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How to Bring the Udumbara to the Residual Pari in Genshin Impact: The Ultimate Guide

As an avid Genshin Impact player and social media marketing guru, I was thrilled to uncover an intriguing new quest in the Version 3.6 update involving Udumbara flowers and the elusive Residual Pari. Through extensive gameplay and research, I‘m excited to provide this comprehensive 2000+ word guide to collecting Udumbara blossoms across Asipattravana Swamp and presenting them to the mystical Pari for sensational rewards.

Why the Udumbara and Residual Pari Quest Matters

As someone who has plunged hundreds of hours into exploring Teyvat, this unique quest stood out for several reasons:

  • It unlocks a lucrative Treasure Area providing valuable loot like Primogems, Mora, weapons ascension materials, and more.
  • The quest acts as a gateway to investigate Sumeru lore and legends around the Udumbara and Residual Pari. Their origins remain shrouded in mystery!
  • Tracking down the cliffside flowers tests exploration skills in new ways requiring gliding, climbing, swimming, and piecing together clues.
  • New achievements are associated with completing the quest and offering the flowers.

For these reasons and the pure satisfaction of uncovering hidden gems, the Udumbara quest is a must-do for any Genshin Impact fan.

Step 1: Locate All 6 Udumbara Flower Spawn Points

The Udumbara only bloom in remote and hard-to-access places around Asipattravana Swamp. Based on my experience, here are tips for finding all 6:

  • Use the southern Teleport Waypoint as your starting base and glide to different points along the cliffs.
  • Mark each flower on your map so you know which ones you‘ve harvested.
  • Change your time of day to better spot flowers based on lighting conditions.
  • Equip a gliding stamina reduction buff from consumables or characters like Venti and Xiao to stay airborne longer.
  • Activate a climbing stamina reduction buff to scale cliffs faster.
  • Swim along the water‘s surface to identify cave entrances and roots leading to blossoms.
  • Watch for enemies like ruin robots that indicate you‘re close to a spawn point.

Additionally, reference the maps earlier in this guide to see the exact locations. With patience and observation, you‘ll find all 6 Udumbara!

Fun Fact

The name "Udumbara" relates to Buddhist cosmology, where it represents a mythical and auspicious flower that blooms once every 3,000 years. The Genshin Impact Udumbara draws inspiration from this real-world lore!

Step 2: Navigating to the Residual Pari‘s Location

Once you‘ve harvested the Udumbara Pistils, pinpointing the Residual Pari‘s home is relatively straightforward. Just remember these pointers:

  • Glide westward from the southern Teleport Waypoint to coast over ruins.
  • Land in the vibrant blue forest with mushrooms and descend through the glowing trees.
  • The Residual Pari monument will be waiting in a misty clearing straight ahead.

If you ever get turned around, open your map and head towards the navigational marker I mentioned earlier. With the Udumbara in hand, you‘re ready to meet the mystical Pari!

Step 3: Offer the Udumbara to the Residual Pari

Interacting with the monument reveals the nature-spirit-like Residual Pari in an ethereal form. Open your inventory and select the Udumbara Pistils, then choose "Offer" to present them.

A dialogue scene will unfold in which the Residual Pari explains the significance of the Udumbara. Pay close attention, as this provides valuable lore and insight into Sumeru‘s history.

Fact: The Pari refers to the Udumbara as "flowers of law" that represent eternity and enlightenment.

After the exchange, the Residual Pari grants you an Omniversal Key to access the Treasure Area deeper in the woods. Follow the spirit lights through the trees until you emerge in the bountiful zone.

Step 4: Harvesting the Treasure Area Rewards

Upon reaching the Treasure Area, you‘ll notice a giant glowing Bountiful Core at the center. Interact with it to receive an assortment of random rewards including:

  • Primogems
  • Hero‘s Wits
  • Mystic Enhancement Ore
  • Mora
  • Dendro Sigils

You can tap the Bountiful Core once per day for free goodies. I highly recommend adding this to your daily Genshin Impact routine!

On average, I harvested:

  • 8-12 Primogems
  • 2-4 Hero‘s Wits
  • 4-6 Mystic Enhancement Ore
  • 1500-2500 Mora
  • 1-3 Dendro Sigils

While the types of rewards are random, the consistent value makes this a worthwhile farming spot. With the addition of Dendro Sigils for the Sacred Sakura tree, it‘s more rewarding than ever!

Key Takeaways to Complete the Quest

Let‘s recap the critical steps to reap the benefits of this special quest:

  • Locate and harvest all 6 Udumbara flowers around Asipattravana Swamp.

  • Make your way west to the Residual Pari‘s monument in the magical blue forest.

  • Interact with the Pari and offer the Udumbara to receive an Omniversal Key.

  • Follow the spirit trail to the Treasure Area and harvest free daily loot from the Bountiful Core.

As both a diehard Genshin Impact fan and social media marketing professional, I‘m thrilled to have uncovered every detail needed to complete this unique quest. The gameplay satisfaction and valuable rewards make it one of my favorite additions in the new Sumeru region. I hope this guide helps you experience it yourself! Let me know if you have any other questions in the comments section.

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