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How to Troubleshoot and Fix Connection Lost Errors in MultiVersus

Getting abruptly disconnected from a tense MultiVersus matchup with a "Connection Lost" error can be seriously frustrating. But with the game still in open beta and server loads at an all-time high, launch issues are inevitable.

In this guide, you‘ll learn why connection lost errors happen in MultiVersus, how to diagnose possible causes, and troubleshoot several ways to fix connectivity problems.

As an avid gamer and social media marketing expert with over a decade in gaming communities, I‘ve helped countless players troubleshoot pesky connection issues. So let‘s get you back to outplaying Tom and Jerry mains in no time!

Why You Get the Connection Lost Error

There are a few common culprits when getting disconnected from the MultiVersus servers:

  • MultiVersus Servers Are Down – According to the MultiVersus status page, over 1.5 million players logged in within the first 72 hours after launch. With insane demand, no wonder the servers buckle at times!

  • Temporary Outages – Your local internet service can have brief outages from maintenance, infrastructure issues, weather, damaged lines, etc. Even a quick 30 second blip will boot you from an online MultiVersus match.

  • Wi-Fi Signal Interference – Wireless congestion from appliances, thick walls, distance from your router all degrade signal, leading to unstable connectivity. Gaming over Wi-Fi risks packets dropping, introducing lag spikes and disconnects.

  • Bugs & Glitches – As with any new, complex online game, MultiVersus can have bugs that cause random disconnect errors for some players.

  • Restrictive Firewalls – Schools, workplaces, and even some ISPs block gaming traffic, or heavily restrict bandwidth usage when overloaded, leading to connection lost errors.

Those are the most common sources of connectivity problems based on my experience in gaming communities. Now let‘s talk about how to fix them!

5 Ways to Fix Connection Lost Errors

Here are 5 steps I recommend for troubleshooting and resolving connection lost errors in MultiVersus:

1. Check MultiVersus Server Status

First, check the @multiversus Twitter feed and MultiVersus Server Status page for any notifications around known issues.

MultiVersus Status Page

If widespread problems are reported, unfortunately all you can do is wait patiently for Warner Bros. developers to patch things up on their end. Be sure to follow MultiVersus social accounts for real-time updates.

2. Reset Your Network and Gaming Hardware

If servers seem fine, try restarting your networking equipment and gaming platform:

  • Reset your router, modem & Wi-Fi– Power cycle all devices to refresh internet connection settings. Leave unplugged for ~30 secs.

  • Reconnect gaming platform Wi-Fi or plug in ethernet. Disable Wi-Fi and re-enable, or connect wired cable directly for lag-free reliability.

  • Full shut down – For PC/Consoles, do full power off shutdown, not just Rest mode, then restart. Flushes DNS caches and connection issues.

Bouncing hardware often resolves transient network glitches before they snowball into disconnects.

3. Connect Through a VPN

Using a VPN routes your traffic through remote servers, avoiding congested or restrictive local networks. Leading services like Proton VPN or Cloudflare Warp offer free VPN that works great for gaming.

Proton VPN

Connect to a geographically close server and relaunch MultiVersus. This masks your home IP address, which can bypass network connection issues. I recommend VPN connections for bypassing public Wi-Fi restrictions or college campus bandwidth throttling.

4. Forward Ports in Your Router

You may need to forward gaming-related data traffic through your router firewall by whitelisting key MultiVersus ports:

  • TCP/UDP 3478-3479
  • TCP/UDP 4000-4005

Port Forwarding

Consult your router admin guide for exact steps, but essentially:

  1. Log into your router config page
  2. Navigate to "Port Forwarding" or "Virtual Servers"
  3. Add rules for those ports pointing to your gaming device‘s IP address.

This ensures MultiVersus connectivity isn‘t blocked, improving matchmaking and reducing disconnects.

5. Update Drivers and Reinstall MultiVersus

Finally, make sure your system and game files are all fully updated:

  • Update Ethernet/Wi-Fi and Graphics drivers to latest stable versions
  • On Steam/Epic Games/Xbox/Playstation, uninstall and reinstall MultiVersus fresh

Updating critical software components and doing clean reinstalls resets stuck files or settings changes that can contribute to lingering connection problems.

When to Contact MultiVersus Support

If you still frequently get connection lost errors after trying these troubleshooting tips, I recommend contacting the MultiVersus Player Support team with details like:

  • Username and gaming platform
  • Where you typically play (Wifi, school, etc)
  • Error codes shown

Provide as much context about your issues as possible. Their tech support can then further diagnose your specific connectivity problems in MultiVersus for long-term solutions.

I hope these fixes help you blast your way through "Connection Lost" errors! Let me know which ones worked best in getting you back into flawless MultiVersus matches.