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Top 20 Most Remarkably Code Geass Female Characters

Code Geass is one of the best anime of all time. You will enjoy watching it. The female characters greatly spice up the anime. What are you waiting for?

Code Geass is an anime series about royalty and dynasties. Lelouch is an exiled prince and has a sister known as Nunnally. Their mother was brutally murdered, which traumatized them.

Lelouch gets mad at the dad for turning a blind eye when the mother is being killed. The two siblings are sent as political pawns. However, no sooner had they gone than Japan was attacked.

There are different characters in the story with unique personalities. Here are some of the best Code Geass female characters of all time.

1. C. C.

C. C.

C.C is one beautiful character whose appearance will leave you mesmerized. She has waist-length green hair that matches perfectly with her golden eyes. Her attires vary based on the situation at the specific period.

Unfortunately, C.C doesn’t show her emotions or affection easily. Instead, she is stubborn and selfish. However, even with that, she works towards fulfilling all her missions. However, most times, she is isolated and prefers doing stuff on her own. This makes her seem dismissive to most people.

She can also be termed a philosopher due to the excellent knowledge she disburses. One of her positive traits is her craving for genuine love and kindness. Luckily, she is immortal and heals from most kinds of wounds.

2. Kallen Stadtfeld

Kallen Kozuki is one of the main characters. She is a young woman who is strong with beautiful fair skin. Her red hair blends well with her stunning blue eyes. You will be amazed by how stunning she looks.

She wears different admirable attires in certain scenarios like reunions or prison. This character is strong-willed, loyal, brave, hardworking, and determined. You can easily fall in love with her character.

Despite the strong personality she shows to the world, she is sensitive, gentle, and compassionate. This is shown when her brother dies.

3. Milly Ashford

Milly Ashford

You will love this blonde character with fair skin, blue eyes, and a curvy figure. At times, she ties her hair in a ponytail, but in the second season, she cuts her hair to be a bit shorter.

At first, she seems like an antihero with a bullying demeanor. She is a typical bullying lady who toys around with people’s insecurities and goes a long way to find other people's secrets.

Even though she may be seen as a bully, she is still kind. Moreover, she also has a curious and playful personality.

4. Shirley Fenette

Shirley Fenette

Shirley is another kind-hearted Code Geass female character that you will love. She has unique orange hair with two small strands on both sides tied in a ponytail. Her yellow-green eyes blend so well with her hair.

She is viewed as a cheerful, caring, intelligent, and outgoing character. If you are a fan of swimming, you will love Shirley. She actively partakes in swimming and is part of the student council. She is one of the most cheerful characters that you can’t hate, possibly.

5. Nina Einstein

Nina Einstein

She is unique from all other Code Geass characters. Surprisingly, she doesn’t focus too much on her appearance. She has beautiful, dark green hair cut incredibly short with two long braids lining downwards.

She wears round glasses over her purple eyes. After a while, Nina’s appearance becomes disheveled when she is seen wearing a ragged red dress. At times, she is seen not wearing glasses.

She has a minor racist mindset instead of feeling superior. However, at times she shows fear and a feeling of helplessness. In the first season, she loves baggy clothes, but in the preceding seasons, she begins wearing fitting clothes.

6. Nunnally Vi Britannia

Nunnally Vi Britannia

Nunnally has incredible brown curly hair and violet eyes. Many times, she is seen with a smile on her face. This outlines her friendly and jovial nature. She is also a fashionista and always seems to be at ease.

Nunnally is kindhearted, patient, empathetic, and understanding. One time she faces blindness and paralysis, which she covers using a smile and warmth.

At the time, Nunnally could not see, walk or do anything; her smile was the least she could do to show gratitude. Such an adorable character!

7. Marianne Vi Britannia

Marianne Vi Britannia

Marianne was a beautiful young woman with fair skin. Her big violet eyes blended well with her long black hair. She was quite a fashionista, wearing elegant dresses and accessories. A lot wasn’t discovered about her before her death.

She was the mother of Nunnally and Lelouch. Unfortunately, even with her beautiful appearance, she was selfish and heartless. This was shown when she helped to overthrow a previous emperor.

Even after her marriage to royalty, she felt inferior because of her commoner status, which made her jealous of the imperial wives and nobles.

8. Euphemia Li Britannia

Euphemia Li Britannia

Her beautiful pink hair makes her stand out. It reaches just below her waist and is always styled downwards with two buns. This displays her beautiful, adorable face. Her blue eyes blend well with her hair.

Even though she belongs to the royal family, she is kind-hearted and open-minded. She is also respectful, and you will love her. She derives her respect from her own childhood experiences. Furthermore, she has a unique character and is the first to discover that Lelouch is still alive.

9. Cecile


Just like Nina, Cecile also has short hair that reaches her neck. However, she has some beautiful purple hair that blends well with her purple eyes. She is kind, compassionate, and a bit shy. She respects people just like Euphemia.

Not only that, but she always respects her superiors but doubts them when their intentions are misguided. She is not weak-willed and would do anything to protect her friends. One of her downsides is that she is bad at cooking, but no one tells her. However, she is one of the best characters of all time.

10. Villetta Nu

Villetta Nu

Villetta has a jaw-breaking appearance that will leave you mesmerized. She is tall, with blue-gray hair that falls on one of the sides. She has a fierce look that can make you judge her even before interacting with her.

Her yellow eyes and dark skin blend well with her hair. Unfortunately, she lost her memory, leading her back some steps behind. Villetta was loyal to the empire and looked down on those whose areas had been conquered. However, after memory loss, she became more kindhearted.

11. Anya Alstreim

Anya Alstreim

Anya is a beautiful lady with a petite build, pale complexion, and light pink hair. She occasionally ties it into a ponytail. She is a fashionista and is often seen wearing semi-revealing outfits. When you see her at first, you may assume she is depressed. This is because of her uninterested personality and look.

Despite being stoic and ruthless, she has a soft side that she shows when with her friends. Even with her personality, she shows emotions once in a while. She is a quiet and introverted person you can term mysterious.

12. Monica Krushevski

Monica Krushevski

Monica is a gentle-looking woman whose appearance masks how dangerous she can be. She has straight blond hair that is well tied into two pigtails at the front. She always believes that justice should be given equally.

After her father’s death, she starts to have a liking for warfare. She was born into a noble family as the only daughter of a successful businessman. Her interest in warfare made her join the military at 17 years. Luckily, she used her skills to rise in the ranks.

13. Sumeragi Kaguya

Sumeragi Kaguya

Kaguya has black hair that she puts in two ponytails. It blends well with her green eyes. She has a great sense of responsibility and generosity. She also shows a great amount of care and loyalty towards her subjects and allies.

Kaguya had been spoiled by her authority figures during childhood until an incident inspired her about the nature of desires and arrogance. Kaguya has constantly fantasized that anything is justified as long as people pursue peace.

14. Empress Tianzi

Empress Tianzi

The empress is a young girl with a slight, timid, and doll-like appearance. She has beautiful pale skin, white hair, and red eyes. Her hair is always up, and her wardrobe fits the puppet empress. She is beautiful and highly decorative.

She is a bit childish even though she is 13 years. This is because she was babied for her entire life by the Eunuchs. Unfortunately, she is used to being silenced by the Eunuchs and other political figures around her that she rarely shares an opinion or idea of her own.

She always dreams of life outside her world and values any friendship she might make.

15. Alicia Lohmeyer

Alicia Lohmeyer

Alicia is another unique character in Code Geass. She shows disobedience once in a while. She is supposed to be Nunnally’s aid, but that’s not the case. Surprisingly, she is willing to tell Nunnally her opinion regardless of what she says.

Alicia, at times, lies to Nunnally about certain actions and abuses Nunnally’s authority behind her back. Alicia has such a strong character that you will love.

16. Alice of “Speed.”

Alice of Speed

The early life of Alice is not well known. However, it is known that she tragically lost her little sister in a fire. This made Alice blame herself for being unable to save her, which made her feel haunted all her life.

When she joined the Britannian Military, her body infused the cells of C.C that gave her advanced Geass ability. With the immersive training, Alice became an elite soldier.

She has the amazing ability of “speed,” which makes her hyper-accelerate all objects within the given radius. The C.C. cells in Alice’s body also give her resilience to survive many dangers.

17. Liliana Vergamon

Liliana Vergamon

Jean has one of the most beautiful appearances. Her hair is orange, which blends so well with her eyes that it is purple. She often carries a sword with her.

Additionally, she is a strict type of lady that doesn’t like too many jokes. As expected, she is part of the military and dedicated to her role.

She also oversees the initial attack against wZero forces that landed behind the Britannian lines. She is seen fighting for rights and equality.

18. Miya Helmick

Miya Helmick

Miya is a young lady with lilac hair and light-brown eye color. She is quite admirable to look at. In the Love attack episode,  Miya gets hold of Lelouch's hat during the cupid day event.

This makes her claim the boy is her lover. However, Lelouch uses his Geass to get it back from the girl. In the Geass Hunt episode, she attends Shirley’s funeral and is later seen in a photo during Ohgi’s and Viletta’s wedding in the second season finale.

19. Euliya


Euliya and Orpheus met during the Geass order. She played a part in helping him endure the time there. While there, they also met other characters like Toto, Clara, and Rolo. Luckily, the two Euliya and Orpheus manage to escape the Geass order and flee to an unmarked village in Hungary.

While in the village, Euliya learns how to cook, sew, and even make embroidery. This was to help the village get income. However, an order was sent to kill the two escapees. During the village raid, Euliya was fatally injured while protecting her lover Orpheus.

Her final words were that Orpheus should live his life. This led to Orpheus seeking revenge for the loss of Euliya.

20.  Sokki Sherpa

Sokki Sherpa

Sokki Sherpa is well known by her nickname “Crasher”. She features beautiful green hair and blue eyes. You will be amazed by her great appearance. She is a knight that belongs to the Glinda Knights.

She has some of the best tactical and information analysis abilities. Furthermore, she says a lot of things without forethought. Additionally, her atmosphere changes between her daily life and battle.

Regardless of that, she is a cheerful, lively, and sincere character. She is a character you will love!

Get The Best Of Code Geass With These Amazing Female Characters.

You will enjoy watching the Code Geass anime series due to the female characters that spice up the anime. The beauty is their unique personalities that add a little suspicion and excitement to the anime. Some have double faces—some act good and evil in different situations. Get the best from these amazing female characters.