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41 Best Hookup Apps and Websites 2023 (In-depth Review)

Online “Hook up” culture is basically the thing that has replaced face-to-face dating over the past 20 years or so. This is something your parents probably do not understand and could be bitching about it, saying that “nobody has any real conversations anymore.”

Yes. It’s true. The computers have taken over and have made it possible for people to have real relationships without even meeting each other first. In fact, online dating has made a massive impact on people meeting and talking more than ever before.

In any case, the universe of adult dating apps and websites may present a certain obstacle on the users' way to success, since there is much scam to encounter. The solutions are difficult to dig out but still, you can consult the reviews on the best hookup sites on HookupGeek to check out if a particular dating offer is credible. In addition to this, the dating brands can change over time, and it's vital to keep up-to-date with the dating opportunities on the web. So, don't give up, as the solution there is.

Dating sites such as Zoosk and eHarmony are more marriage-minded and give singles great options to meet their life partners.

Well, we all know that some people do not really want marriage, and they just want a hookup – casual sex. This is the perfect app for that.

So, for single, divorced, married, gay, lesbian, bisexual, etc. whatever your fancy, stick around because I am about to blow your mind, with this comprehensive list of 41 best hookup apps and websites available for you depending on what you really want.

1. Ashley Madison – Best overallAshley Madison - Best overall Hookup App 2020

What's your most essential concern when it comes to online dating? Gimme a break if you're looking at anything other than PRIVACY!

Privacy protection is what makes Ashley Madison stand out because it allows you to sign up with any email address, without asking you for a “verification code” or whatsoever. I bet you are so sick of the so-called verification code like me. Does it really work and verify who you are? Not necessarily!

Another reason I loved Ashley Madison is that it shows respect for women. Male members have to send their pictures first so that she could give them an evaluation. A female member once expressed her satisfaction with this.

She's also glad to find that she can blur her profile photos, so that she's less identifiable, which is good because she's both excited and scared. Blurred photos, therefore, give her more sense of security on the platform, and the real world as well.

Unlike many viral sites, Ashley Madison abandoned monthly or annual subscriptions. Instead, members need to buy “credits”. When you find the right one, you pay some credits to start a conversation with him or her.

Ashley Madison also offers their members chat rooms, a real-time virtual space for members to communicate. All you need to do is paying credits to buy a certain period of time and you're good to go.

2. Adult Friend Finder – Best for meet and chat

Adult Friend Finder – Best for meet and chat

This app is totally kink-friendly. The actual website is a little bit complex, but the app is user-friendly and you can manage to maneuver it till you find what you want. It works just like Tinder, and most people have given it a 5-star rating on the app store.

It is easy to grapple because it looks and acts just like Tinder, and so, when used to Tinder, this shall be a walkthrough for you. The only difference is that it has more features.

Users can swipe and swipe the available singles to their heart’s content. You can also choose to apply the advanced search filters that will help you find locals who have similar interests as you, and send winks and crushes to them, as well as video chat and voice call your friends.

Enter the Adult Friend Finder chat rooms and get to join thousands of other singles who talk to each other and play flirty games that are sure to break the ice.

However, although this app is free to download, it offers minimal access to anyone intending to use it for free, and as such, you shall eventually have to upgrade to a Premium membership in order to meet and flirt with other singles.

3. Instant Hookups

Instant Hookups

This dating site is available all over the world and offers you the opportunity to find love from any place you wish to. Its layout is similar to most hookup sites, but the difference with Instant Hookups is that it doesn’t allow any porn, although they give you plenty of recommendations where you can find it and stream it.

If you really want this site to work for you, you must be willing to pay for premium membership because it is not free. There are two categories – Silver and Gold. It is practically not even worth it to join free, as you shall be limited to what you can do.

Free membership only allows you to do a basic search, send “hookup now,” and upload some photos. You cannot chat with members when you are free, plus the site is very slow.

4. Xpress


This site gives you as many options as you wish to have. It has made it super easy for you to see and visit member’s profiles and communicate with them for a hookup depending on what you want.

It is actually a sister site to Instant hookups, and it isn’t limited to the US only, but rather expands globally, allowing you to have as many choices and options as you want.

It only requires you to fill out some information for your profile and immediately begin the matchmaking process, which offers you the option to either upload a profile photo or a video explaining exactly what you wish to find.

The video option is one of the most unique features of this dating site, and it’s the reason why it is famous and keeps gaining popularity.

Unfortunately, however, the site requires you to upgrade to Premium membership if you want to experience all of the benefits of its use. The free option has limited access to the features; hence, going Premium is almost a must.5.

5. Tinder -Best for one night stand

Tinder -Best for one night stand

This app has become quite phenomenal, mainly because of its now-famous “swiping” technology in the dating lexicon. It is a casual dating app that is incredibly straightforward and easy to use, as well.

It is so simple to use that there are, in fact, you can do only a few things on it, which includes updating your profile, swiping either right – to like or left – to pass and chatting with your matches.

Profiles on this app are minimal, and they focus on profile pictures with very brief bios. In addition, you can connect your social media accounts to the Tinder account if you wish to. The idea behind the social media connection is so that you can show off the images on your accounts and give the users an idea of what you are really into.

There is only one path you can use to find singles on Tinder, and that is to swipe, message, and go from there. Swiping is the main mode of using this app, and it shows you pictures of potential connections whom you swipe from either left or right, depending on whether you like them or not.

The app has some features that are paid for, which will enable you to boost the swipe you have made, such as reversing your swipe decision, which brings back a user you may have passed on accidentally or “super liking” a profile.

Communication takes place when two people like each other, which is a match, and either of them can initiate a conversation. Still, Tinder is a powerhouse when it comes to dating apps, and frankly speaking, it will probably maintain this status for a long time to come.

6. The League

The League

If what you want is hot, rich, and probably successful, and you want your hookup to buy you some dinner in a posh place, so you can order you some lobster before the two of you get down to business. The league is where you should be right now.

This site is dedicated to you; usually, it is connected to LinkedIn and connects intellectual people for some stimulating conversations before you both go to pound town. It is an exclusive dating site for you – the successful, smart, and focused.

You are sure to find yourself a one-night stand that is probably someone with an Ivy League education, and because it is connected to LinkedIn, you are assured never to match with a coworker.

7. Tapdat – Best REALLY free hookup app

Tapdat - Best REALLY free hookup app

This is an app that doesn’t beat around the bush but rather cuts right to the chase. Sometimes people are simply after a hookup straight up. This is the perfect app and even has the right name to go with it.

It is free with your Android or iOS device and encourages users to be upfront about their sexual desires if they want to make things happen positively and healthily.

When you set up your profile, be sure to indicate what you are into, and then you shall be matched with people who are also down for it… Whatever it is!

8. Feeld


This app describes itself as “A private space where you can meet singles and couples with minds that are breathing freedom.” With such a slogan, this is no place for players, but rather people who know exactly what they want.

It offers you a field for you to discover your best sexual desires and explore them by yourself, or with your better half or with any other person you wish to do it with.

In case you have a piqued curiosity, then you shall have to take the leap of faith with the app. The users are not required to use their real names, although all members must be Facebook verified before they can start browsing.

You are free to hide your profile from your friends so you can have some form of privacy. You get matched with people who are around you as you start to chat and send messages. These people disappear after being viewed.

The latest addition to the app is a feature that allows you to – “Invite your crush” – over to the app. This is definitely a game-changer in the dating field.

9. Tingle – Best to meet up with some singles

Tingle - Best to meet up with some singles

In case you are on your way to a different location for a holiday and are looking to meet up with some singles, then Tingle is perfect for you. It is free on both Android and iOS.

It has a Teleport feature that allows you to browse profiles from the city of your best choice even before you get there, so you can have the hookup buddy locked and waiting for you as you land off the plane. You can also use the apps “Radar” feature that will notify you when you are close to a potential match.

When not sure about taking things off with a new match, Tingle lets you record a voice or video chat that matches in real-time so you can get to know the other person better before you can exchange telephone numbers.

10. Tonight


This app simply cuts to the chase. It was founded by an OkCupid employee who wanted to get people off their mobile phones and onto an IRL date.

All you’ve got to do is tap a button by 6 pm that indicates your interest in going out that night. The app will show you other people who are also interested in going out. You select the people you wish to meet, and Tonight app sets everything up for you, and it even goes as far as picking the perfect and cool spot for you guys to meet up.

This must be the easiest way to meet new people and possible hookups.

The only downside to this app is that it is only live in Brooklyn and Manhattan.

11. Wild


This app is aptly named as it is for people who want no strings attached connections. It is a free app that allows you to browse anonymously and has also got photo verification so you can know if your match is real or not. For a catfisher, beware.

12. Pheramor – Best based on DNA

Pheramor - Best based on DNA

This dating app is a little out there if you compare it to others. It matches people based on DNA. When you sign up to Pheramor, you shall get a kit to swab your cheek and send it to them. The company shall then analyze 11 genes that are linked to attraction, and along with a social media profile, they match you with other users.

The company says that it is the first-ever genetics-based dating app in the world, which is true, and the science behind it is a little iffy, but it is definitely a more updated way of meeting people.

13. Once


For people who are tired of the endless swiping that has become synonymous with dating apps, then Once might just be what you need.

The app picks matches that they think you shall like and then sends them to you every day by noon. You are then required to take it from there. If you wish to give the matchmaker a clue as to who you are really excited about, then you shall be paired with your “Fitbit.” This is a feature within the app.

A “heartbeat” is a feature used to spike your interest and show that you wish to hook up with the other person.

14. Casualx


If you think that you are encountering too many relationship-minded people on other dating sites such as Tinder and OkCupid, then Casualx solves this problem for you. The app's slogan is “Tinder minus marriage-minded daters.”

This gives Casualx a more risqué selling point and has additional safety features that are built into the system. This includes a pattern lock feature that is known to only you and acts as a security for your profile and information.

The app promises to review each profile manually, which is feasible right now, because there are few members on it, but I wonder what they shall do in the long run when the numbers rake into thousands.

15. Mingle2


With Mingle2 site, you do not swipe at users you like or do not like; instead you tap at a heart that indicates you like someone. You can also use a “nudge,” which is similar to liking or poking on your crush.

When you want the ultimate dating experience, you can take up their one-month premium package that goes for $14.99, and this comes with lots of perks such as read receipts, so you do not have to wonder if someone really read a message that you sent or not.

16. Hookup Dating

Hookup Dating

This site calls it like it really is. It is an app that is free on your mobile phone where you create an “Ad profile” and add photos onto it. You can set these photos in either private or public. You should also include your name and your age.

From there, you can start sending out messages or what they call “winks” to other users you like and wait for them to reply to you.

17. Hitch


This app is free on both iOS and Android, and it is mostly centered on shared interests. You start off by creating a profile as you would do on any other dating app, then you check out what is trending in the conversations section among the people who are located near you.

Join in on the discussions that could be about travel, events happening, food, lifestyle, and fashion. The next step would be to meet with the group when you want to chat one-on-one, or you can just reach out and get the conversation started.

18. Klique


This app allows you to meet dates in group settings, which is very safe. After matching with potential interests, the app will let each of you bring in other friends who are also using the app into the conversation you are already having, and you can all make plans to go out together and then weigh in on your date later on.

The beauty of this app is the concept of security. When you go out as a group, you are safer than meeting a user from a dating app on your own.

19. Clover


For people who want versatility, this is the app for you. It requires a paid premium of $19.99 per month and lets you swipe for matches in the typical Tinder fashion.

This is the app where you go in, find who you like, and meet up immediately.

20. Veat


Have you been missing the good old days when people would meet up in person and actually hear each other’s voice right from the start, then Veat is the app for you. You can swipe left and right for potential matches, but these swipes are much more real, as compared to what you find on other dating sites.

This is because each person actually uploads a seven-second video profile. These may be short, but having a recording gives you a better idea into someone’s manner and tone, which is a much better way of choosing a mate.

You can also find friends, plan for dates, and set up one-night stands with your potential matches from the app.

21. Whim


If you really do not like the constant back and forth texting that is synonymous with dating sites, then Whim – which is free on most mobile phones is the exact answer you have been looking for.

This app actually gets rid of all the endless communication that can go on for days on end. What you need to do is create your profile, enter the number of days in a week that is good for you, and then you are matched with potential dates.

Whim shall pick for you a time, date, and place that works for both of you, and all you shall need to do is show up — sort of like a blind date. No messaging required. No, ma’am!

22. Zipskee


This is an app I would recommend most women to try out if at least just once. If you wish to know where to meet men – which most single women want to know, then, Zipskee shall set you up with a local guide.

The guide will pick you up and show you around, and tell you of the local spots that you can visit so you meet some people who have the potential to hook up with. These are people right around the corner from you.

23. Stud or dud

Stud or dud

With such a name, you would think that this site is all about physical appearances, but that is not the case, actually it has got nothing to do with matching you up with potential dates based on their physical attractiveness only, and if you would like to make sure that the person you are about to hook up with doesn’t have a shady or terrible past, you can use this app to check out the publicly available information about their identity.

It will also show you where they are working in case they’ve got a job, and if they are married and whether or not they have been to court in their lifetime.

For most people who are paranoid about online dating, this app might just be what you want. When scared about meeting an ax murderer, then you have the chance to check dates out on the app before setting up the date, which is precisely what most of us need, right?

24. Mimitate


If you want to keep things casual and just chill, that is what Mimitate will do for you. On this app, guys take a selfie of themselves and share what they are currently watching on Netflix. Interested ladies will respond back with a selfie that imitates the face they made to let the guys know if they are down with the title or not.

Yes. It’s that simple. From there, you can either keep the conversations going knowing you are hooking up with someone that loves the same shows you love or cut it off completely.

25. Down


This is a free app on your iOS and Android devices, and it sets you up with ten local matches every day, based on your location. So, if you want a date, all you have to do is specify that, and just looking to get down – you know “hookup,” then specify that as well, and they will surely set you up.

This app has more than four million global users, and when you use it, you shall probably find and meet someone that is worthy of your time.

26. Diskreet


This is most definitely a super-useful app. It will cost you $3 on your IOS device and shall act as a password-protected locker for all of your sexy photos.

If you want to find a hookup just for tonight, or the next day or even for the whole weekend, this app allows you to be real about it, and since you’ve got a few sexy photos to show off what the other person will be getting, then you are in for a great time.

When you find a partner that you regularly hook up with, you can both keep your sexy photos on the app and lock them up there, which you can access just the two of you, where you shall both have to enter your passcodes to access.

So, your photos aren’t just stored up behind two passcodes on the app, but they are also encrypted and secured such that they can never be leaked.

27. Blendr – Best gay hookup app

Blendr - Best gay hookup app

This app is free on iOS and Android devices. You can create a profile when sitting at your local bar, rather than in the house, and the app will find you singles who are near your location.

With over 200 million users, you are sure to have lots of potential matches that can be lots of fun. There is a bevy of male matches as well who aren’t shy about reaching out to you and chatting you up for a hookup.

Unlike most other dating apps, you really do not need to provide plenty of personal information on Blendr, and just a photo and very basic information about you will suffice. Do not even share personal info, if you do not want to. Even your real name is not required.

This app is powered using the social networking app Badoo that is made by the same people who created the gay-male dating app Grindr and requires you to pay a monthly or yearly subscription of around $70 for the whole year, or $40 for six months.

The app is, however, free for iPhone users, and it will ask you to link up your Facebook account to access your location, but it shall not post anything from your Facebook, it will do this simply to access your location to set you up with singles near you.

This is one of the best sex apps because most young professionals are found here, and they are not shy about a no-strings-attached sex hookup.

28. Whiplr


So, people who are more of a rocky road kind of person, than, let’s say, vanilla – wink if you know what I am talking about – its kinky sex and any other type of thing you are into in bed, you should try this app for all your hookup needs.

Whiplr helps you find others based on similar kinks and fetishes that you may be into. The app is anonymous and extremely private, and it enables you to select your matches based on the type of sex you like.

You shall provide information to the app about what you wish your other partner were into before you start chatting with them. All of the content shared on the app can be deleted whenever you want to delete it, and if you send a nude, then think “Eh, not what I wanted,” you simply delete it from their phone and the app as well, that is as long as they do not get a screengrab.

You shall have to pay a monthly subscription on the app when using it a lot of the time, but the initial times you use it, it is free. This free status gives you the ability to search and chat for up to 10 sessions each day, and you can browse more than 100 profiles at a time.

29. Her


So, we have talked a lot about Grindr and Tinder. Forget those; Her is a hook-up app for women that was designed by the LGBTQ women. I’m talking about Lesbians. This app is very, very popular.

Rather than being a sex app, this website is known for promoting the Trans, Lesbian or even Bi communities. But it is extremely popular for women who want to meet other women.

It is one of the most popular apps in the LGBTQ community, and it enables you to meet other like-minded people who can also be your potential life partners.

They continuously post gay-friendly news and other events that may be going on in your area so you can know what is happening around you.

This is one of the best apps for a queer woman, as it does not keep you anonymous and guessing whether you are really meeting a gay person. It guarantees you that the person you are about to meet and hook up with is who she says she is.

This is because it features verified accounts, and it creates more of a community with a timeline on your profile where you can share photos and comments.

30. Badoo


This app lets you chat with people you meet who are near you, i.e., people you “bump” into. It is a user based system that gives you more luck to meet and find love at the local club, coffee shop, movie theatre, or even bar.

It gives you more options to meet someone even when traveling abroad. They recently acquired Lulu, which is a similar kind of see-who’s-near you app. This has greatly boosted its user base.

31. OkCupid


The reason why this is probably the most famous and most used app on the internet today is that it gives you a lot of options to find what it is that you want.

It has been around for a very long time. It started in 2004, and since then, it has been gaining popularity year after year as one of the best dating and networking sites. Based in the US, most people simply abbreviate it as OKC.

On this site, you can freely browse for matches, send them likes, and even communicate with them free of charge. The only time you shall require to have paid membership is if you wish to know who has liked your profile.

There are plenty of options for you to choose from, depending on what you want, such as single, men, women, pansexual, asexual, sapiosexual, genderfluid, transsexual, etc.

This makes it incredibly inclusive of all types of people. They currently introduced the “OK trends blog” that you can read and follow what is happening.

The website is easy to use and has an attractive user interface. There are some questions you will have to answer if you want to be matched with your most potential match, but they are easy and go by very quickly. In fact, in 20 minutes, you could answer more than 100 questions.

The mode of use is such that you get to like or pass on a match, and if you both like each other, you can simply start communicating with them instantly.

32. Tikitalk


This app was created in Los Angeles, and it is merely a “social discovery” app that is a pretty genius idea. What you do is select your interests such as hiking, going on raves, watching movies, etc., and see the people within a mile radius who have similar interests as you.

Like many other social apps, this one can also be used for hookups and dating. You can start up a chat with someone by simply asking them if they would love just to watch Netflix and chill. Well, we all know what that means.

33. MeetMe


This is free on both IOS and Android. It uses your location to find your friends that are close to you. If you want someone to chat with or just hookup for the night, it makes it easy for you to find such people with similar interests, and thanks to their “discuss tab” you can choose a wide variety of categories that can help you choose such as music, movies, partying, etc.

Once you meet someone, you can then set up a date to see a movie or see a show that is near your places.

34. Bumble


For people who are familiar with dating apps, then you definitely know about Bumble. It works almost similar to Tinder, but this is specially designed for women who make the first move. That is unless you are pursuing the same-sex partner, whereby you can both make the first move.

But, on this app, women communicate with men first. The profiles are short and friendly, and there isn’t any code of conduct asking you to follow specific rules, just the one rule that men can never contact you as a woman.

Match requests last for only 24 hours, after which they expire, and if someone piques your interest as a woman, it’s up to you to make a move!

35. Ship


This is an app with a difference. You do not have to keep swiping right and left tirelessly. Instead, your friends do that for you. All you have to do is decide on the matches they have chosen for you.

So, you create a crew of your BFFs and open up a group chat where they choose the people they think you would be interested in, and you do the same for them if they are searching. You can then chat privately with the crew and discuss some of the potential matches they have chosen for you.

This is a relatively new app, and since we all know that whoever you date must be liked by your friends, they are doing away with that awkward “meet my new boyfriend” lunch that, in most cases, ends in disaster. If they love you, they know what you like, and they will choose someone whom they also like.

36. Sexy Vibes

Sexy Vibes

This is the kind of app that tells you, “welcome to the future.” It turns your phone into a vibrator. Like seriously. It can be controlled remotely by your partner, and it makes those long-distance hook-ups very possible and real.

So listen, I don’t know about you, but having your phone act as a sex toy is a little bit out there, seeing as this is the phone you put very close to your face, but hey, who I’m I to talk, if you like that kind of thing, this app will make you have a sexy night with your partner no matter where they are located physically.

37. Pure


It is a geo-location-based platform that will allow you to create a profile for only 60 minutes, and in that time, you get to match up with a potential hook up. If you both match, then you can strike up a conversation very quickly and exchange contacts so you can communicate after the profiles self-destruct.

You will actually think that you are watching a Mission Impossible movie. In five minutes, this message will “self-destruct.” This is quite exciting.

Pure is about on-the-spot sexual encounters, and you can meet someone and invite them over to your house for a hookup date. This is quite different compared to other dating sites, where you are required to communicate by sending messages over and over again before you can actually meet up.

The Pure motto is – Get in, Get off and quickly Get out!

It is actually an excellent app that gives you value for your time and money.

38. 3Fun app

3Fun app

This app recommends profiles that are based on your GPS as well as your preferences. If you want to like a profile, all you do is tap on the heart button. If you do not like the profile, then tap on the “X” button.

If you both like each other, then you are matched and can chat. It is free to chat with people you like, and couples can actually synchronously chat with each other from one account.

As a new user, you can select the “couple” options, which create for you the 3Fun account that will enable both of you to log in from different mobile phones and chat with a potential match — kind of like a three-way.

This is one of the fastest-growing dating apps on the internet, and most of its features are free. There are plenty of members who are currently using the app, and you get all kinds of “three people” chat agreements. The unique photo feature is used as a security feature to avoid meeting a fake person or a scammer.

39. Feeld (‘Thrinder’)

Feeld (‘Thrinder’)

This app is commonly abbreviated as 3nder app. You can tell what that means already. If you have always wanted to have a threesome, but you never know how to set it up or where to go to find people of like minds, then worry no more. This is the app for you.

Feeld app works almost the same as Tinder and logs you in through Facebook. There is, however, an option for you to change your name if you do not want to have your Facebook name on the app. You can then proceed to choose either 2+1 for a couple and you want a third, or 1+1+1 but incase for someone lone and wanting two more.

When you swipe, you shall find hundreds of matches in your area.

40. Wingman


When going on holiday, Wingman has got you covered. They set you up with a potential match even before you land, and right there in the plane, giving you the chance to join the infamous “mile-high club.” Yeah, I know you get it.

So, the next time you fly, and you want to hook up, use this app for that exact reason.

41. Beacon


This is not exactly a dating site, but you can use it as such. Unlike most other apps, that make you log into them through Facebook, Beacon will have you log in with your Twitter account, and then you can create what they call “events.”

It will enable you to find people who want to hook up at the local club for a drink or when they want to share a car with an app such as lyft that is similar to uber.

The app can either limit your invite to specific and mutual Twitter followers, or they can make it a public invite. It is really a leap of faith since you never know who shall join in on your event. It is also quite a new app and doesn’t have many users yet, but it may be worth trying out if you have been burned out by the standard dating apps around and are searching for other options.


The stigma that was once associated with one-night stands is no longer there. Nowadays, there are plenty of professionals who choose their careers rather than having a family, and it's all good if that is what you want, so why not find something that will take care of your “other” cravings?

This is what Best hookup apps and sites are all about, they do all the work for you by finding you a potential mate for the night, weekend, or holiday, and you can concentrate on other things.

The improvement of technology makes even the things that were once frowned upon look normal because “everyone is doing it!” So, take a chance and have some fun, but remember to be safe always.

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