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Cracking Mortal Kombat‘s Trickiest Puzzle – How to Solve the Dedaerht Klue

The world of Mortal Kombat has been reborn thanks to the actions of Fire God Liu Kang and the introduction of Mortal Kombat 1 (MK1). This revived version arrives with an arsenal of new features – revamped combat mechanics, violent fatalities, and the mysterious "Kameo" fighters. But unlocking these Kameos requires conquering the cryptic riddles hidden within MK1‘s Invasion mode. While some clues quickly unravel, others leave players stumped and frustrated. In this comprehensive guide, I‘ll help you solve one of Invasion‘s most devious brain-teasers: deciphering the Dedaerht Klue.

Delving into the Deadly Realm of MK1 Invasion

Before tackling a notorious clue like Dedaerht, first let‘s breakdown Mortal Kombat 1‘s Invasion mode and how it works. Invasion thrusts you into a solo gauntlet across dynamically generated realms teeming with enemies. After each hard-fought victory, you‘ll receive a Klue – an enigmatic string of letters or words connected to MK lore. Solving Klues grants access to legendary Kameo fighters like Sareena, Reiko, and Kintaro who can aid you in battle.

However, decrypting Klues is far from straightforward. While some provide obtuse but direct clues, others employ complex ciphers and trickery to conceal solutions. In Invasion‘s 100+ realms, you‘ll encounter over 500 unique Klues ranging from simple to dangerously devious. Dedaerht sits firmly in the latter category – a true head-scratching puzzle.

The Perplexing Dedaerht Klue

When you first read the text of the clue – DEDAERHT – it likely seems incomprehensible. A random collection of letters with no inherent meaning or significance. But upon closer inspection, a pattern emerges:



The letters are simply reversed! Dedaerht is Threaded spelled backwards. This type of complex wordplay exemplifies the underhanded techniques embedded within Invasion Klues. Brute force guessing will never uncover solutions. You must analyze letter arrangements, reversal schemes, fictional references, and more to crack the code.

Let‘s walk through a few more examples of deciphering Dedaerht:

  • Saying the clue out loud may help your ear pick up on the "threaded" pronunciation
  • Rearranging the letters visually could reveal the word
  • Knowing Ashrah‘s moveset may connect "threaded" with her abilities

However, identifying the meaning is only step one. Executing the proper in-game solution remains:

Inputting the Dedaerht Solution

After unscrambling Dedaerht to Threaded, you must perform the following actions in MK1 to officially unlock the related Kameo fighter:

  • Access the Finishers Moves list in the pause menu
  • Select Ashrah as your fighter
  • Input Down, Down, Back, Forward, 4 (DDB4) to activate her Threaded finisher
  • After the finisher animation concludes, you‘ll receive on-screen confirmation that the Kameo is unlocked.

Using Ashrah‘s Threaded finisher is the key component. Make note of spelling reversals and connections to special moves when deciphering other mystifying Klues.

Solving More of Invasion‘s Devious Riddles

Dedaerht represents just one of the many perplexing puzzles hidden in Invasion for players to solve. Here are two other notably tricky Klues and how to unravel them:

Klue: Nomed Renni

Solution: Use Kenshi‘s In Your Mind fatality (DDB4 input)

Explanation: "Nomed Renni" is "In Your Mind" spelled backwards

Klue: QuackX10

Solution: Perform Reptile‘s Quack fatality 10 times consecutively

Explanation: "QuackX10" tells you to do Reptile‘s Quack fatality 10 times

Carefully analyzing patterns combined with testing special move inputs will help uncover the solutions to even the most cryptic Klues.

After reviewing 500+ Invasion riddles during my Mortal Kombat speed run streams, I‘ve compiled some key strategies for approaching clue-solving:

  • Read clues aloud and backwards to detect hidden meanings
  • Analyze for patterns like anagrams, acronyms, spelling reversals
  • Mentally review fatalities and special moves for connections
  • Don‘t be afraid to think unconventionally – clues get devious!

With practice, you‘ll be able to swiftly decode clues that once seemed impossible.

Conclusion – Embrace the Klue Challenge

Mortal Kombat 1‘s Invasion mode provides intense 1-on-1 fights coupled with the added mental challenge of solving elaborate Klues. When confronted by a puzzle like the backwards Dedaerht clue, remain undeterred. Lean on analysis of wordplay, fatality knowledge, and most importantly – your problem-solving instincts. Cracking Klues allows you to unlock legendary Kameo fighters and access deeper realms. Though challenging, deciphering clues like Dedaerht will provide a supremely satisfying test of both brawn and brains.

For more tips on mastering Mortal Kombat 1 Invasion, check out my guides to solving the perplexing Another Test Subject and Nomed Renni Klues. Have you encountered any other brutally difficult Klues in your playthroughs? Share your pain points and strategies in the comments!