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List of the Best Winning Roulette Strategies

Never rely solely on luck while playing roulette! This game requires a strategy! Check out the most effective techniques for enhancing your chances of success!

Roulette’s popularity spans ages, and before the general public could enjoy it, the game’s participation was initially restricted only to the royal class of society.

It’s almost impossible to find a Finnish online casino whose gaming catalog lacks the game of a small wheel, as the French would say and offers online slots instead. For instance, the Finland-facing Vulkan Vegas online casino lobby spots over 60 variants of RNG and live dealer roulette games.

Typically, most people believe that roulette is based chiefly on blind luck. However, the truth is that you can use different strategies to expand your luck surface area and boost your winning odds.

This isn’t about cheating but leveraging the proper techniques to win big. That said, here are the five best winning strategies for roulette:



This straightforward betting system is the most popular among all those that can be found on the World Wide Web. The strategy requires you to double the bet size after a loss and then reset to your initial wager after hitting a win. Your first bet will be the minimum threshold.

Playing Martingale means sticking to the outside bets like black/red, even/odd, or high/low. You also need a substantial bankroll to succeed. Ideally, your initial stake should comprise 2 to 3% of your total budget for the session. This way, you can always have enough to double your stake after a bad streak. In addition, you need a set betting limit.

Reverse Martingale

This strategy is exactly how it sounds. You’ll follow the same rules covered in the previous section but in reverse. So, instead of doubling your wager after losing, you’ll do so after winning. The goal is to minimize the damage when you lose by hitting huge amounts on your winning streak. The primary downside of the Reverse Martingale approach is that you only rely on the winning streak to reap. However, you can always get the most from it in sessions where you feel lucky.

This technique is also known by the names of the Paroli strategy, Parley and Anti-Martingale system. Whatever naming is used, the idea stays unchanged: you get a chance to reduce risk by sticking to this technique. Even better, a profit target can provide extra cushioning.

It’s always ideal to halt the game after winning four consecutive attempts. In addition, you should maintain the same bet size until you lose a bet. The good thing with this strategy is you can tailor your win limit as you learn the ropes and boost your acquaintance with the game.


The D’Alembert approach offers a safer alternative to Martingale or its reversed counterpart. It’s simple, requiring you to reduce or increase your stake by a unit. This makes it less risky than doubling the value. Like the other options, you’ll place your starting wager on red/black, odd/even, 19 to 36, or 1 to 18. You’ll walk away after attaining an equal number of wins and losses. So stick tight if you’re on a losing streak, expanding your wager by a unit. Remember to keep playing until you balance your total wins and losses if you’re on a winning streak.

The D’Alembert approach will put you in the black if you even out your total wins and losses. Let’s assume you’ve wagered $10 on red; these are the steps you should follow:

  • When you lose, bet on red again, but with $11;
  • If you lose again, your bet will increase to $12;
  • When you win in the next round, drop your bet to $11;
  • In case you win again, revert to your original bet.

So, from the above approach, you’ll have lost $2 and won $2, meaning you successfully managed to minimize your losses.

Andrucci Strategy

Andrucci Strategy

The Andrucci approach to roulette motivates you to monitor past outcomes and exploit discernible success patterns. Here’s a line of attack you can use:

  1. Initiate the game with your even-money minimum wager, such as black/red or even/odd;
  2. Repeat this cycle roughly 30 times while monitoring the results. Most online roulette games provide a history window highlighting previous numbers;
  3. After completing the first rounds, analyze the numbers that have appeared most frequently. Increase your betting limit and place a single bet on the most popular number;
  4. You can also consider split bets on 2 to 3 most regularly occurring numbers.

Remember, unlike other strategies, the Andrucci method does not require altering your bet every round. Also, it’s considered a riskier, non-progressive strategy that demands a substantial bankroll. You may need to place numerous single bets before achieving significant winnings.

Choosing the Right Roulette Strategies to Boost Your Wins

Again, roulette relies on luck and strategy, so players have better chances of winning, provided they follow the correct process. While the above techniques can come through for you by enhancing your opportunities, there’s no way to guarantee that you will win the game in your next wager.

So, be sure to choose a strategy that aligns with your goals, budget, and how lucky you feel. Good luck!