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Best Lee Sin Skin: Ranking 12 Single

The Blind Monk – Lee Sin, is one of League of Legends' most iconic characters, featured in their popular cinematic “Legends Never Die”. An Ionian warrior lost his sight but didn’t stop himself from fighting and training. He has inherited the dragon spirit to obtain immense power in martial arts. Anyone who would seek to harm his homeland will be faced with Lee Sin’s judgment.

A very popular jungler and one of the most mechanically difficult champions in the game. Those who are good at Lee Sin have dedicated hundreds of hours playing him, but even then, it isn’t enough. Real veterans with thousands of hours are the ones who can make jaws drop at their outplays.

Ward hopping to kicking the enemies to your team, Lee Sin is all about physical damage and mobility, which he excels at, especially in early to mid-game.

1. Storm Dragon Lee Sin

  • Released: October 1st, 2020
  • Price: 1820 RP

Riot has exceeded the expectations with Storm Dragon Lee Sin. A legendary skin that is probably better than most ultimate skins in the game. Probably one of the best LoL skins of all time. The dragon spirit has become more flashy than ever as Lee Sin uses its power to fight his enemies. Lee Sin has spiky white hair.

He is also wearing a mask to blindfold his eyes—an arm tattoo combined with bright blue energy constantly wrapped around it. New lighting effects and sounds are introduced to every ability! Each auto-attack creates a lightning strike coming from his fists. Lee Sin aims his Q then shoots a lightning dragon, like a mini Aurelion Sol.

If he hits a target, a dragon mark will appear above their head. The face of the dragon is similar to that of Elder Drake. Once used again, Lee Sin flies toward his target, throwing a heavy kick. His W creates a blue transparent shield around him; the second part of his W creates a spiral-like mark beneath him.

His E summons instantaneous lightning at his location, all enemies around are damaged. His second part of E will have every enemy everywhere get struck by individual lightning, putting a spiral mark underneath them.

The dragon roars, and Lee Sin uses his ultimate to kick a target with the massive force of the dragon. If that target hits any enemies through it, then they will be struck by a chain of lightning.

2. God Fist Lee Sin

  • Released: April 5th, 2017
  • Price: 1820 RP

It is truly rare when multiple legendary skins for champions hold their value. God Fist Lee Sin no longer needs a blindfold. His eyes are glowing and shining gold, alongside the rest of his body, especially his limbs. His fists, feet, divine marks, and a third eye, all of these have made Lee Sin worthy to proclaim himself as a God Fist.

Bringing new sound effects to his basic attacks, each attack creates gold particles, as if he was punching a golden barricade. His Q blasts a golden sonic wave, pressing Q again will make Lee Sin dash towards his enemy and create a Godly impact with his fist.

His W summons an orbit shield around him, with four golden marks moving in a circle. Pressing W again activates his Golden Will, making a very satisfying sound queue and glowing his body marks red.

Lee Sin charges his power using his E; the presence of the power coming to his fists is enough to create an area of damage. His second cast will force a battle cry that marks all surrounding enemies with golden rings. After pressing R, Lee Sin uses his rage to blow away a target in a direction; the sound of the blunt impact is extremely loud and strong, proving his god-like fists.

3. Muay Thai Lee Sin

  • Released: July 24th, 2012
  • Price: 975 RP

Not the best skin in terms of effects, but the best in terms of animation smoothness. Even though it’s rated below Dragonstorm and God Fist, Muay Thai is the most popular Lee Sin skin and the most used by all Lee Sin mains. Dressed as the famous martial artist Muay Thai, he can be seen topless while wearing a red blindfold.

When it comes to attack and ability animations, they have changed to match martial arts, which are that of Muay Thai. As mentioned before, this skin isn’t about appearance but more about how it feels. The attack animation and the damage it takes to register are very precise, making it feel the best when using this skin as Lee Sin.

His basic attacks can be performed in various ways, from a normal punch to an uppercut to an elbow to the face. His ultimate causes Lee Sin to throw a powerful kick using one leg.

4. Knockout Lee Sin

  • Released: May 31st, 2015
  • Price: 1350 RP

Fashion from the early 19 century has arrived in Lee Sin’s wardrobe. Keeping the blindfold on his blind eyes, Lee Sin is boxing and fighting as many people around him place bets. Keeping a boxing fighting stance that puts him on constant guard, Lee Sin attacks his foes with his boxing gloves.

His Q throws a sonic wave; enemies hit by them will be marked with a boxing glove. His W creates a shield around him, 4 ring bells can be seen and heard going around him.

His Ultimate channels his most powerful punch and throw it on a single target. The target will be sent away from Lee Sin, damaging any enemies they go through and knocking them away. After all, it’s Knockout Lee Sin, and he won’t stop fighting until his enemies are knocked out.

5. Nightbringer Lee Sin

  • Released: December 12th, 2019
  • Price: 1350 RP

Following the Nightbringer skin line, Lee Sin’s body can be reddish alongside red gloves with bronze claws. A red mask covers the upper part of his head, including his blind eyes. Each auto-attack, whether a punch or an upper kick, leaves behind red particles. His Q throws a red blast with a dark flaming trail.

Targets hit will have a mark above them and beneath them that is pointy, thin, and sharp. His W helps him gain a dark flaming shield with three rotating stars around its radius. His E smashes the ground underneath him, creating a large area of damage. The impact causes the symbol of Nightbringer Lee Sin to appear.

His ultimate summons his rage to kick a target, causing large dark purple particles to appear by the strength of the kick.

The prestige edition of this skin couldn’t score or leave an impression that is better than the original Nightbringer skin. For that reason, it is seen as an inferior skin for Lee Sin, but still can be better than the remaining Lee Sin skins; after all, a prestige skin is expensive and extremely rare to get. Sadly, it is the only prestige skin Lee Sin has received, and it wasn’t up to the expectation compared to other prestige skins.

6. Pool Party Lee Sin

  • Released: September 9th, 2013
  • Price: 975 RP

One of the comedic skins on the list is Pool Party Lee Sin. Wearing a summer shirt that isn’t buttoned, a bluish hat to protect his face from the sun, and shorts to feel comfy in his vacation. However, Lee Sin didn’t forget to cover his eyes with sunglasses, even though he was blind.

Keeping a hand busy by holding a coconut filled with fruit juice, he uses his other limbs to attack his target. His Q is his coconut drink! As it flies, the sound of the liquid moving can be heard. Enemies hit by it will have a coconut mark above them with a straw inside it.

His ultimate creates a massive, powerful kick using his blue sandals to brush off his target away while not having a single drop fall off from his juice.

7. Dragon Fist Lee Sin

  • Released: January 10th, 2012
  • Price: 975 RP

One of the most popular Lee Sin skins in the Chinese and Korean servers. First thing first, Lee Sin is no longer bald! He has beautiful black hair that is brushed nicely. However, he is unfortunately still blind, but that’s why he is wearing brown sunglasses.

Lee Sin can be seen wearing a white and red top-wear with a red dragon on its back. Using his small military-like gloves, he punches his enemies with his basic attacks, creating orange particles and effects. His W surrounds him with three scrolls, giving him a shield.

Pressing R will cause Lee Sin to do a quick rotation with a devastating kick to the enemy's skull that will lead them blasting through all their allies.

8. FPX Lee Sin

  • Released: April 30th, 2020
  • Price: 1350 RP

Not too many skins fit Lee Sin, and FPX is one of them. The power range vibe doesn’t go well with Lee, the dragon’s spirit, and the martial artist who is blind. He is given a red suit with a red helmet that has a black screen covering his face. Honoring the winning team of the League of Legends World Championship in 2019, Tian has chosen Lee Sin as his signature pick. The recall animation features Tian’s name.

Auto attacks made by Lee Sin have a drastic change in sounds. They have shifted into the cartoonish unrealistic punching and kicking noise effects. His Q sends a flaming sonic wave; if it hits a target, a phoenix mark will show above them. The primary issue with this is that players can barely hear burning fire made by their abilities.

His W puts a burning shield around him, casting his W again will channel his suit to power up his next attacks. His E strikes the ground with his flaming palm, damaging and revealing enemies surrounding Lee Sin by marking them with FPX’s sigil.

His ultimate turns his target into a marching fireball! Damaging all enemies that are unfortunate enough to be in his path.

9. Playmaker Lee Sin

  • Released: June 14th, 2018
  • Price: 975 RP

What if Lee Sin was a football player? What if Rammus was the actual football? Considering his extremely tough skin, it will require physically strong players to participate in the match, and Lee Sin is just that! Keeping the iconic red blindfold, Lee sin can be seen wearing a football team uniform while also having a black strand coming from his bald head.

His Q shoots a football at a target; if the ball hits, then a sound queue of crowds cheering can be heard. The second cast will force Lee Sin to dash towards the marked target and strike them with his power. His W shields him, and the icon of Riot Games can be seen circling him; activating his second cast will cause Lee Sin to increase his basic attack speed while also having a football mark underneath.

His E creates a massive blast of red energy, and his second cast will mark enemies around while a referee whistle can be heard. Finally, his ultimate technique! Using his powerful leg, Lee Sin shoots a target in a direction, blowing away all enemies caught in his path while the crowd cheers for his ‘goal’.

10. Acolyte Lee Sin

  • Released: April 1st, 2011
  • Price: 750 RP

Perhaps this skin sends Mortal Kombat vibes to the players, but honestly, it is the only thing that can be said to have this skin put on such a high price. However, the overall look matches Lee Sin pretty well. Perhaps if it were ever to get reworked, it would be one of the best starting skins for Lee Sin. Wearing a red hood covering his eyes to make him appear like a mysterious rogue, he protects his body with warrior outfits and attacks his enemies with special techniques.

Not so many skins on the list are killing it with edginess for Lee Sin, so this one hits the mark. Unfortunately, there weren't any particular changes in effects or animations that stand out or are worthy of being mentioned.

11. Traditional Lee Sin

  • Released: April 1st, 2011
  • Price: 520 RP

What can you expect from a skin that is over 10 years old? Traditional Lee Sin satisfies in terms of appearance. It gives Lee Sin long brown hair and a black blindfold. His forearms can be seen wrapped with white bandages, and his body is only covered with long black shorts with white lines on the side. The splash art shows Lee Sin with black tiger tattoos on his arms and shoulders, but inside of the game, they are not for some reason.

For 520 RP, this skin is not too bad. They haven’t given him any changes of animation or changes in sounds. Nor did they give him new effects; this is purely a new appearance made 10 years ago. But is it better than classic Lee Sin? Perhaps, only you can decide.

12. SKT T1 Lee Sin

  • Released: May 4th, 2014
  • Price: 750 RP

Faker fans! SKT1 fans! This skin is definitely for you and to honor your favorite SKT jungler who won the LoL World Championship in 2013. However, unlike other Championship skins, this one doesn’t even show the player’s signature on the recall, which is a shame considering how well Bengi's performance was in 2013. Lee Sin is wearing a red sweater and red pants. As well as a yellow hoodie to cover his bald head and gray headphones.

The SKT sigil can be seen on the sweater’s back.  SKT T1 is the team known to win the most LoL World Championships each time their players were honored with beautiful skins, but right now, they are outdated and not worth the attention. Even for 750 RP, this skin isn’t cheap and ain’t worth the price.

Unless you’re an SKT fan, then you have no reason to buy this skin; it doesn’t match Lee Sin’s personality and character, even if it was meant to be funny.