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Christian Mingle Review 2023: Is it Legit Or A Scam?

The internet is hands down the most far-reaching, easily accessible life-enhancing tool in today's world. From consuming an infinite supply of media to getting your groceries delivered to your doorstep, the web has something for everyone.

However, one of the internet's most impactful features is its ability to create and foster human connections. Here, you can bond with people over similar interests or band up with a gang of hobbyists.

For religious folks, the web can present an excellent avenue for enhancing ethical values like evangelism and discipleship, family connections, and friendship.

However, irrespective of your religious affiliations, one vital human need that the internet simplifies for all is the search for a romantic partner. Dating websites offer an excellent way to expand your options, especially for people living in less populated regions where the available pickings are slim.

However, for devout Christians, delving into popular dating sites may seem scary as significant portions of the user bases of these platforms may not subscribe to their faith. Furthermore, your typical dating platform does not run on Christian values and maybe a bit too secular for some.

Situations like this are where Christian dating sites like Christian Mingle and Christian Connection come in handy.

Christian dating platforms offer secure spaces where the majority of members are of your faith, significantly increasing your chance of meeting that special someone for that god-fearing union you crave.

Christian Mingle: Christian Dating for Christian Singles

Christian Mingle: Christian Dating for Christian Singles

Christain Mingle is an online dating platform that focuses on fostering relationships between god-fearing women and men from around the world. Since its creation in 2001, Christian Mingle has, by a combination of excellent service and aggressive advertising, gone on to dominate the Christian dating space.

For many users, Christian Mingle is the home of Christian dating online, and they are not wrong. The platform boasts a user base of over 16 million members and receives up to 2.5 million visitors per month, a surprising statistic for such a niche site. Consequently, Christian Mingle is the most popular Christian dating website available on the web today.

Christian Mingle accepts Christians from all denominations and encourages people to be open about their faith. Since the platform specifically targets religious people, the entire platform helps the user to delve into their faith without judgment and help them find that exclusive union with a like-minded person.

Like any regular dating app, Christian Mingle offers a range of features to help foster connections like chatting, daily matchings, and the ability to post and share photos with other members.

Furthermore, Christian Mingle does not try to reinvent the wheel with their service. The platform is an average dating website with a Christian finish and no unique bells and whistles.

Who is Christian Mingle For?

The name of the website is all you need to know who the target audience is. If you log on to Christian Mingle, you should be looking for Christians.

However, the site's membership is not restricted to people of faith alone. If you are a non-Christian who is open to dating and eventually marrying a Christian partner, Christian Mingle is an excellent place for you to seek out a mate too.

If you are looking for long term relationships, you are in the right place. The platform focuses on fostering committed unions, and the site's members are a perfect match for this goal.

The Christian Mingle user base is significantly populated with people in their late 20s and 30s who are ready to settle down. Hence, most of the folks on here are people looking for long term meaningful relationships. Christian Mingle also has a sizable population of people over 55+, making it an excellent platform for senior dating.

Are you looking for that lovely Christain partner your parents are sure to love? Christian Mingle is as good a platform to give it go. The website is also great for seeking out friendship and companionship with people of faith.

Christian Mingle is available to both people seeking heterosexual and same-sex unions.

Christian Mingle: Effectiveness

With only 16 million members, Christian Mingle does not have the most extensive user base out there. However, the site's extremely targeted niche makes it an excellent hub for creating connections between Christian daters.

Since its inception, Christian Mingle has remained one of the most successful Christian dating websites, fostering thousands of relationships around the country, and producing success story after success story.

According to one survey of American Christians, the Christian Mingle platform is responsible for almost 30% of all Christian marriages that started off the web.

Despite its boring user interface and lack of any exciting features, Christian Mingle is excellent at satisfying its target audience, making it a super useful site based on what it aims to achieve.

Christian Mingle Site Features


When it comes to aesthetics and the design of the user interface, Christian Mingle takes absolutely zero risks. The platform features a basic dating website without any particular features or gimmicks.

The platform is clean, organized, and quite intuitive. It works. Even people with limited internet savviness should have no issues navigating around and utilizing the platform. However, many, especially younger people, will consider the aesthetics of Christian Mingle bland and boring.

Getting Started

The signup process for Christian Mingle is one of the fastest and most straightforward of any we have tried. Since the platform caters to a slightly older than the average audience, it is no surprise that they opted to keep things as simple as possible.

The entire registration process should only take about 4 minutes, and there are no quizzes or personality tests. The only requirement for signup is that you are over the age of 18.

Getting started with Christian Mingle

To get started, you can register with your email address or opt instead for the Facebook account integration to get a quicker start.

During the signup process, the platform prompts you to fill out your personal information as well as to upload up to 6 pictures to your profile. If you choose to register with Facebook, you can even put the photos directly from your Facebook profile.

Profile of Christian Mingle

After signing up, you can then proceed to fill out answers to a series of questions about your religious beliefs and actions, views on commitment, and details about your interests and wants that form the basis for your Christian Mingle profile. All questions are to the point and are an excellent way to both match with and know potential mates.

Matching and Meeting Members

When it comes to establishing communication with other members, Christian Mingle uses a hands-off approach that places most of the power in your hands. On this platform, you can message anyone you choose without having to worry about matching.

Once you initiate a conversation, you can then proceed with Christian Mingle chat functionality, which is as basic as they come, with no unique special features.

The platform features both regular and advanced search that lets you filter member ethnicity, religion, denominations, physical features, lifestyle peculiarities, and lots more. Alternatively, you can rely on the site's matching system, which uses the Color Code Personality Test to match you with compatible members.

Furthermore, for those who like through browse through member lists, you can peruse the who's online now section to browse through the Christian Mingle photo galleries seeking out potential mates.

Once you target a member profile that you are interested in, you can initiate conversations by sending a custom message or a wink. Alternatively, you can simply like their profile to add them to your watchlist. However, this function notifies the user of your like and adds you to their “secret admirers” section.

Other Features

Features you can use or activate with your Christian Mingle account include:

  • Basic and advanced search
  • View who's online
  • Photo gallery
  • Photo upload from Facebook
  • See who viewed your profile
  • Message boards
  • Chat rooms

Other features you can find on Christian Mingle include:

Worship Center: A separate section of the platform where users can share religious content and get spiritual upliftment and guidance.

Live Events: Christian Mingle hosts live events every month where users can meet other Christian singles in person.

Christian Mingle: Pricing

Christian Mingle offers unified plans that provide the same features on all subscriptions irrespective of their duration. However, like with other dating platforms, you get a significant discount if you pay for longer subscriptions.

Duration Price Per Month Total Cost
1 Month $49.99 $49.99
3 Months $34.99 $104.97
6 Months $24.99 $149.94

In addition to their regular plans, you can pay for an extra feature known as Messaging+, which allows free members to reply to your messages.

Free vs. Premium Accounts

With a free Christian Mingle account, you can access most of the platform's features save for messaging. Hence, a free account is an excellent way of acquainting yourself with the platform and getting a feel for the member base before you leap a paid plan.

A free account lets you:

  • Register and create your profile
  • Use both regular search and advanced search
  • Use the matching feature
  • Unlimited photo and profile viewing
  • Send smiles to other users
  • See who visited and liked your user profile

Once you sign up for a premium plan, you get unlimited access to the messaging feature, and you can reach out to any platform member whenever you want.

A paid account also unlocks Incognito mode, read receipts, and the Messaging+ feature, which allows free members to reply to your messages.

Christian Mingle Pros and Cons


  • The most extensive user base of any Christian-only dating website
  • The premier location for religious singles seeking committed relationships
  • A very active member base
  • A speedy registration process
  • Clean, uncluttered user interface
  • Balanced gender ratio
  • 24/7 customer support via live chat or email


  • Outdated aesthetic and bland design
  • The platform lacks any unique features or particular selling points
  • The website occasionally gets buggy
  • No background checks or user verification
  • Limited dating pool except in large cities
  • No iOS app

Christian Mingle Alternatives

Other popular Christian-centric dating apps include:

Christian Mingle User Reviews

User reviews for Christian Mingle are split through the middle, with many users praising their service and retelling success stories while other users moan about the abundance of fake accounts on the platform.

One user reports their own success story on Christian Mingle:

It's simple to make a page for yourself. Easy to navigate and find matches in your area (or more distance if you prefer). I myself made a search within 100 miles and I found the guy whom I am still married to today! But think there are good quality and genuine people to meet on this website.

Another user worries about their excessive pricing:

While I have my reasons for not using CM, they have nothing to do with the site being a scam. I've gone on many dates through this site and, when I contacted CSR, they were prompt and even fully refunded me when I said I wasn't happy. (I live in Canada, and they didn't make it clear the price would be USD, which is far too much money for one month.) I think their recent model of letting people have accounts without paying, but restricting their ability to communicate, is hurting the pool. No one is paying and, therefore, can only wink at each other and never make contact. Just as on any site, be careful and look for the signs of fake profiles, but CM is legit, and their CSR has treated me well.

While reviews like this one that complains about fake accounts abound:

In recent years, CM has become a site full of scammers/fake profiles. It is a complete waste of money and I'd be amazed if you find any real men actually on this site. They need a better way to filter out all the fake profiles and to only have legitimate members on this site. It was an excellent site way back in 2005-2010, but in recent years, they make no effort to filter out scammers. In my last membership, I received 10-20 scammer ‘smiles' a day. In a 3-month membership, I only came across one guy who was not a scammer, but he was a creep. Save your money!