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12 Best Ai Clothes Removers (Dress Remover) Website in 2024

Have you wished to see someone without clothes in a picture? AI clothes removers can make it happen with just one image! These tools easily create realistic and amazing outcomes, even if you are not tech-savvy. Let's explore the realm of AI clothes removal in this article.

Have you ever thought about what someone looks like without their clothes? Believe it or not, thanks to artificial intelligence, there are now apps that can make that happen with just a few taps. Let us discover together which apps are the best at doing this.

AI has changed lots of things, especially photo editing. This cool thing called Cloth Remover AI has caught everyone's eye. These tools use smart tech to look at pictures and take away stuff you don't want, like clothes. It sounds tricky, but it's easy to do.

These tools use fancy AI and learning tricks to take clothes off pictures and make fake naked ones. But there are tons of these tools, and picking the best one can be hard. So, in this article, we have picked out the top AI clothes remover apps in 2024. They work in simple ways, making clothes vanish from photos. Let us see how they do it!


Nudify online Overview is an undress AI website allowing users to remove clothing from photos freely. It offers customization options for age, body type, and image quality, tailoring images to preferences. The tool swiftly generates results and caters to those interested in NSFW AI art creation. However, a lack of clear age restrictions raises ethical concerns.

Nudify's features include a free service, customization options for image specifics, quick result generation, and the ability to create NSFW AI art rapidly. While the free plan is available, premium packages offer additional features ranging from $12.99 to $53.99 monthly.

This AI clothing remover tool swiftly processes uploaded images, creating nude versions based on user preferences—offering resolution choices like standard, high, or ultra-high quality. The platform's user-friendly interface simplifies the process, making an efficient tool for creating nude images.

2. SoulGen

SoulGen Overview

SoulGen is a versatile AI image generator offering both realistic and anime-style creations based on text prompts. Primarily known for its NSFW AI art generation, it assists artists and designers at various skill levels. With features akin to Undress AI, users can remove clothing from images using a deep learning system, producing detailed and high-quality undressed images.

This tool stands out for its capacity to create virtual girlfriends, customizable based on user preferences in appearance, interests, and interactions. Users navigate a user-friendly interface to swiftly generate NSFW images by inputting text prompts, and the platform offers a collaborative space for creators to share prompts and collaborate.

SoulGen offers a free trial to explore its functionalities before committing to subscription plans. The monthly subscription costs $9.99, providing 100 image credits and Pro benefits, while the annual plan costs $69.99. SoulGen liberates creativity, allowing users to explore limitless possibilities in crafting personalized and imaginative AI images.

3. Promptchan

Promptchan Overview

Promptchan AI Undresser is a free tool that creates uncensored images, videos, and art from text prompts. It uses a smart technology called deep neural networks to make images based on what you describe in words. This tool lets you remove clothes from images and add cool styles like Anime, Sketch, or even make them look like paintings.

Its standout features include privacy mode for discreet art creation, allowing users to make adult-themed art without restrictions, and it is super fast, generating images quickly. Plus, it works well on both computers and phones so that you can make art on the go.

The tool offers a free version and two paid plans, starting at $5.99 a month. These plans give you more options to create art and more freedom in your creative process. Overall, it is a good choice if you want to create art without worrying about restrictions or waiting a long time for results.

4. Undress AI

Undress AI Overview

Undress AI is an AI clothes remover using cutting-edge algorithms to transform photos by removing clothing. Accessible via its website, the tool offers a straightforward user interface for users with diverse technical skills. The free plan allows up to 10 attempts but results in low-quality edited images. Paid plans offer enhanced features like better quality, faster image processing, and modification of body and age traits.

This tool generates high-resolution nude images based on user specifications once an image is uploaded. However, ethical considerations arise if real individuals' photos are used, stressing the importance of cautious use. Despite being initially designed for entertainment, Undress AI offers a seamless way to convert ordinary images into nude renditions with just a few clicks, accessible on Android and iOS devices.

The pricing plans, starting with the Basic Plan at $5.49 per month, escalate in features and quality, ranging up to the Pro Plan at $37.99 per month, delivering excellent-quality images and allowing body and age traits to be modified.

5. DeepNudeNow

DeepNudeNow Overview

DeepNudeNow emerges as an AI-powered clothes remover tool that specializes in generating nude images from clothed photos, aiming for flawless and swift dress removal. The platform employs an original AI algorithm to ensure seamless transitions and realistic outcomes without disrupting the image pixels, promising a natural undressing experience.

With its focus on realism and efficiency, DeepNudeNow emphasizes swiftly generating realistic and virtually undressed images. The tool stands out for its user-friendly interface, enabling easy image uploads and swift application of the clothes removal feature in a few clicks. However, the platform's rules and guidelines are strict, prohibiting the use of certain image types like underage individuals and violent or copyrighted content, emphasizing responsible usage.

The pricing plans offer a free trial and two premium options: the Exclusive plan at $19 per month and the Business plan at $29.99 per week. These paid plans grant various benefits like unlimited requests, no watermarks, priority queuing, and API access, catering to different user needs for generating undressed images.

6. DreamGF

DreamGF Overview

DreamGF is an innovative platform that employs AI technology to craft virtual relationships, particularly enabling users to create virtual girlfriends. This platform offers a free trial, allowing users to create and interact with AI companions, customizing their appearance, interests, and interactions. Users can engage in personalized interactions, receive tailored content, and even explore features like AI sexting and AI porn generation.

The platform boasts a user-friendly interface for creating and personalizing AI girlfriends, enabling customization of their appearance, hobbies, and occupations. What sets DreamGF apart is its emphasis on personalized interactions, enabling users to engage in intimate conversations and even exchange nude photos with their AI companions. Additionally, users can enhance their interactions by exchanging audio messages for a more personalized touch.

DreamGF offers multiple subscription plans: Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Diamond, ranging from $9.99 to $99.99 per month, each offering varying degrees of access and engagement with the AI girlfriends.

7. PornX AI

PornX AI Overview

PornX AI caters to mature audiences, providing an AI-driven platform focused on generating adult images, including an undress feature for creating fake nudes. Users can access a simple and user-friendly interface offering diverse filters and styles to enhance and modify images to a higher quality. Premium subscribers unlock additional perks like image upscaling to higher resolutions, an inpainting feature for object removal, and more monthly credits for image generation.

The website's undress feature allows users to easily remove clothes from images by uploading the desired picture, selecting the area to alter, and utilizing presets or leaving it blank for customization. Once the preferences are set, clicking ‘Generate' swiftly transforms the uploaded image into a fake nude version.

PornX AI emphasizes simplicity and accessibility, making it an ideal choice for those seeking an uncomplicated AI clothes remover generator. The pricing consists of two premium plans: the Silver plan at €9.99/month and the Gold plan at €16.99/month, offering varying features and support for generating and enhancing adult images.

8. DeepNude

DeepNude Overview

DeepNude.AI is an application harnessing AI and deep learning to alter images by removing clothing from clothed photos. This tool boasts rapid processing, transforming images within seconds and allowing users to tweak parameters for desired outcomes.

Using advanced algorithms, DeepNude functions as an AI-driven tool to generate fake nudes from uploaded images. Its user-friendly interface requires image uploads to generate AI nudes swiftly, and it integrates deepfake technology to achieve this. The tool also allows body perspective capture and resizing options before generating nude images, enhancing user control.

The interface is designed for user convenience, ensuring simplicity. Security is upheld through local processing of uploaded images on the user's device, safeguarding sensitive data. The pricing structure of DeepNude.AI offers various customization options, such as lighting adjustments and the application of filters, with the standard plan commencing at $22.99/month and the VIP plan priced at $49.99/month.

9. Magic Eraser

Magic Eraser Overview

Magic Eraser, an AI-powered tool, provides a seamless way to eliminate unwanted elements from images swiftly. Through a user-friendly interface, users upload images and use a green brush to highlight and erase specific sections effortlessly. This intuitive process allows users to remove undesired items, individuals, or elements within seconds.

The platform's simplicity and effectiveness suit diverse users, from photographers aiming for professional edits to social media enthusiasts seeking to enhance image quality. Magic Eraser offers a pro version starting at $15/month, providing additional editing options and support.

10. Smexy AI

Smexy AI Overview

Smexy AI is an accessible and user-friendly platform that utilizes artificial intelligence to generate NSFW or undressed images based on user prompts. Its seamless interface allows users to input specific preferences and prompts, enabling the creation of customized pornographic images swiftly and effortlessly. This platform boasts high-quality models and diverse prompt options, promising industry-leading quality and resolution for the generated content.

The platform's standout features include its straightforward input prompt system, where users dictate their preferences for the content they wish to generate. Users can fine-tune and adjust these prompts, ensuring a personalized and tailored experience that meets their exact needs. Notably, Smexy AI has shifted to a free model, offering infinite prompt options to users, allowing content creation tailored to specific interests without any cost barrier.

11. AI Undressing

AI Undressing Overview

AI Undressing technology utilizes deep learning to alter images by realistically replacing clothing in photographs with the appearance of bare skin, creating convincing nude representations. The platform's primary features include image manipulation, allowing users to utilize AI to remove clothing from photos and customization options through specific prompts that dictate preferences for the generated images.

Users experience a quick and straightforward process when using the service, enabling effortless photo undressing with minimal effort. AI Undressing ensures realistic outcomes in its edited images, employing an original AI algorithm tailored for generating nude photos from clothed images.

AI Undressing presents both free and paid plans. The free plan offers limited features, allowing users to edit and download images of lower quality. Alternatively, the paid plans—Starter, Basic, and Pro, provide varying levels of image credits, speed, and instant results, catering to different user needs and preferences.

12. Remover ZMO AI

Remover ZMO AI Overview

Remover ZMO AI is a user-friendly undress AI tool that removes unwanted things from images by using a purple brush. Users upload images and highlight areas they want to erase, and within seconds, ZMO AI eliminates those parts, providing a new downloadable image. This tool is not just for erasing; it also removes backgrounds and offers features like AI Portrait generation.

The tool is free to use and does not require sign-ups. ZMO AI leverages AI to help users remove objects or clothes from images quickly and easily. It is designed for a wide audience, with tutorials and FAQs available for support. The tool's standout feature is its “Magic Remover,” simplifying the removal of unwanted areas in photos, along with precise background removal and object erasure functionalities, all within a user-friendly interface.

How do Clothes Remover Websites?

How do Clothes Remover Websites

Clothes remover websites, like Undress AI, use artificial intelligence (AI) technology to change photos. Here is how they work:

1. Picking the Right Tool: Choose the right app or website that can edit your photos using AI.

2. Uploading Your Picture: Go to the website and put the picture you want to change.

3. Choosing What to Do: Decide how much you want the clothes in the picture to change.

4. Letting the App Work: Wait for the app to do its job and change the picture. It might take a bit.

5. Checking the Result: Look at the picture to ensure it is what you want before you finish.

6. Being Ethical: Always consider the right and wrong ways to use these tools. It is important not to do things that could hurt or upset people, especially by changing their pictures without permission.

How to Use Clothes Remover Websites Responsibly

How to Use Clothes Remover Websites Responsibly

There are a few important steps to follow to use clothes remover websites like the Undress App responsibly. First, controlling your privacy settings on social media to limit your exposure online is crucial, minimizing the risk of being targeted by AI tools. Staying informed about the latest developments in AI technology helps you understand potential privacy risks and take proactive steps to protect your personal information.

If you encounter apps like Undress AI violating user privacy or creating offensive content, reporting them to the appropriate authorities or platforms is essential to prevent potential harm.

Additionally, utilizing tools like PhotoGuard, an AI-based system designed to protect images from unauthorized editing, can embed unique identifiers in your pictures, making it harder for these tools to alter them without detection. These steps help ensure the responsible and ethical use of clothes remover websites while safeguarding personal privacy and preventing misuse.


Q. What are Clothes Remover websites?

Clothes remover websites use artificial intelligence algorithms to edit images by removing clothing or objects from photos.

Q. Are these tools Safe to use?

While the tools may be safe, their misuse can lead to ethical and privacy concerns. Using these tools responsibly and ethically is crucial, respecting privacy and consent.

Q. How do clothes remover websites work?

These websites use AI technology to analyze and process images. Users upload a photo to the website, which employs AI algorithms to recognize and edit the clothing or unwanted elements from the image.


Clothes remover websites utilize advanced AI to manipulate images by removing clothing or unwanted elements. While they offer creative potential, they also pose ethical concerns regarding privacy and misuse. Responsible usage is crucial, emphasizing privacy settings, staying informed about AI advancements, reporting violations, and considering tools like PhotoGuard to protect images. Striking a balance between innovation and ethical use is essential for leveraging these tools positively while respecting privacy and ethical boundaries.