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Best Shaco Skin | Ranked from Worst to Best (2023)

The Demon Jester – Shaco, was once just a marionette for a lonely young prince. But he was brought to life with wicked intentions, finding joy in murdering and tormenting his victims. Shaco is a trickster that loves to play tricks on his victim, toying with them as an irony of his existence. Everyone should be afraid of Shaco because you never know which of his magic tricks will make you disappear.

Shaco is an Assassin Jungler in the game League of Legends. He is a unique character that plays very differently from other champions in the game. You must fool your opponent and play mind games with them to secure your kills or to escape from having hidden scare boxes all around the game to be able to clone himself with his ultimate. Picking the wrong Shaco or following a path full of traps might lead all players to their doom.
Ever since his release, Riot has given Shaco 10 skins; here are his top skins:

1. Dark Star Shaco

  • Released: June 13th, 2019
  • Price: 1350 RP

The evil Jester is no longer a laughing marionette; he has ascended into something greater. Tricks and Traps? Shaco goes from a clown into a menacing being that speaks death. Dark Star Shaco is all purple-looking, and his two daggers have a black star as their core energy. Each auto-attack creates dark-purple particles. His Q teleports him to the desired location; the transition appears as if he went through a black hole.

His W puts Dark Star toy traps, almost similar to mini-dragons. His E throws one of his daggers at a target, creating a galaxy-like mark on them for a period of time. His ultimate creates a clone of himself which is highest in light purple and white, making it easy to distinguish compared to other skins. Once it explodes, it leaves 3 traps behind that fire purple bolts at all enemies within their range.

2. Crime City Nightmare Shaco

  • Released: August 26th, 2021
  • Price: 1350 RP

Crime City Shaco is The newest Shaco skin on the list, as well as the one featured in the new TFT set. We all understand how evil and devilish Shaco looks. But no skin came this close to represent him as a pure devil in a suit. Shaco has two dark-purple daggers; each hit leaves black and purple effects. His Q makes his body evaporate through a dark entity, leaving a short afterimage behind. His W is trapped, representing himself; they are the same shape and appearance.

While idle, the entity that possessed Shaco can be seen lurking around the traps. His E throws a dagger, leaving a black-burning trail. His ultimate summons another clone that appears in black and red. Crime City Nightmare Shaco excels with Shaco’s demonic laughs.

3. Arcanist Shaco

  • Released: July 9th, 2020
  • Price: 1350 RP

The royal jester has turned into a magician! Ready to show everyone all of his new cool magic tricks that will probably end in everyone disappearing. Arcanist Shaco wears a blue jester hat while wielding two burning daggers. His eyes can be seen glowing red, and his face looks somewhat humanoid in a freaky way. Each auto-attack leaves a faint smoke-like effect on the target.

The smoke is a combination of both flames and blue wind. With his Q, Shaco uses the power of Arcane to teleport his body. His W puts down hidden traps. Those traps contain toys representing Shaco and mimic his appearance. His E throws a flaming dagger at a single target. His Ultimate summons a fake Shaco that appears in red but only through Shaco’s eyes and not his enemies.

4. Masked Shaco

  • Released: January 8th, 2013
  • Price: 975 RP

Shaco is celebrating a festival in his new outfits! His face is covered in an orange-smiley mask with not many facial details; after all, Shaco wants to keep his identity hidden from the public. His weapons are hidden within his paper waver; his blades are longer than most of his other ones in different skins. They look sharp, long, and bland.

His Q vanishes him temporarily, leaving a cloud of smoke momentarily. His W places more festival Shacos, but as toy-traps. Each one of them shoots orange bolts at nearby enemies. His ultimate summons a Shaco dressed in a bluish festival outfit, mimicking the original Shaco to fool his enemies.

5. Nutcracko

  • Released: December 14th, 2010
  • Price: 975 RP

Has he ever heard of the Nutcracker Soldier? A toy that is used to crack nuts? Shaco is exactly that! He is dressed as a fancy soldier in a long black hat, red top clothing, and blue pants. His hair is white and long, resting down on his shoulders and around his neck; his face is extremely white, with a long black mustache coming from his nose. His blades are silver with a short length, attached to golden hilts.

His Q makes Shaco disappear, leaving behind a pile of orange smoke. His W places Nutcracko traps to fear his enemies. However, the traps are more jester-looking than Shaco. His ultimate creates a mimicking entity, dressed in blue to copy Shaco.

6. Wild Card Shaco

  • Released: May 20th, 2015
  • Price: 750 RP

Wild Card Shaco has the best splash art compared to his cheap skins. Not just that, but it is also coming alongside other characters like Ezreal. Shaco has spiky black and white hair color. His hair is split in half, the right one being white and the left one being black. His eyes are red, and his huge nose and wide grin make him more terrifying since his face is somewhat human. Shaco is dressed in black, though his daggers are shining red.

Using his W, Shaco puts down toys wearing black jester hats. His E throws one of his red daggers at a target. His R makes Shaco invincible for a split second before summoning a copy. This copy looks exactly like Shaco except for the green color of its weapons. This makes it difficult for Shaco and his team to distinguish who.

7. Asylum Shaco

  • Released: November 7th, 2011
  • Price: 975 RP

A crazy devilish marionette coming straight from an Asylum? That is what he became with this skin. Compared to the original classic skin, he doesn’t look much different except him being all white. His splash art looks much cooler than the actual model. And although the skin is quite expensive, it has a lot of potential considering Shaco being on the edge of getting a rework, making his old skins valuable and nice looking.

His Daggers have golden hilts and golden blunt edges mixed with the sharp silver blades. His W puts down creepy toys in blue clown hats. His R summons an additional Shaco in all blue, similar to his origin and the previous skin Wild Card; it is hard to tell the difference between the real Shaco and the fake one.

8. Mad Hatter Shaco

  • Released: June 8th, 2010
  • Price: 520 RP

One of the cheapest and oldest skins in the game. Mad Hatter Shaco makes him look like a standup comedian and some mafia member. He is dressed in a black jacket along with a big black hat. His black hair is long and dropped to his shoulders. Shaco wields two black daggers as his main tool for damage. His W puts down special toy traps awakened when an enemy walks within its range. Those traps are made with black fabric similar to Shaco’s. His Ultimate summons another Shaco, wearing a blue suit and attacking enemies like the original one.

9. Workshop Shaco

  • Released: March 29th, 2011
  • Price: 975 RP

Perhaps the most question mark skin out of all his skin lines. It is expensive for absolutely no reason, the model is old, and no new effects or particles are added. Instead, Shaco is wearing a green and golden jester outfit that looks somewhat decent. His clone summoned through his R is barely distinguishable. His W traps colors are changed to match the original Shaco. This is a legacy skin, meaning it can’t be purchased directly through the store, and because of that, it holds some value as a collectible.

10. Royal Shaco

  • Released: September 12th, 2010
  • Price: 520 RP

The splash art looks much better than the actual skin. Shaco has long red hair and cyan glowing eyes. His Jester clothing is turned into pure purple. His daggers are silver and not with clean edges. His W traps are purple to mimic his appearance. However, his ultimate, just like most of the skins on this list, is bluish and not impressive. There isn’t any reason to purchase this skin except for it being cheap.