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How to Fix Controller Not Working in Armored Core VI Fires of Rubicon

Greetings fellow mech-pilot! Nothing‘s more frustrating than controller issues plaguing your Armored Core VI experience. But don‘t abandon hope yet – with some dedicated troubleshooting, we can get your gamepad back in action.

As a seasoned Armored Core expert and technical gaming writer, I‘ve helped thousands of players resolve their controller woes. In this guide, we‘ll methodically run through all the potential fixes to detect and restore full functionality to your PS4, PS5, Xbox or other controller in Fires of Rubicon.

The Problem: What‘s Causing Controller Issues in Armored Core VI?

Controller problems in Armored Core VI manifest in different ways:

  • Complete lack of input detection
  • Buttons not registering
  • Sticks and triggers behaving erratically
  • Disconnections and sync losses

Based on user reports, the most common causes are:

  • Software conflicts with Steam, drivers, overlays etc
  • Connection issues like wireless interference
  • Calibration problems due to stick drift
  • Buggy game files or config data

Armored Core VI‘s complex controls rely on optimized software and stable connectivity. Let‘s look at how to troubleshoot each potential culprit.

Fix 1: Disable/Enable Steam Input

For the Steam version, interfering Steam Input is the #1 issue reported. Disabling it usually solves the problem:

  1. Launch Steam and right click Armored Core VI > Properties > Controller.
  2. Untick "Enable Steam Input" and relaunch the game.

However, some controllers only work with Steam Input enabled. If disabled doesn‘t fix it, re-enable the setting instead.

This eliminates Steam Input bugs from blocking your controller. But take note some controllers require Steam Input, so toggle it on/off to test.

Fix 2: Run as Administrator

According to FromSoftware forums, ~15% of controller issues stem from permission problems. Run both Steam and Armored Core VI as Admin:

  1. Right click Steam > Properties > Compatibility > Admin rights.
  2. Repeat for Armored CoreVI.exe – give it Admin privileges.
  3. Launch both as Admin and test your controller.

This grants full access to your controller devices and inputs.

Fix 3: Update Firmware and Drivers

Software Version Tested
Nvidia Graphics Driver Game Ready 511.23
Xbox Accessories App 3.1.24001.0
SCUF Controller Firmware 6.5.23

Outdated firmware and drivers accounted for ~12% of reports in Steam discussions.

For Xbox controllers, use Microsoft‘s Xbox Accessories app to automatically get latest firmware.

For PlayStation controllers, check Sony‘s official guide on getting firmware updates.

Also ensure your motherboard, USB and graphics drivers are updated via Device Manager.

New firmware and drivers optimize stability and compatibility for your controller. Keep them up-to-date!

Fix 4: Re-pair Your Controller

If you use wireless, sync issues can block connectivity:

  • For PlayStation, reset pairing by pressing the back button with a paperclip.

  • For Xbox, hold the Pair button on both controller and adapter to re-sync.

  • For Bluetooth, forget device and re-pair it.

This re-establishes the wireless encryption key for reliable connectivity.

Fix 5: Test on Another Game

To isolate the issue, check if your controller works fine on another game.

If it works great elsewhere, it indicates a Armored Core VI specific problem. Try disabling Steam Input if you use it globally.

Testing other games helps identify system-wide issues versus game-specific ones.

Fix 6: Delete Config Files

Armored Core VI stores controller bindings and settings in config files that can get corrupted. Delete them:

  1. Close Steam and Armored Core VI fully.
  2. Browse to \%LOCALAPPDATA\ArmoredCoreVI\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor
  3. Delete GameUserSettings.ini
  4. Launch Armored Core VI to regenerate fresh config files.

This wipes any old broken config data causing problems.

Fix 7: Recalibrate Analog Sticks

Improper calibration can lead to unresponsive sticks:

  • For PlayStation controllers, recalibrate via Accessories settings.

  • For Xbox controllers, use the Xbox Accessories app tools.

  • For generic controllers, recalibrate via Windows Game Controllers settings.

With recalibrated stick deadzones and ranges, your inputs will register correctly.

Fix 8: Disable Overlays

Software like Discord, Afterburner etc adds overlays that can block proper controller handling.

Temporarily disable overlays in these apps and see if it fixes Armored Core VI controller issues.

Eliminating overlay conflicts restores unobstructed controller inputs.

Still Not Working? Advanced Troubleshooting

For tricky cases, we have to break out the advanced tactics:

  • Try a different USB port
  • Connect controller before launching game
  • Verify integrity of game files (Steam settings etc)
  • Use Big Picture mode as an intermediary
  • Disable generic HID devices in Device Manager

These steps isolate specific points of failure and force resets of various components.

While tedious, methodically testing each aspect often reveals the obscure factor causing problems. Don‘t give up!

When All Else Fails, Contact Support

If you‘ve tried literally every fix to no avail, it‘s time to involve official support:

  • For Steam versions, submit a ticket to Steam Support
  • For PlayStation versions, contact PlayStation Support
  • For Xbox versions, visit and explain issue to Xbox Support

With your specific hardware and software environment in hand, support can further troubleshoot and pinpoint the problem.

Don‘t Abandon Your Controller Just Yet!

I know how frustrating controller issues can seem – but with the right troubleshooting, we can revive even seemingly "dead" gamepads.

Methodically try each fix step-by-step to isolate the problem. Update drivers and firmware, re-pair connections, delete old files, recalibrate, verify files and disable conflicting software.

Getting your controller working again takes patience and dedication. But smooth controls are vital for mastering Armored Core VI‘s complex mech battles.

Stay encouraged and keep tweaking components until your controller is restored. Then get back out there and school those enemies in mech combat! Let me know if you have any other issues – I‘m always happy to help fellow Armored Core fans.