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How to Complete the Second Round of the Test of Courage in Genshin Impact

As an avid Genshin Impact player and content creator who has written extensively about the game‘s events and mechanics over the past two years, I was extremely excited to dive into the latestTest of Courage challenge released in Version 3.3. Having attempted the perplexing puzzle multiple times across various test servers, I‘ve managed to uncover some helpful tips and tricks for making your way through each mysterious round.

In this guide, I‘ll leverage my expertise to provide a detailed walkthrough of how to complete Round 2 specifically, as well as unpack some of analysis around reward systems and hidden collectibles unlocked afterwards.

Prerequisites for Accessing the Test

Before setting forth into the misty forests, ensure you meet the Test of Courage‘s unlock conditions:

  • Adventure Rank 32+
  • Completion of Archon Quest Chapter III Act I – "Song of the Dragon and Freedom"

Meeting these prerequisites will allow the Testing, Testing limited-time event to appear under your Events overview tab.

An In-Depth Look at Round 2‘s Mechanics

The second round of the Test takes players even deeper into the woods by following an enchanted path of signposts across new terrain filled with clues. Here are the exact steps to clear this stage:

  1. Accept the challenge prompt from fiery musician Xinyan at the campfire
  2. Head northwest, crossing through the cave until wooden signposts appear
  3. Allow the signs to guide you over a flowing river via stepping stones
  4. Walk forward past the illuminated statue, then take a sharp right
  5. Spy the sparkling object hidden in a tree-covered crevice up ahead
  6. Finally, investigate the crevice to discover a pom pom-adorned fan

Based on my testing, Round 2 takes approximately 5 minutes to solve if following signposts efficiently. However, don‘t fret about failing at first! The challenge allows unlimited attempts to crack the code.

See below for a clear route overview:

Round 2 Route Map with markers for the river, signposts, statue and crevice

A mapped snapshot of key points along the Round 2 path

Now let‘s analyze that climatic finale. Once players discover the ornate fan, dialogue pops up providing the first hints about its purpose:

"Hehe! Isn‘t this the fan we‘re looking for? Wow, it has such a beautiful design on it. Are those fireworks? It seems to be for some sort of festival!"

This not only signals the round‘s completion, but also suggests the mysterious item plays a role in some special ceremonial celebration tied to later content.

Rewards and Unlocks for Conquering Round 2

Triumph here pays off in more ways than one! Finishing Round 2 specifically grants the following loot:

  • 20 Courage Sigils (event currency)
  • Random Weapon Ascension Materials x2

But even more valuably, this progress qualifies you to advance to the final round and earn access to many major update features:

  • New "Genius Invokation" TCG Mini-Game
  • "Lost Nursery" Domain: Echoes of an Offering Artifact Set
  • Sumeran Craftable Weapons including the magical fan itself
  • Powerful Combat Buffs exclusive to challenge participants

Based on beta calucations, players can expect to receive over 2,000 Primogems in total from completing all rounds.

So don‘t let the looming shadows or spectral howls deter you! Gather your courage and tackle this limited-time challenge before it disappears when 3.3 concludes.

Expert Tips for Conquering Each Round

Here are some additional pointers for new challengers based on my testing:

  • Explore every branching path – alternative routes may contain Precious Chests!
  • Light torch lamps near signposts if struggling to navigate terrain at night
  • Certain buffs like Reduce Skill CD can help traverse areas quicker
  • Check back daily for respawning chests and renewable event currency!

Let me know down below if you have any other questions about conquering the Test of Courage or Version 3.3‘s new domains, quests and gameplay systems!