s is ideal.

#3 Alley-Oops

In terms of alleys, the Zion Williamson package stands out above the rest. Equipped at 75+ driving dunk, this package lets you sky high for a rim-rattling, two-hand alley-oop jam reminiscent of young Zion. Time it well and no defender in the paint will be stopping this dunk.

The Park Alley-Oop 360s are also extremely popular for style, allowing for flashy 360 aerial acrobatics. But for sheer power and effectiveness, the Zion alley-oop animation can‘t be beat.

When it comes to alley-oops, you‘ll also want to decide whether you prefer contact vs. non-contact packages. Contact alley-oop dunks like Quick Drops Off One and Elite Contact allys make it easier to finish through traffic and contact. But they also lead to more offensive fouls. Non-contact alleys like Athletic One-Handers are lower risk but won‘t blast through defenders like contacts.

#4 Standing Dunks

For standing finishes under the basket, Elite Basket Rim Pulls is the go-to elite package. Available at 80+ standing dunk, this standing animation rips the ball straight down into the rim with force. The quick animation and aggression makes getting blocked nearly impossible in crowded paint scenarios.

According to feedback from experienced 2K players, Elite Basket Rim Pulls is especially effective for athletic big men builds like glass cleaners and post scorers. The violent rim pull animation lets you dominate the paint off putbacks and post duck-ins.

Other great standing dunk options include Long Athlete Under Basket Rim Pulls and the One-Hand Under Basket Athletic package. But the sheer ferocity of Elite Basket Rim Pulls cement it as the top choice.

#5 Signature Dunks

Lastly, you can‘t talk elite dunks without mentioning Clyde Drexler‘s signature package. Equipped at 95+ driving dunk, this delivers Clyde‘s iconic "glide" one-hand reverse jam animation. For style, effectiveness from the wing, and replicating an all-time great, Clyde‘s signature dunk is a must-equip.

According to data from 2K Labs, Clyde Drexler‘s signature dunk has one of the highest make percentages on driving finishes at 89%. The swooping reverse animation lets you glide past defenders beautifully.

Other S-tier signature dunks include Vince Carter, Michael Jordan, and Klay Thompson. But Clyde Drexler‘s smooth gliding reverse dunk takes the cake as the #1 signature package in NBA 2K23.

Best Dunk Packages for Different Builds

While the above packages are the elite options for each category, the right dunk animations ultimately depend on your MyPlayer build and attributes. Here are some of the best pairings:

  • Slashing playmakers/dunkers: Equip Rim Grazer and Zion alley-oops for aggressive driving finishes.

  • Shooting guards/wings: Glide to the rim with Clyde Drexler signature dunks off cuts and drives.

  • Athletic bigs: Dominate the paint with Elite Basket Rim Pulls standing slams.

  • All-around/balanced builds: Go for Athletic and flashy 360 packages to pull off a mix of moves.

In addition, make sure your equipped dunk packages complement your teammates‘ builds and playing styles. If you have a great alley-oop passing guard, equip high flying alley packages. If your big grabs lots of offensive boards, go for putback standing dunks to clean up.

Gameplay Tips for Throwing Down Dunks

Beyond just equipping the flashiest packages, there are some gameplay tips to start slamming down dunks more often:

  • Use euro steps and hop steps to beat defenders baseline and trigger driving one-foot dunk animations.

  • Equip badges like Posterizer and Limitless Takeoff to unlock elite contacts and decrease shot blocking.

  • Call for alleys when you have a mismatch or lane to the rim for a lob finish.

  • If equipped, use the right stick to manually trigger different dunk types on drives.

  • Take Gatorade boosts to temporarily increase physical attributes like vertical and dunking.

  • Play to your strengths – attempt dunks in your hot zones for a higher make % based on your player build.


With the right dunk packages equipped for your playing style and buckets of practice, you‘ll be crushing rims and dropping jaws in NBA 2K23‘s streets and arenas in no time. Use the elite S-tier packages we covered as your guide to assembling the perfect dunk arsenal this year. Now get out there and make it rain!