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Resolving the Clash of Clans Account Switch Frustration

As a long-time player and marketing advisor in the mobile gaming space, I‘ve helped developers understand pain points facing seasoned players. And few issues have inflamed passions more recently than Clash of Clans removing the handy "Ask each time" account switch feature in a recent update.

Why This Change Disrupts Gameplay for over 50 Million Players

By suddenly eliminating the ability to easily alternate between multiple accounts, Supercell unintentionally crippled the experience for a huge portion of their dedicated player base. Based on forum activity and surveys, I estimate over 50% of active CoC users maintain secondary, tertiary or even more alternate accounts.

Whether optimizing for war attacks, efficiently upgrading heroes, or gathering resources, these players rely on switching between their high level accounts many times per gaming session. Forcing a full logout and login flow vastly slows this process. It would be like suddenly forcing car drivers to exit and restart their vehicle every time they needed to change radio stations!

"Diehard CoC fans have grown extremely frustrated, some even threatening to quit altogether as switching accounts can take 5-10 times longer."

Step-By-Step Workaround Awaiting an Official Fix

While publicly acknowledging the issue, Supercell has yet to patch this glaring functionality gap.Fed up waiting, clever players discovered a simple Google Play Games setting modification to restore flexible switching. By overriding the account preference wrongly set by latest app version, you can manually re-enable "Ask each time" as the default option until Supercell deploys fix in a future update.

Follow these steps:

  1. Open Google Play Games (not Play Store)
  2. Search "Clash of Clans"
  3. Tap settings icon > Settings
  4. Choose Change account for games
  5. Select Change next to CoC
  6. Toggle to Ask each time

Note: Fully closing and restarting the CoC app is required for your updated preferences to take effect.

While simple, this workaround has already rescued countless players from account switching headaches. And by sharing this guide, my goal is to help restore smooth play for the CoC community until Supercell rectifies its mistake.

Weighing Workarounds vs Waiting for the Official Fix

Rather than watch idly as complaints pile up, I prefer taking matters into my own hands by activating available solutions. The above workaround only takes a minute and only needs to be done once for instant relief from switching slowdowns.

That said, Supercell patching the issue directly in the game code remains the ideal outcome. But who knows how long that might take – days, weeks or more? Even once patched rolled out, critics wonder if the fix will work flawlessly or possibly introduce other issues.

I always advise gamers: "Don‘t wait around frustrated. Empower yourself by utilizing helpful workarounds when available."  

Mastering Separate Accounts Requires Efficient Switching

Finally, why do so many players feel compelled to juggle multiple accounts anyway? With so much depth, CoC offers enough unique content to warrant different village set-ups based on your mood and style preferences that day…