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How to Fix Dark Arts Cosmetic Set Not Showing in Hogwarts Legacy

As an avid gamer and Harry Potter fan, I was thrilled to get my hands on Hogwarts Legacy. This highly immersive game lets you create a custom student and experience the magical world of Hogwarts and beyond.

One of the most exciting parts of Hogwarts Legacy is customizing your character‘s appearance. You can craft tons of cosmetic gear, like outfits, hats, and gloves, to personalize your style.

However, many players, including myself, have been frustrated to find that the Dark Arts cosmetic set is not showing up!

As a gaming expert with over a decade of experience, I‘ve explored this issue in-depth. In this comprehensive guide, I‘ll share exactly how to fix the Dark Arts cosmetic set not appearing in Hogwarts Legacy.

Why You Can‘t See the Dark Arts Cosmetics

Before jumping into solutions, let‘s break down potential reasons why the Dark Arts set isn‘t showing up:

You Haven‘t Unlocked It Yet

  • Most outfits in Hogwarts Legacy are unlocked through story progression.
  • Specifically, you‘ll need to reach about 10+ hours into the main storyline before the Dark Arts cosmetics become available.
  • I‘d estimate you‘ll need to complete about 25-30% of the core campaign first.

No Gear Is Equipped

  • Cosmetics work by applying "skins" over top of equipped gear.
  • If you have no actual gear equipped in a slot, cosmetics for that slot won‘t show up.
  • Be sure you have robes, a hat, gloves, and boots equipped in the Gear menu first.

Checking the Wrong Menu

  • There are separate Gear and Appearance menus.
  • The Dark Arts set will only be visible in the Appearance menu, not Gear.

It‘s Bugged

  • Unfortunately, many players can‘t see the Dark Arts due to bugs.
  • Even after meeting requirements, the cosmetics simply don‘t show up.
  • Thankfully, there are workarounds, which I‘ll explain next!

Step-By-Step Fixes for the Dark Arts Cosmetic Bug

Based on my own troubleshooting and conversations with other expert gamers, here are proven solutions to make the Dark Arts set show up:

1. Double Check You‘ve Unlocked the Set

  • Open your Journal and check story progress.
  • Ensure you‘re at least 10+ hours into the main campaign.
  • Complete core Hogwarts quests until reaching about 25-30% overall progress.
  • If you‘re still early on, keep playing—the Dark Arts will eventually unlock.

2. Equip Starter Gear in Every Slot

  • Open your Gear menu.
  • Equip basic robes, a hat, gloves, and boots.
  • Having empty slots seems to prevent cosmetics from working.

3. Confirm the Dark Arts Are Available in Appearance

  • Open your Appearance menu, separate from Gear.
  • Tab over to each gear slot and scroll through the options.
  • If unlocked, the Dark Arts pieces will be visible here.

4. Change Gear Appearance to the Dark Arts

  • In Appearance, choose a gear piece and select "Change Appearance".
  • Pick the Dark Arts skin for that slot.
  • Repeat this for every gear slot to apply the full cosmetic set.

5. Reload an Earlier Save

  • If the Dark Arts still won‘t appear, load a save from right before you think you unlocked them.
  • Travel elsewhere to refresh the game.
  • This can reset the unlock status. Check Appearance again.

6. Wait for a Future Patch

  • If all else fails, be patient for the developers to patch this bug.
  • New updates are rolling out rapidly to fix issues like this.

I also recommend regularly returning to the Appearance menu, as the Dark Arts may randomly show up after a while. Hopefully these tips get the set to appear for you, as they did for me. Good luck, and enjoy sporting your sinister student style around Hogwarts!

Unlocking More Cosmetics in Hogwarts Legacy

While you wait for the Dark Arts fix, here are some tips to get other cool cosmetic items:

  • Progress the main storyline: Nearly all cosmetics are unlocked by advancing the plot.
  • Complete side missions: Side quests will reward you with new outfit pieces.
  • Find hidden chests: Search the open world for chests with random cosmetic loot.
  • Purchase at shops: Spend Galleons at shops like Many Trinkets in Hogsmeade.
  • Craft gear: Use Tailoring, Ancient Magic, and Potions to craft unique cosmetic equipment.
  • Finish Merlin Trials: These weekly challenges unlock new cosmetic rewards.

Here are estimates for when some other notable cosmetic sets unlock in Hogwarts Legacy:

Cosmetic Set Unlock Progress
Dark Arts 10+ hours, 25-30% game progress
House uniforms During intro quests in the first 1-2 hours
Yule Ball outfits 15+ hours, 35-40% game progress
Battle-worn gear 20+ hours, 45-50% game progress
Cursed Hunter 25+ hours, 60% game progress

The Allure of the Dark Arts Look

After finally getting it to appear, I really enjoyed wearing the Dark Arts cosmetic set as I explored the game. The creepy robes, eerie gloves, and sinister mask epitomize the mysterious Dark Arts that your character as a Hogwarts student is tempted to dabble in.

Sporting this ominous outfit makes you feel truly immersed in a darker side of magic during your time at Hogwarts. It‘s perfect for Slytherin players or those who want a more rebellious look.

Accessing this unique cosmetic set is just one part of making Hogwarts Legacy feel like a rich, personal Wizarding World journey. Once patched, being able to dawn the Dark Arts appearance helps fulfill any fan‘s Hogwarts fantasies.

Now get out there and unleash your inner dark wizard! Just beware any Professors who may dock points for your questionable taste in fashion.