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15 Best League of Legends Players as of Now

LOL is now 13 years old. Which team or player have you had the most influence on? We've picked the 15 best players so far.

1. Faker(T1 — Midsolo)

Every kind of sports game has a special individual that blew everyone’s minds and became the face of that sport, for League of Legends, Faker has become the face of the game. A player that started on the Solo Queue Korean servers before getting picked up by SKT. During his career, Faker was able to win three League of Legends World Championships, an accomplishment that no other team was able to achieve.

Faker, also known as “Devil King”, is constantly spoken about. Players all around the world say his name whenever they do a fancy play. Referring to his legendary Zed moment where the casters went “Faker! What was that!”  His main champions are: Zed, Azir, Twisted Fate, Orianna, and Leblanc.

2. Uzi  ( BLG — ADC )

The king without a crown is what people say about Uzi. One of the best if not the best ADC player in the world. He fought and rivaled the King of the game, Faker, many times during his career, especially in the finale, but he was never able to win any World Championship. All T1 and Faker fans agree that Uzi deserved a World title.

Nonetheless, he remained exceptional in many tournaments and won great titles. Attack Damage Carry role is a difficult one with certain champions due to the fact you constantly have to move as you shoot your target, a mechanic that not so many people are capable of.  His best champions are: Vayne, Lucian and Kaisa.

3. Caps ( G2 — Mid Laner )

A Danish professional player that started his career by going through multiple teams. He didn’t receive much success due to the teams he had been in a contract with. That was until he joined Fnatic in 2016. Everyone started to know Caps afterwards. Just like some pro players have special titles, Caps is the “King of Weird Picks”.

What is meant by that is Caps’s confidence in selecting odd champions for roles they are known not to be the best at, like Pyke Mid and Vayne Mid. But Caps was able to make them work!

In November 2018, Caps joined G2 Esport, a huge betrayal for Fnatic fans. Caps didn’t go easy on them, he was able to reach World’s Finale multiple times. Caps received more than 4 MVP titles during his career. His main champions are: Ryze, Yasuo, and Zoe.

4. Rookie ( Victory Five — Mid Laner )

Regarded as one of the best League of Legends players of all time. Rookie’s career peaked during his contract with Invictus Gaming “IG”. He was one of the best Mid Laners in the world, with gameplay mechanics and champion experience close to that of Faker’s.

Rookie achieved every professional LoL player's goal when he won the World Title in 2018. But that wasn’t the only achievement he received! He also made his team the first Chinese team to win a World Championship. A huge honor that allowed everyone to say Rookie was the best Mid Laner in the whole world. His favorite Champions are: Orianna, Ryze, and Syndra.

5. Rekkles ( Karmine Corp — ADC )

The Korean and Chinese scene has definitely stolen the spotlight from North America and Europe. However, there are a couple of insanely good players that can steal and put the spotlight right back at them. Rekkles is one of those players. Rekkles played with Caps in Fnatic, and he was spoken of as a great ADC. He had won over 10 individual League of Legends awards and titles.

Rekkles was also the main carry of his team. Whenever Rekkles would lose a match, the fans would blame his team and not Rekkles. However, Caps' betrayal was followed by Rekkles when he joined G2 in 2020. His favorite champions are: Tristana, Jinx, and Sivir.

6. Mata ( RNG — Support)

Mata is an outstanding Support player. He played under Samsung White in 2014 and won the League of Legends World Championship against SKT and Star Horn Royal Club. Mata was able to achieve the very thing many players like Uzi were not able to get, that alone puts him on the honor list as one of the best LoL players in history.

But that’s not it, Mata is the only Support player in history to receive an MVP title in a World tournament! Unfortunately, Mata’s career as a player has ended, and he became a head coach for RNG until December 2020. Although his career has ended, he definitely had no regrets. These are his favorite champions: Thresh, Zyra, and Blitzcrank.

7. TheShy ( Weibo Gaming — Top Laner )

As previously mentioned, Faker had so much influence that whenever a good player was made, people would refer to themselves as Faker. TheShy have a similar influence. All Riven main all around the world know the infamous combo that was named after TheShy. Riven is a mechanically difficult champion that requires a lot of experience and hours.

His dominance in Solo Queue allowed him to gain recognition as one of the best Top Laners in the world. His laning phase is very scary and he has shown the world how easy it is for him to get a solo kill against other pro players. In 2018, he won the World Championship alongside his friend, Rookie. His favorite champions are: Riven, Renekton, Jayce.

8. Deft ( DRX — ADC)

The Attack Damage Carry role is a difficult role to play. The only way it becomes useful is by being alive, and that is something difficult considering how the game punishes the highest DPS role by giving them low armor and health. So most ADC players would play safe and behind their team, looking for opportunities to turn the tides of the battle, especially in the Esport scene.

However, Deft does completely the opposite when he goes One versus Four inside the Baron pit and clutches the game. That’s the type of player Deft is. During his career, Deft participated in the World tournament six times! Qualifying with different teams.  He had three Pentakills and three individual titles. His favorite champions are: Jinx, Ezreal, and Lucian.

9. Doublelift ( TSM — ADC )

The European scene was able to take the spotlights from the LPL and LCK whenever they had the chance, however, North America remained in the shadows as the worst region in terms of performance in Esport. With that obstacle and challenge in mind, Doublelift has lots more to prove.

Doublelift spent six years in TSM before his retirement. He was able to win and qualify for many tournaments, dominating the LCS scene. He later became known as one of the best ADC players in the world, however, Doublelift never had a good chance to win a World Title. His favorite champions are: Vayne, Caitlyn, and Graves.

10. Perkz ( Team Vitality — Mid Laner )

Perks had a contract with G2 and played with Caps to qualify for a World Finale after defeating T1, the very team which Faker plays. It was a big achievement, especially his incredible Yasuo Bot Lane play. Perkz's reaction time is insane, he was able to block a guaranteed stun by a gank he never saw coming against T1.

Perkz is one of the best multi-role players in the world. Although his career faced multiple team switches in the last 2 years, he is currently playing for Team Vitality back in the Eu, his department for NA would hurt his reputation and performance. His favorite champions are: Lucian, Yasuo, Leblanc.

11. Chovy ( Gen — Mid Laner )

Chovy had the honor of playing with one of the best Korean teams in League of Legends Esports. Started with DRX, then Hanwha Life, and now he plays with GenG. In Solo Queue, Chovy is an absolute monster. Many professional players mock other content creators and competitive players by saying “If they think this is difficult, then they have never played against Chovy”.

A great player that calculates every small step! He had won 7 individual titles and had one Pentakill on Akali. His career is still going and he is regarded as one of the potential best Mid Laners in the world. His champions are: Zoe, Galio, Cassiopeia.

12. Gumayusi ( T1 — ADC )

Joined the T1 roster in 2019 but had officially started to make a scene for himself in 2019. Gumayusi is one of the rising stars in Esport. During the World Championship of 2021, T1 Bot Lane was looked at as the strongest Bot Lane in the entire tournament!

The synergy was unbelievably strong, and Gumayusi was incredible! He dominated the map with Jhin, and Zilean as his support. But he is best known for his Aphelios plays, one of the most complicated champions in the game.

Gumayusi was a master at work. He had a close opportunity to win the World title but it was taken away by Shoemaker. His favorite champions are: Aphelios, Ezreal, and Caitlyn.

13. ShowMaker ( DWG — Mid Laner )

DAMWON is a professional Esport team that features ShowMaker and other talented players. Some people call him the new Faker. It was stated that he didn’t want people to compare him to Faker, instead, he wanted to become his own identity, someone as influential as Faker, and perhaps even more than him, it’s ShowMaker.

A terrifying Leblanc player, his performance in Worlds had always been consistent. In 2021, ShowMaker won his first World Title and the team was rebranded to DWG. In 2021, ShowMaker was super close to winning his second World title, they defeated T1, but ended up losing to Edward Gaming. His favorite champions are: Leblanc, Syndra, Katarina.

14. Jiejie ( EDG — Jungler )

Another rising star in the scene that is heavily underrated. Jiejie is a professional Jungler that started his Esport career in 2019 by signing a contract with Edward Gaming. Jiejie is the only jungler on the list. He had one Pentakill with Olaf against LNG Esport. In 2021, he proved everyone wrong and defeated the previous World championship, DWG, before winning his own title within two years of his professional career.

Although he didn’t receive the MVP of the tournament as it was given to his teammate Scout, it is believed that he deserved it and he was the one to carry his team. Insane performance and wonderful objective steals that saved EDG multiple times. His favorite champions are: Olaf and Jarvan.

15. Scout ( EDG — Mid Laner )

Scout is a professional Mid Laner who deeply admires Faker. His career started within SKT back in 2015, and he was used as a subtitle player for Faker. He played under the name SKT multiple times, but he truly shined when he joined EDG.

In 2021, Scout was able to qualify his team for the World Championship and then reach the finale. He played against DWG and took ‘revenge’ on ShowMaker for the sake of Faker’s.

He received the MVP title for the best player in the 2021 World tournament. He won multiple individual titles. His favorite champions are: Zoe, Leblanc, and Zed.