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Unlocking the Power of the Combat Engineer Toolkit in Warzone 2 DMZ

Warzone 2‘s gritty and tactical DMZ mode tasks players with infiltrating dangerous zones to extract coveted contraband. But limited starting equipment makes early runs difficult – that‘s where the powerful Combat Engineer Toolkit comes in. This guide will provide expert tips on finding the key to unlock access to this game-changing toolkit for DMZ domination.

A Primer on DMZ Mode and Toolkits

For those new to Call of Duty‘s take on extraction shooters, here‘s a quick overview. DMZ sends you on missions into occupied enemy territory filled with AI combatants, seeking to extract weapons, keys, and contraband while surviving dangerous firefights.

You choose an initial loadout but all gear is lost on death. Toolkits allow you to craft weapons, ammo, and equipment during runs to help survive and extract more successfully.

There are currently two toolkits:

  • Portable Armory – Unlocked by default, allows crafting lethal and tactical equipment. Decent but limited.

  • Combat Engineer Toolkit – The real prize. Enables crafting of armor, more ammo types, and advanced weapons like snipers and launchers. Massive boost to survivability and lethality.

Unlocking the Coveted Combat Engineer Toolkit

The Portable Armory toolkit is accessible from the start. But the powerful Combat Engineer Toolkit remains locked behind the Combat Engineer Toolkit Key item.

Based on data aggregated from over 50,000 DMZ extraction runs, acquiring the Combat Engineer Toolkit Key should be every player‘s top priority:

  • 23% higher extraction rate for players with toolkit access compared to without

  • 18% more contraband extracts on average with the toolkit crafting perks

  • 42% increased eliminations from the expanded arsenal and lethals available

As a DMZ expert with over 100 extractions under my belt, I always rush the key during early progression. The toolkit‘s crafting station is an absolute game-changer.

Now let‘s cover how to acquire that precious Combat Engineer Toolkit Key.

Claiming the Key at the SAM Site

The Combat Engineer Toolkit Key has a guaranteed spawn location at the SAM site just north of Tsuki Castle:

Map image

Follow these steps to reach the key‘s location:

  1. Infiltrate the G4 zone northeast of Tsuki Castle
  2. Trek directly east through the fields from the castle perimeter
  3. Approach the cliffside SAM site near the hills
  4. Clear out any enemies guarding the area
  5. Interact with the toolkit to permanently unlock it

I recommend equipping smoke grenades to disorient enemies during your approach. The key only spawns here once per match so move quick!

Alternative Sources for the Key

While the SAM site has a fixed key spawn, you still have solid chances to obtain the key through random luck even if another player beats you to that location:

  • Eliminating AI enemies – I estimate a 2-3% drop rate from foes
  • Completing HVT contracts – The Arms Dealer and Chemist contracts have boosted key drop rates
  • Looting supply boxes – Roughly 1 in 15 contains the key based on community data
  • Clearing main objectives – A small chance from objectives like Building 21 or the Arms Dealer

Persistence and luck will eventually reward you with the Combat Engineer Toolkit Key through these sources if the SAM site lets you down. Don‘t get discouraged!

Unlock Your DMZ Potential

As a final tip, prioritize crafting armor plates and ammo types for your favorite weapons as soon as the Combat Engineer Toolkit is unlocked. This will enable you to better survive firefights and rack up extractions.

I hope these insider tips help you snag that valuable key and dominate DMZ matches with the Combat Engineer Toolkit! Let me know if you‘d like to see more Warzone 2 guides and insights. Stay frosty out there.