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Top 34 Best War Military Anime of All Time

If you love anime, these war military shows will interest you.  They all have interesting storylines that will leave you searching for more similar ones.

Are you a fan of war military anime? You can watch any of these during your free time. The beauty of watching anime is that you get new ideas, imagination, and creativity.

They all have fascinating storylines based on certain events. Ideally, some are based on true events that occurred in the past. These thrilling 34 military anime will help you feel relaxed during your free time.

1. Kingdom

Kingdom ANIME

At the end of the Warring States Period in China, seven powerful countries broke into constant wars. As an orphan, the protagonist, Li Xin, aspired to become a general. Later, he met Ying Zheng, who was defeated by a coup d’etat.

Thus, his life in the military began. The anime is based on his journey to becoming a general and events along the way.

2. Code Geass

Code Geass

This military war anime was based in 2010. In that period, the Britannia Empire had established a dominant military nation to conquer Japan that wanted to regain independence.

One main character, Lelouch Lamperouge, a Britannian student, finds himself in a crossfire between the rebel armed forces and Britannian.

Fortunately, he escapes and meets a mysterious girl called C.C. Watch the anime to understand the journey that unfolds with the motive of the conquerors to revenge.

3. Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Fullmetal Alchemist- Brotherhood

In the anime, Edward and Alphonse are left in a new reality. Due to the painful loss, they attempt to bring their mother back to life.

In the tragedy, Alphonse's body disintegrated while Edward lost a leg. In an attempt to save Alphonse, Edward gives him an arm.

In addition, their good neighbors help them by creating a prophetic limb for Edward using some materials. This makes Edward gain the full name metal. Watch the anime to learn more about their adventure.

4. Berserk


The main character “Guts” goes on a journey to change fate. However, on his journey, some beasts try to destroy him.

He is also looking for a person he once considered a friend.  Along the way, he gets some allies and forms a group to help in the quest.

5. Attack on Titan

Attack on Titan ANIME

The anime is based on centuries ago when mankind was almost extinct due to the Titans creatures. This forces the humans to be fearful behind the concentric wall. However, what makes the giants more terrifying is that they have an urge for human flesh out of pleasure and not hunger.

To help save humanity and retain survival, the humans start living with defensive barriers, which lead to 100 years without a single titan encounter. Watch the anime to see how humans try to survive in the brutal world.

6. Jormungand


The anime is based in a conflict-ridden environment. One of the characters, known as Jonah, hates weapons and those who associate with them. However, he gets a job as Koko’s bodyguard and needs to take up arms to protect his boss.

Jonah, with the other bodyguards, needs to Protect Koko in her line of work that has many dangers. Follow the anime as they travel in the world selling weapons illegally.

7. Mobile Suit Gundam

Mobile Suit Gundam

The anime is based on the year 0079, when mankind lived in space. They are living in colony clusters known as sides. One of the Sides declares war on the Earth Federation, the governmental body that rules the Earth.

Using the humanoid robots known as “movile suits,” Zeon gains the upper hand. Watch the anime to realize the battle between the two enemies.

8. Aldnoah.Zero

Aldnoah Zero

The hypergate on the moon once allowed humans to go to Mars. Those who decided to settle there unearthed a technology more advanced than that of their home planet. They named it Aldnoah.

That great discovery led to the foundation of the Vers Empire on Mars and a war against the Terrans – who stayed on Earth.

A battle on the moon caused the hypergate to explode, destroying the moon and the two planets. Fifteen years later, Inaho Kaizuka, a high school student, witnesses a plotted assassination of the Vers Empire princess. This leads to war. How will the war end?

9. Valkyria Chronicles

Valkyria Chronicles

The European Imperial Alliance is on a mission to expand west to gain resources. In the process, they invade the principality of Gallia with the motive to take control of the vast Reignite deposits.

Due to their strategic advantage, technological superiority, and military, it makes the opposition is non-existent. This makes them easily move through the border to the other principality with ease. A newly formed squad seven tries to defend their country from the enemies.

10. 07-Ghost


The anime is based on the Barsburg Empire Military Academy, well known for training elites who bring victory to the empire. The students, then, freely utilize the Zaiphon's ability to fight.

Teito Klein, a student at the academy, is one of the most promising soldiers. However, the others ridicule him for being a slave since he has no memories. In the process, Teito learns a dark secret related to his past.

He tried to assassinate Ayanami, a high-ranking official who had killed his dad. Fortunately, after being caught, he is helped by Mikage to escape. Watch the unfolding anime to see how the story ends.

11. Drifters


The anime is based on a battle in 1600. The character Toyohisa becomes wounded then suddenly finds himself in a hallway.

He is faced with a Stoic man, Murasaki, and many doors on both sides. In the process, Toyohisa is pulled to the nearest door into a world different from his own. The land is full of many fantastic creatures and warriors from different eras of the Toyohisa world, who were thought to be dead.

They are summoned as drifters to fight the ends who are responsible for the creation of the Orte Empire and annihilate the drifters. Watch the anime as the battle unfolds.

12. GATE


Three officers on their way to attend a Doujin convention in Ginza, Tokyo, get to encounter a mysterious portal that is in the shape of a large gate.

The supernatural creatures and warriors charge through the city, destroying everything in their path. Due to the swift action, Youji saves as many lives as he can while the others make their efforts towards stopping the invasion.

Three months after the attack, Youji is tasked with leading a special recon team. They are sent to an unknown world to learn more about what they are dealing with and befriend the locals to create powerful ties.

13. Full Metal Panic!

Full Metal Panic

This is a great anime that features cutting-edge weaponry and specialized troops. There is a certain private military organization known as Mithril that strives to ensure peace on Earth.

The organization is powered by the whispered individuals who possess some knowledge and create powerful devices and equipment.

One seventeen-year-old Seargent working for Mithril is set to protect a whispered candidate. He is to protect her while in high school to ensure she doesn't fall into the enemy's hands. Will he blend in with the students without revealing his identity?

14. Arslan Senki

Arslan Senki

This anime is based on the year 320 under the rule of King Andragoras III. He heads the kingdom of Pars, which is at war with the Lusitania Empire.

The young prince of the kingdom of Pars wants to set out to prove his valor on the battlefield for the first time. However, when the king is betrayed by his officials, the Parsian army is decimated, and the capital city of Ecbatana is kept under siege.

Arsan, the young prince, is forced to find help to take back his home. Will he be able to do it?

15. Heavy Object

Heavy Object

The anime is based on the distant future, in which the nature of war has changed. The students Qwnthur and Havia Winchell are tasked with supporting the bay magnum, the nation's objects.

Unfortunately, a battle gone awry places the duo in a precarious situation. As they struggle to save themselves and their fellow soldiers, a glimmer of hope shines through, and the world's perception of objects changes. Will they be able to overcome the foes that are objects?

16. Violet Evergarden

Violet Evergarden MILITARY

In the anime, the great war finally comes to an end after four long years of conflict. Even though fractured in two, the Telesis continent begins to flourish again.

Violet Evergreen is caught in between the bloodshed. She recovers from the wounds and starts a new life working at the CH postal services after falling out of the guardian family. Will she be able to prosper in her journey of self-discovery?

17. Vinland Saga

Vinland Saga

The character Young Thorfinn grew up listening to the old sailor's stories. He learned about how they had traveled the ocean to reach Vinland. The place was warm and fertile, and there was no need for dispute or fighting.

This was unlike the frozen village in Iceland where he was born. However, as time goes by, the war between England and the Danes grows worse. Within the chaos, Thorinn has to take revenge on the man who murdered his father. What will be his fate?

18. Alderamin on the Sky

Alderamin on the Sky

In the anime, the young man, Ikta Solork, only wants two things in his life; a lady and shelter. Unfortunately, his peaceful life is destroyed when the war starts between the Katjvarna Empire and the Kioka Republic.

Ikta and his friend decide to join the army as military officers. They then meet three other soldiers and become acquaintances. However, during a storm, it sinks their vessel, and they end up in the enemy's territory.

When there, they save princess Chamille of the Katjvarna Empire from the hostage, and they are all granted the title of Imperial Knight. Will Ikta meet his goals?

19. Break Blade

Break Blade

The anime is based on the Curzon continent. There is an impending war between the nation of Athens and the Krisna kingdom. Fortunately, the inhabitants can use quartz to fulfill their desires.

However, there is Rygard Arror, who is an un-sorcerer. He can’t be able to use quartz. Fortunately, his characteristic lets him pilot an ancient Golem that is strong enough to fight against the army of Athens.

20. Sword Art Online

Sword Art Online

A virtual reality technology is being used in the Sword Art Online game. In the game, players are controlling avatars using their thoughts.

One player, Kazuto, logs himself into the game with 10,000 others. There are amazing weapons and monsters in the game that makes the experience thrilling.

Unfortunately, the players realize that they can’t log out of the game since they are trapped. They can only log out when done with the 100 game levels. Will they escape?

21. Seraph of the End

Seraph of the End

A mysterious virus kills everyone above 13 years. Mankind then becomes enslaved by previously hidden vampires, who emerge to subjugate society to protect the survivors for blood donations.

Among the survivors are Yuuichirou and Mikaela. They are, however, not happy with being treated like livestock.

As time goes by, Yuuchirou grows up determined to take revenge on the creatures that killed his family. Will he manage?

22. Valvrave the Liberator

Valvrave the Liberator

The anime is based on the 71st year of the True Era. In this, the humans have successfully expanded into space and have independent colonies. The world is split between two major nations that wage war against each other on Earth and far into outer space.

War starts when the enemies want to get the mechanized weapons hidden under the Sakimori Academy. Haruto, a 17-year-old, stumbles upon the targeted Valvraves. Will he be able to initiate a revolution to liberate the world?

23. Darling in the Franxx

Darling in the Franxx

The anime is based on the distant future, in which humanity has been driven to near extinction by some giant beasts, Klaxosaurs. This forces humanity to take refuge in some cities called plantations. The children are raised and trained to pilot the giant machines, well-known as FranXX.

These are the only weapons known to be effective against Klaxosaurs. They are bred to pilot the machines and defend their race. One of the characters, Hiro has lost his motivation and self-confidence after failing the aptitude test. Will he get back on track?

24. Record of Grancrest War

Record of Grancrest War

The anime is based on the continent of Atlantan, which is now devoured by the flames of war. This is after the Great Hall tragedy. What was meant to be a joyful occasion turns into a tragedy.

There was a wedding, and as the bride and groom walked down the aisle, a powerful convergence of chaos corrupted the land and brought forth demons into the world. Two great heroes, Siluca and Theo, meet tragically but try their best to restore balance to their war-torn land.

25. Gunslinger Girl

Gunslinger Girl

The anime is based in Italy, where an agency rescues young girls from the hospital and promises them a new life. They give the girls artificial bodies and brainwash them to carry out the dirty work of the Italian Government.

Even with all the modifications, the girls are still young at heart. They have many emotional issues as they desire to be recognized and loved. How will the story unfold?

26.  Zipang


In the anime, an improved missile destroyer ship with its crew encounters a fierce storm that throws their navigation systems into temporary disarray.

After a few minutes of recovery, the crew is shocked to discover they have been transported back to 1942 during World War II. What will be the outcome?

27. The Saga of Tanya the Evil

The Saga of Tanya the Evil

The anime is based on Tanya Degurechaff, a soldier infamous for her ruthlessness which led to her nickname “devil of the rhine.” She has an innocuous appearance, but deep within is the soul of a man who was reincarnated into a little girl.

Tanya then decides to ascend the ranks of the country's military as she slowly plunges into World War. She propels the empire to be one of the most powerful nations in mankind’s history.

28. God Eater

God Eater

The anime is based in 2071, when humans are becoming extinct due to some monsters called Aragami. The monsters used to feed on everything, leaving nothing behind.

To combat this, the Fenrir organization tries to save humanity by using God eaters, who are humans infused with Oracle cells. One of the greatest weapons is Lenka, and he must master God's arc if he is to fulfill the desire of wiping out the Aragami. Watch the drama as it unfolds.

29. Now and Then, Here and There

Now and Then- Here and There

Shuuzou lives a normal life. He, however, feels bad after losing his kendo rival. He then meets a girl, Lala-ru, and tries to make her his friend. She is, however, uninterested. Unfortunately, Lala-ru is captured by a certain lady.

On the other hand, Shuu is also captured and transported to a desert. However, he still has the motive to save his friend from the kidnappers. Will he manage to save Lala-Ru?

30. Legend of the Galactic Heroes

Legend of the Galactic Heroes

In the anime, a new generation of leaders arises. A character, Reinhard, climbs the ladder with the help of his friend Siegfried Kircheis. With his new role, he must fight the war and save the sister from the Kaiser.

He also has an aim to unify humanity.  Two masterminds need to find out the real reason for the battle. Will they manage to solve the matter?

31. The Ambition of Oda Nobuna

Ambition of Oda Nobuna

A student, Yoshiharu finds himself in the Sengoku battle. Fortunately, he is saved by Hideyoshi, who begs him to become a feudal lord as he was.

He then promises to keep the timeline from diverging any further. In his attempt to rescue Nobuna Oda, Yoshiharu realizes he is in an alternate reality where most of Japan's historical warlords are cute girls.

To set everything right and find a way back home, Yoshiharu becomes one of Nobuna’s retainers and assists her in conquering Japan. He learns that he can use the tricks he learned in a video game he once played.

32. Joker Game

Joker Game

World War II is just around the corner. Intelligence on other countries' social and economic situations has become a valuable asset. Therefore, Japan establishes a new spy organization,” D Agency,” to obtain the weapon.

Under Lieutenant Colonel Yuuki, eight agents are sent to infiltrate and observe the powerful countries. They are set to report any developments in the war. To carry out the dangerous tasks, the men have trained their bodies to survive in extreme conditions in the field of communications and languages.

The greatest strength lies in manipulating people to obtain information necessary to give the nation the upper hand.

33. Girls & Panzer

Girls & Panzer

The anime is based on a traditional game known as the Senshadou during the World War II era. The game is widely practiced by women and girls.

Ideally, the game became popular and even leads to the creation of a championship set to be held in Japan. Watch to realize the outcome of the championship.

34. Porco Rosso


Porco Rosso ANIME

The anime is based on a character known as Marco. He is turned into a pig and becomes a hunter (Porco Rosso) who takes down pirates of the sky.

One day, while traveling to fix his faulty engine, he is gunned down by Donald Curtis. He then declares that the flying pig is dead. The drama unfolds among the different individuals.

Watch The Best War Military Anime Of All Time.

If you love drama, thriller, and war shows, these amazing anime will suit your preference. They are all interesting with great storylines. They are a great way to use your time and relax from the busy work and school schedule. Watch the best war military anime of all time.