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25 Best Twitch View Bots for More Live Views in 2023 [Avoid Bans]

Wandering why you have been streaming on Twitch  for so long and yet to get that encouraging push-up views to keep your channel going? Although this might seem challenging if you are on this lane, but the fact is – you are not alone; many streamers are  struggling on this part as well. Do you know there are ways you can grow your Twitch viewership legitimately? Researched below are tested and well-working list of reliable View Bots to help you achieve your aim.

With the millions of daily active users on the platform, one wouldn't have imagined live-streaming with low views. Interestingly, this is a menace that can be cubed if attention is stretched-forth and your activities are outsourced to a supporting agency to foster good viewership. To get this right – comes the outsourcing of Twitch View Bots.

Using this will help grow your account to full standing by creating more engaging views that eventually convert to followers. However, these Twitch View Bots can be amazing if traded rightly as it's not illegal. If unfortunately entangled with the wrong company that can't safeguard your channel, it can be frustrating as their malicious activities might expose your activities, hinder your channel and even get you banned by Twitch.

So, are there real, reliable, flexible, and worthy Twitch View Bots out there? Of course, yes, and that is what this article is all about in the first place.

1. UseViral

UseViral for Twitch View Bots

Standing tall on the top of the list is UseViral. So far, they have been the choice of many streamers – as they have likable features to go by. They don't only help you grow your Twitch viewership – video live-streaming and follower is something well covered as well. UseViral has become a force to be reckoned with owing fully that their Twitch View Bot is multi-channel supported. Hence, they manage not only one but more platforms simultaneously.

The interesting fact is that views start growing as soon as you select your package of interest. Viewers are sold following your specific niche, therefore enhancing a solid engagement rate. From 100 to 5000 views can be bought at a very budget-friendly price. They are sure proven effective, all thanks to their patronage reviews and social proof.

2. Media Mister

Media Mister for Twitch View Bots

Media Mister is another company that has got it all figured out. They have been in the market for 11 long years now. Hence, vastly experienced and popular, so no doubt if chosen as a choice for your Twitch View Bot. The views sold are organically sourced from active, legit, and real human-owned twitch accounts. Looking at their achievement – their reviews have shown all positivity and top-notch, yet the views to be bought are less pricey compared to UseViral. With just $2, productively secured Twitch views can be gotten with the backing of a money-refund policy.

Unlike others, Media Mister’s geographical coverage is stated to serve 199 countries coupled with very responsive services. The views here circle video streaming and live-streaming. Whichever is selected, after due processes, Twitch Views engagement will be sent directly to your URL with respect to the viewership package.

3. GetAFollower

Get A Follower for Twitch View Bots

Twitch is highly competitive and as a streamer, if you don't have good active views, your legitimacy will be doubted. But how can this be prevented? That's the major thing GetAFollower Twitch view bot does –  it helps you reach that live-streaming that gives viewers a good impression and keep them engaging.  No social network is an island, and within your schedules, the balance level might be quite disturbing – that's why you need to outsource to a legitimate third party that will foster your viewership.

One amazing thing about these guys is that they are more concerned to help the struggling streamers grow their views than those high up on the platform. The icing on the cake is, that they will help you search organically for those whom your streams are meant for. This uniqueness of GetAFollower has made them the choice of larger-some when it comes to being a Twitch view bot.

4. SidesMedia

SidesMedia for Twitch View Bots

SidesMedia being a Twitch view bot has quite built its reputation over time. They have real quality views that not just cater to Twitch alone but are suitable for other social platforms wanting to grow their views. They have built solid trust going by reviews from their client. But what keeps them in the heart of many is their clients’ priority, and how they will help you grow your Twitch views and the channel is what matters most.

As a streamer opting for SlidesMedia will be a leg lifting for your Twitch channel because this company will not only match you up with your target audience, your growth after that will be monitored to see to it that you are going well. The views sold are affordable with immediate delivery.


FollowersUp for Twitch View Bots

FollowersUp is another Twitch view bot that is likened to Media Mister. It is said they can be substituted for each other as their features are very similar. It offers packages of price-liked budget. One good thing about this bot is that it is diverse across all known social platforms. Knowing that there are several untrustworthy companies in the market, FollowersUp is commendable in terms of their active reach to make sure their client gets the desired views.

The selling point of this company is that no record of the ban since its existence. There is a guarantee of a monetary refund if not satisfied by their sourced views, and most of all, every package selected has a lifetime warranty with a 24-hours average delivery time. Do not hesitate to use this company as your Twitch view bot if the need arises. As low as $4 can get 100 video views – isn't this intriguing?

6. Viewer Boss

Viewer Boss for Twitch View Bots

ViewerBoss is a Twitch view bot that wants to go as far as helping streamers stream on their Twitch channel to boost growth. This company is often recommended to those who don't have much time to stream frequently and also to those who are new on the platform and trying to fit in. Viewer Boss said they are the best twitch view bot in the market with a realistic and advanced algorithm.

The outstanding feature of them is that they have a highly performant server that takes care of major activities to aid good service delivery. Going through their dashboard, the advantage of this Twitch view bot is the availability of real IP addresses to help grow your channel effectively without any form of intrusion from a malicious third party. Although they are quite pricey, they have got good service support anytime called upon.

7. SoNuker

SoNuker for Twitch View Bots

SoNuker is a Twitch view bot that sails across many channels including YouTube, and Instagram, among others. They help you build solid views that create massive engagement. Views here are sold and expected to kickstart growth between 24 to 72 hours, it will keep adding up until the required number of views is reached. They are known for over-delivering above the number of views ordered. Once you outsource SoNuker, it helps see through immediate recognition,  set your channel to be attractive, and encourages good video viewership and followers with 100% safe and security. There is 24/7 customer support service.

8. Viewsrun

Viewsrun overview

Viewsrun's major concerned is with Twitch. It is often used to boost the number of people watching your live Twitch streams. The uniqueness of this provider is building and engaging in the chatbox, hence, bringing more chatters to your channel to enhance stream views. This will showcase your streams at first glance to users who are viewing them for the first time.

The views are of high quality – suitable for the starter who has little knowledge. This Viewsrun Twitch view bot will also help you attain that height above other streamers streaming in your niche, which always seems good. They are easy to set up and offer affordable plans that fully automate your Twitch channel.

9. Stream Chaos Bot

Stream Chaos Bot for Twitch View Bots

This company has been around since 2014, so it won't be a surprise if they boldly say they know their way around the Twitch channel. Their Twitch view bot is something to take home as it does not require you to break the bank – it is sure one of the cheapest in the market. For a newbie who hasn't gathered much yet to start spending big, Stream Chaos Bot has got you covered. Going by what is detailed in their platform, it is stated they have a handy Twitch viewer web panel that will allow you to determine how many viewers you want to tag to your streams.

Interestingly, the bots are highly anonymous, so they will safeguard your channel from unwanted hackers, hence, providing top-notch security. Also, unlimited usage allows you to decide how often you want to use the Twitch View Bot without no restrictions of any sort.

10. Twitch Booster

Going by the name Twitch Booster speaks a lot already. But how does it work? Twitch Booster is a top service that helps boost your Twitch channel and grow your followers and views. Their services work swiftly – no need for your password.

One appealing thing about them is that they don't operate as an automation tool – views and followers provided are all organically sourced from real Twitch users and are permanently owned when bought. They are very safe and secure. Although they are quite pricey, if any way their service is not satisfactory, there is a refund policy.

11. Streambot

Streambot overview

StreamBot is the kind of company that you need if you only need a few more viewers to make an affiliate, so we recommend them if this is what you chase currently. They are very fast to set up. This is somewhat cheaper than other options, with their service focusing on natural real-view bots.

They say they are one of the best in the market and offer one of the best Twitch view bots. In terms of pricing, they are often less pricey – packages start from $15 a month for 10 live viewers. If you need an affordable Twitch view bot, you can test their services, their viewership is of different categories.

12. NightBot

NightBot for Twitch View Bots

This functions differently from what we discussed so far. Nightbot is a chat bot for Twitch, and YouTube, among others, that allows you to automate your live stream chat with new features – allowing you to spend more time streaming and entertaining your viewers. It is a Twitch view bot that is hosted on the cloud. Hence, there is no download required. NightBot has customized settings that give room for streamers to change its interface to their interest. One uniqueness about NightBot is its chat log which allows you to understand and see what transpires behind the scene.

13. Views4Twitch

Views4Twitch for Twitch View Bots

Views4Twitch is one outstanding Twitch view bot that is compatible with any device. It helps you as a streamer to get the views needed to rank you high on the platform. There is no need for any download when trying to access the website. The services rendered are very flexible with good cost –  It suits every streamer irrespective of their niche. In terms of their plan, they have both basic and advanced plans. While the basic plan is for small streamers, the advanced plan is for top streamers.

The basic plan kickstarted from less than two dollars – with $1.99, you can get basic plans for 3 hours and 20 unique viewers.  A good take-home is its anonymity which will create privacy and safeguard you from hackers’ dens and as well withhold hackers from maliciously messing up your account. The Twitch view bot offers realistic views.

14. BuyTwitchViewers

BuyTwitchViewers for Twitch View Bots

This platform offers a Twitch view bot with premium viewers that are credible and trustworthy. They are platforms with a target mindset to deliver quality twitch services. As a starter, this provider should come to mind whenever you want to outsource. Their service is very stable, and you can get twitch views from them at a pocket-friendly budget. Mind you that doesn't mean low quality –  the quality of their service does not depreciate even though their package is considerable in price. The services offered are 100% secured and legit.

The views sold here are real with high quality. Looking at the plan, it could be instant or time-based as well as daily, weekly, or monthly subscriptions. As a new streamer, you need every help you can get to grow firm feet in viewership. Views are delivered within 2-minutes.

15. Streamerplus

Streamerplus for Twitch View Bots

StreamerPlus is another place to be in terms of providers for Twitch view bots. Getting down to how they have evolved, their customers’ reviews say it all. Though a choice to be recommended but quite pricey. For a start, it might be a big one to pay for now.

The Twitch view bot sold is top-rated with legitimate value and as well safe and secure – the views are real, not automated. When it comes to provider's service support, you have got backing of their customer service.

Views sold vary with the price. Package price kickstart from 7 dollars for 100 views of real-looking viewers. In reality, though, this is not really as with most others.

16. MooBot

MooBot for Twitch View Bots

MooBot is a Twitch view bot that creates interesting engagement via a chatbot and Twitch community to foster solid viewership. They have been in the market for a long. It is highly recommended because it has all it takes to get you acquainted with the Twitch platform. This provider is a huge support for streamers, knowing it can automate a lot of difficult tasks for you, so you can focus on building an engaging stream.

Up to 1.5 million content creators are using this provider for their streaming, and good views have been the result.  Moobot has been assisting streamers for more than 14 years now. It has gained the trust of a larger audience. Hence, has built a solid reputation. It is well-verified on Twitch and its community. With its customized dashboard, you can adjust the features to suit your needs, your streams, and your Twitch community.

17. Stormlikes

Stormlikes for Twitch View Bots

Stormlikes is a top site where you can buy Twitch video views and live views. With a gradual or instant delivery. This provider is rated high when it comes to where you can get real organic Twitch views from. They are a company that offers engagements across other social media services. So for a streamer, it does not only sell's views; it extends its wings beyond that reach. Stormlikes cater to other social platform growth as well.

The company is trusted by thousands of streamers, so don't doubt its credibility if you want to go for it – one can be mistaken, but thousand can't fall in blindly. Their customer reviews are also something to go by. The view bot packages are pretty affordable, you can even give it a try with a little token of $2 before fully diving in.

18. FeedPixel

FeedPixel for Twitch View Bots

Feedpixel has been proven to work well – and looking at their reviews, their effectiveness being a Twitch view bot does not speak otherwise. They are a trusted all-in-one Social Media provider and with that, only real live viewers and channel views, followers, and even chatbot chatters are sourced. After due Processes are carried out, the acquired Twitch views will be delivered within 48-72 hours or less, no matter the geographical location.

Many users vouch for their service. Packages are less-pricey – one amazing thing with this provider is if you are using their bot, whenever you stream something new, it doubles up in views in no time. Therefore, this should be an advantage to growing your channel views. The views are organically sourced and not tossed of any robotic jingles.

19. BoostHill

BoostHill for Twitch View Bots

This company sells Twitch views for your live streaming. They sell views coupled with chatter – one interesting thing about BootHill is that they serve you the views and still merge it up with chapters that will keep your channel engaging, therefore generating more views. As a streamer, we highly recommend this provider. Having researched well, their service is sure worth your time and trial. The views provided are very stable with good quality. Quality is something they don't negotiate.

Even though the workers are auto-connected to you, they make sure everything is intact, bots are never spotted, and the delivery is just within 5 minutes. Many top streamers have used BoostHill to grow their Twitch channel views, followers, etc, and they are top-ranked on the platform. Their package differs depending on your budget, and there is 24/7 customer support to keep you going.

20. SocialBoss

SocialBoss for Twitch View Bots

Making SocialBoss your choice of Twitch view bot will surely not be a bad choice. Why did I say this? This site does not support illegitimate bots, so you are sure of only real engagement. The price of this provider cuts across three plans, they are – low to high, high to low, and popular. Each plan differs in price. i.e., there is a plan for both small and top streamers. Unlike others, SocialBoss has 30 days guarantee for their services with outstanding customer shouldering. They are very flexible, which is one selling point people still go for. In addition to that is their privacy regarding personal information and as well the continuous improvement in their services. In terms of the package as low as $2  can be put to use.

21. Famous Follower

Famous Follower for Twitch View Bots

This company is another amazing place you can get Twitch views from. Their service delivery is indeed worth the chase. Who else can speak the truth about any provider than their customers, FamousFollower has badge solid reviews from their streamers – most seem to be pleased with their service.

They promise to provide real live views for your live-streaming with quick delivery. Help you boost your live stream views quickly. Improve your certainty to get recommended by the algorithm. Attain larger audiences and get more organic views and followers that will help grow your Twitch channel with ease. Although their packages are expensive, many still attest to their effectiveness.

22. Gain Viewers

Gain Viewers for Twitch View Bots

Another spotted one on our list is Gain Viewers. This company said they are the best, and their reason for saying that is because, they believe that when you are on your own and alone, you don’t get the viewers you think you should get, and you may have great quality and something very special, but very few people are there to notice it.

Well if they believe this, there is no reason to want to go otherwise since their customers’ reviews have not countered it.

Their packages are pocket-friendly. With $5, you can buy 3000 views. If what they say about their productivity is true, knowing the fact that Twitch as a platform has become highly competitive, then it should surely be a good one to try on.

23. Buy Comment

Buy Comment for Twitch View Bots

Buy a comment is a place where Twitch Views can be bought. Having carried out our research carefully, we realize there is hidden uniqueness attached to this provider – as they are quite different from others. Their method of acquiring viewership for their streamers is organic.

Just everything seems correct with this provider because they are very straightforward, and their dashboard is very flexible to walk you through without raising any alarm. Even though the service is expensive, it’s sure worth giving a try.

As a streamer who wants to outsource to Buycomment to gain views in return. Their procedure goes thus – they share your Twitch channel with their thousand game subscribers who always respond and watch your stream.  They also have a team who works tirelessly to get you to the appropriate community for your specific stream audience.

But mind you, good streams always have the best view rate, so make sure to create a good stream. All it takes for your stream to be shared among its subscribers is to purchase a promotional package in accordance with your target views.

24. Streamular

Streamular for Twitch View Bots

Streamular is yet another site that has proven to be worth our research list. Although they are very pricey, they state the value they can bring by being a Twitch view bot. They said they can bring credibility and get your Twitch profile recognized among your target audience.

Also, they can foster and encourage new organic growth – the list goes on. They are said to have good delivery services according to the steamers that have pledged trust to them. Some even say they over-delivered – that's something encouraging.

Interestingly, they said they will refund your money back if they fail to give good service delivery. When you trade with them, the viewership results start appearing 24-72 hours, and it continues daily until your purchase reach.

25. YouMeViral

YouMeViral for Twitch View Bots

YouMeViral offers one of the cheapest Twitch view bots in the market. Their packages are of high quality with fast delivery.  The services are of real profiles i.e. the views sold are from real twitch accounts. Twitch View Bots offered are very affordable as stated they operated in the best interest of the new streamers in the heart.

Quality is major when it comes to this provider, no comprise when it comes to that. Gaining access to them is not that difficult as the interface is flexible – all you need is your Twitch URL, and no password involves. Hence, safety is prioritized.

With their standby customer service,  you are sure to be guided right – you can contact them anytime if there are issues.


Q. What is a Twitch View Bot?

A Twitch View Bot is an automated software that is used to increase your live stream views on Twitch. This is done by either renting a view bot or buying a view bot service. Being an alternative that takes care of most of your tasks, it can respond to messages and send mass messages, among other activities.

Also, as software that automates views, it can as well be used to get more followers. However, the main goal of a Twitch View Bot is to increase viewership.

Q. Is it illegal to buy Twitch View Bot?

No, it's not illegal if you buy Twitch views and followers. Contrary to what they will make you believe, buying views or even using bots yourself to generate views is legal. The only major concern is what you use the account for. If you try using it to claim ad revenue or claim you have a huge view base for sponsorship, you have crossed the line and that can be called fraud and is illegal.

Q. Where can I buy a Twitch View Bot?

The providers and sites listed above are legitimate places you can buy Twitch view bots from. Mind you, this is not an exhaustive list as there are many providers out there in the market, but the above written have been well tested and they have proven to work quite well.

One amazing fact about these aforementioned Twitch View Bots is that they will work with you on your journey of standing on your feet and getting ranked on the Twitch platform.


Growing a Twitch channel has not been easy. Many end up frustrated and just want to exit the platform – not knowing there are other ways to keep their channel breathing. There are tons of Twitch View Bots out there that can help you grow your Twitch channel views legitimately.

However, the above-mentioned are top Twitch view bots in the market and have made it to the list. If you’re looking to become noticed on Twitch, then we highly recommend you check these websites and providers out – as they have been proven to work well.