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How to Fix "Database Login Failure" in Friday the 13th on Xbox, PS4, and PC

Encountering the "Database login failure" error message in Friday the 13th can be incredibly frustrating as it prevents you from being able to play the asymmetrical multiplayer horror game. This comprehensive guide will explain the technical causes behind the error, provide updates on the current server status, share tips for staying patient during outages, and give recommendations for alternative games to enjoy.

What Exactly is the "Database Login Failure" Error?

The "Database login failure" error indicates that the Friday the 13th game client is unable to connect to the backend database server that stores player profiles, ranks, unlockables, and other data requiring persistent storage across sessions.

Some specific technical triggers include:

  • The database server being completely offline or crashing.

  • Overloaded database resources resulting in slowed response times and timeouts.

  • Network connectivity issues blocking traffic between your device and the databases.

  • The authentication API on the server is down while other non-critical services remain online.

  • The database is up but experiencing latency, congestion or other performance problems.

The result is you get stuck at the login screen with the error message, unable to progress further even with an internet connection.

Tracking the Friday the 13th Server Outage Status

Currently, the "Database login failure" error appears tied to ongoing intermittent server outages impacting connectivity for all players globally based on reports on social media and outage tracking sites.

The @GunMediaSupport Twitter account has acknowledged the problem, tweeting on June 18th 2022:

Additionally, checking DownDetector shows reports spiking over the past few days, corroborating widespread problems versus isolated cases.

Downdetector Chart

These ongoing server issues continue to plague Friday the 13th due to aging infrastructure and limited resources allocated to a 5+ year old game.player base has also ballooned recently thanks to increased exposure from content creators on TikTok and other sites. This strains already shaky servers.

Coping With the Frustration of Connection Problems

As someone who has played Friday the 13th extensively since launch across Xbox, PS4, and PC, I definitely empathize with the frustration of the "Database login failure" error disrupting gaming sessions. Here are some of my tips for keeping your cool:

  • Take a break and play something else – Continuously retrying will just drive up anger levels. Distract yourself with another game for a bit before trying Friday the 13th again later.

  • Vent with your fellow players – Commiserate and joke about the issues on social media or Discord with other fans. Misery loves company.

  • Hope for the best, expect the worst – Issues like this have persisted for years with this game. Always brace for potential outages when trying to play.

  • Limit playtime around big game releases – Major new title releases increase strain on Friday the 13th‘s servers as player counts surge.

  • Have backups ready – Follow and bookmark alternative multiplayer horror games to jump into when Friday the 13th is having problems.

Top Horror Alternatives While Waiting for Fixes

Though nothing quite captures that classic Friday the 13th gameplay experience, here are some other great horror multiplayer games to try if you need a break from connectivity issues:

Dead by Daylight – Asynchronous 4v1 slasher game with very reliable servers and tons of familiar horror icons like Michael Myers.

Prop Night – Hide as household objects to evade a player controlled killer. Great scares and atmosphere.

Phasmophobia – Cooperative ghost hunting with friends. Terrifying paranormal thrills.

Evil Dead: The Game – Officially licensed Deadite slaying action faithful to the movies. Groovy!

Resident Evil Resistance – Underrated 4v1 multiplayer entry in the iconic survival horror franchise.

Stay strong Friday the 13th community! Servers can‘t stay down forever. Jason will be back soon to hunt counselors, just keep hanging in there. Until then, slice and dice bots or check out the solid alternatives above for your horror gaming fix.