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10 Best Dating Sites for Open Marriage [Polyamorous Dating Apps]

Do you want to explore new relationships and have an open marriage? You might need help finding what you seek on traditional dating sites. Fortunately, there exist dating websites tailored exclusively for people in open marriages, on which you can meet like-minded people who accept and comprehend the idea of non-monogamy.

Open marriages are becoming more popular as more people look for different kinds of relationships that better fit their needs and preferences. It can be not easy to locate possible partners who are willing to make these arrangements, though. In this situation, open marriage dating services can help by giving people a platform to interact, talk, and find lasting relationships with people who lead similar lifestyles.

Using a dating site tailored for open marriages can make a big difference in your chances of coming across compatible partners if you are interested in dating while in an open marriage. These websites give people a secure, welcoming environment to interact and form relationships based on consent and understanding. To assist you in selecting the best dating site for your situation, we will examine the top ten open marriage dating sites in this article, emphasizing each one's features and advantages.

What are polyamorous relationships?

Polyamorous relationships

There has been a recent increase in polyamory. It derives from the Greek terms “Amory,” which means love, and “poly,” which means many. It entails loving multiple people.

We use the term “polyamory” to refer to both inclusive relationships, whether talking about an individual involved with multiple romantic partners or an individual with various partners.

1. Adult FriendFinder

Adult FriendFinder Overview

AdultFriendFinder is our top choice for dating apps for polyamorous individuals. It's also one of the most well-known and possibly the oldest apps on the list, making it a popular option for anyone looking to date casually or enter a committed relationship. With more than 1.5 million users, it boasts a sizable user base.

Because Adult FriendFinder is a very active website, there are a lot of searches and interactions, which is its most significant benefit. You can communicate your desires in various ways, such as creating an online journal or a detailed profile.

Only some things are perfect, though. You are paired with random people by the matching system, which can be annoying. Since accounts usually contain much information about the users' desires and very little about their personalities, people use them frequently for quick, casual dates.

2. Zever

Zever Overview

Zever is a dating app specifically designed for ENM relationships. “What is ENM?” you inquire. Compared to polyamory, it is a much broader term that stands for ethical non-monogamy. It covers open relationships, polyamory, and other topics.

The Zever dating app best fits your requirements and tastes if these things pique your interest. Other dating sites don't give ENM and polyamory much attention. While some other apps and websites allow you to set criteria for finding people similar to you, they don't focus on that in particular.

Zever is the platform for you if you are a newbie looking to try new things or an experienced person in a polyamorous relationship. Gone are the days when people made fun of others for seeking inclusive relationships because Zever is a safe space for everyone. It allows couples to have joint profiles and a group instant messaging feature that helps you ensure that everyone agrees. Since Zever only permits verified users to use the app and website, all your connections will be genuine. It's also free to use.

3. Hinge

Hinge Overview

Because this dating site is based on letting you flirt and express your sympathies in different ways, it can provide you with a unique experience. Hinge is a great place to meet kind-hearted individuals from various backgrounds.

Upon registering, you will be required to complete your profile with your Vitals (where you live, how tall you are, whether you are married, and if you have children), Vices (drugs or alcohol), and Virtues (what you do for a living).

You may choose to disclose as much or as little additional information as you like, but keep in mind that your chances of finding a match increase with the information you provide.

The algorithm will match you with users who share your interests and desires and filter out incompatible profiles. Hinge offers a platform for users who wish to try out new things and for those looking for polyamorous dating. As a result, we advise you to use this platform right away!

4. Feeld

Feeld Overview

Feeld attracts a distinct user base due to its superb design and singular focus on LGBT and non-monogamous dating. Both the site's user base and growth rate are steady. Feeld is an additional app that many polyamorous people may find acceptable because it is also free to use and has decent features.

Through linking their Facebook accounts, users can create profiles on Feeld. Already can you see the issue? It's a hindrance overall, even though it can be beneficial because it verifies users to some extent. You can pay for a feature that allows you to hide from your Facebook friends.

This feature restricts users to adding only pictures that they have already uploaded to Facebook to Feeld. You can't upload the images you want on Facebook; your family and possibly some outdated friends are among your connections. A few points are deducted from Feeld because we're talking about images you might want to use on a dating site.

5. SwingLifeStyle

SwingLifeStyle Overview

Even if this is your first time using a dating site, SwingLifeStyle's straightforward and user-friendly design makes it simple and quick to use. The premium membership is worthwhile even though it is more expensive than the other websites on the list, despite the fact that people will probably say this very infrequently. There are free and paid versions.

Swingers were the focus of SwingLifeStyle's creation. Either join an existing group or look for other swingers. There are numerous users online at all times, and profiles are pretty detailed. Users of this dating site usually include those looking for quick casual dates and adventurous swinging.

The fact that this website only allows premium users to send messages to other users is its biggest drawback. That alone is very significant. Other drawbacks are an outdated user interface and a need for more useful features.

6. #Open

#Open Overview

Hashtag Open, or #Open, is another dating website focusing on open relationships. The name comes from the fact that it was designed with ENMs and anyone else interested in open relationships in mind. For those who are polyamorous or not monogamous, #Open could be a great option.

You can use as many labels as required or none to describe yourself on the website. The website lets you connect with people with similar opinions by using hashtags to express your


One of its best features is that #Open is free and doesn't have any premium packages. But it also is one of its most significant drawbacks.

Anyone can sign up for it for free, and you may frequently deal with spam messages and phony profiles. Its user base is also smaller than many other websites due to its recent age.

7. OkCupid

OkCupid Overview

OkCupid, one of the most established and well-known dating services, is an excellent option for anyone looking for love. The website is easy to use and offers a comprehensive search function with numerous customizable criteria. The site is free, and anyone can send messages without paying anything, though there is a paid version with two levels.

That is another drawback of OkCupid. You may receive spam messages on your profile because anyone can message you. Messages could only be sent to you if you upgraded your membership. Since registering on the website is free, there are a lot of phony accounts.

Despite its widespread popularity and large user base, the website is intended for a general audience. The website isn't specifically targeted at polyamorous individuals or ENM partnerships, despite the diversity of orientations and gender identities.

8. Reddit PolyamoryR4R

Reddit PolyamoryR4R Overview

Reddit offers content for almost any interest, making it an amazing treasure trove of varied information. Thanks to its enormous selection of subreddits, it has established itself as the go-to resource for information discovery and online community interaction. Even though Reddit has many exciting stories, cute pet photos, and funny memes, it's not usually considered a conventional dating site. However, PolyamoryR4R, a dedicated subreddit, offers a unique forum for individuals interested in polyamorous relationships.

Users can post in-depth information about their gender, age, preferred type of relationship, and partner preferences on PolyamoryR4R. Through interaction with these posts, users can send the creators private messages in which they can exchange contact details, images, and other relevant information. Nevertheless, a significant disadvantage of Reddit's strategy is the need for more visual cues in the early exchanges. Determining the physical characteristics of the person you are interacting with can be tricky, even though some posts may include details like age, location, and particular preferences or fantasies.

Since Reddit does not have the user verification mechanism typically present in dating apps, even if a picture is uploaded or shared, there is no assurance that it accurately represents the person. Thus, care should be taken in the Reddit PolyamoryR4R community when making connections and setting expectations.

9. 3Fun

3Fun Overview

3Fun, as the name of the dating website implies, was designed with threesomes in mind. One of its most significant benefits is hiding your profile, having private pictures, using a verification system, and having a free chat. It can also be a good option for those who identify as polyamorous. It caters to those seeking some fun for a threesome.

But on 3Fun, you can only message someone if you've already matched with them. That feature is only available to those who purchase their “Priority Messages,” which enable that crucial feature.

One potential drawback could be the inability to filter based on location or distance precisely. This implies that the number of matches you can have in your area is limited.

Despite being free to use, numerous functions on the website require payment. Some users even claim that after paying for a particular functionality, the website still asks them to pay for a premium feature. Before selecting a dating site, it is a good idea to read reviews online.

10. MoreThanOne

MoreThanOne Overview

Another dating app designed especially for polyamorous people looking to make meaningful connections is called MoreThanOne. In contrast to conventional dating apps, MoreThanOne offers thorough profiles that give users a thorough understanding of possible matches, going beyond simple swipes. It acknowledges the difficulties of polyamorous relationships and offers users a forum to explore and communicate their individual preferences and identities.

MoreThanOne is unique because of its dedication to diversity and inclusivity. With its acceptance of all genders, sexual orientations, and identities, the app creates a space where people can embrace who they are without needing labels. As a result, users can connect with people who share their beliefs and desires in a broad and varied dating pool.

On MoreThanOne, discretion and privacy are of utmost importance. By granting users control over their profiles and interactions, the app empowers users. People can protect their identities and ensure that only those who want to see their information can access it by choosing private profiles and selective visibility options. Couples considering non-monogamy will find this feature especially helpful as it gives them the freedom to date according to their own rules.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, if you're interested in open marriage, several dating sites are available that cater to your specific needs. Whether looking for casual encounters or long-term connections, these platforms offer a safe and inclusive space to explore non-monogamous relationships. Remember to approach these relationships with respect, honesty, and open communication to ensure the best possible experience for everyone involved.