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How to Solve the Devastated Settlement Jedi Chamber Puzzle in Star Wars Jedi Survivor

Respawn Entertainment‘s hotly anticipated Star Wars Jedi: Survivor promises to take Cal Kestis‘ journey to thrilling new heights. As this sequel to 2019‘s Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order opens, Cal finds himself desperately fighting the darkness on the galaxy‘s fringes. With the Empire tightening its iron grip, Cal stands as one of the last beacons of hope against the darkest times.

For Star Wars fans, the blend of lightsaber combat, Force powers, and environmental puzzles made Fallen Order a hit. Survivor aims to expand the scope across new planets like Koboh while retaining that signature gameplay formula. As Jedi Cal Kestis, players will need to overcome many challenges, like the Devastated Settlement Jedi Chamber Puzzle. Solving puzzles unlocks new abilities, making them key to progression. Let‘s break down how to solve this settlement puzzle step-by-step.

Overview of Star Wars Jedi: Survivor and the Devastated Settlement

Before jumping into the puzzle solution, some quick background on Survivor and Cal‘s journey so far. The game takes place in 9 BBY, five years after Fallen Order. The Empire‘s Great Jedi Purge all but wiped out the Jedi Order, with Cal being one of the few left in hiding. In Fallen Order, Cal came out of hiding to complete his training and restore the Jedi.

Survivor picks up Cal‘s story as the Empire expands its Inquisitorius program to hunt down remaining Jedi. After a run-in with the Seventh Sister Inquisitor, Cal crash lands on the planet Koboh. This leads him to a Devastated Settlement inhabited by the Koboh people but ravaged by the Empire’s occupation. Many settlements and planets suffer this fate in Survivor.

Inside the Devastated Settlement Jedi Chamber Puzzle

While exploring the settlement‘s ruins, Cal discovers a mysterious sealed Jedi Chamber visible in the distance. Solving the puzzle to unlock it will reward Cal with a new skill. Specifically, the chamber contains the Ambidexterity perk that boosts lightsaber damage after targeting enemies.

This puzzle requires using a laser, mounts, and the explosive resource Koboh Matter to light a flame and direct it into the chamber. Once the flame connects with the Koboh Matter inside, the door will open.

Compared to puzzles relying on meditation training, Jedi vision, or hologram manipulation, this requires more physics-based experimentation with fire and explosives – a creative test of Cal‘s resourcefulness. Let‘s break down how to solve it:

Step-by-Step Walkthrough to Solve the Puzzle

Follow these steps carefully to light the chamber and unlock Ambidexterity:

  1. Enter the Devastated Settlement and locate the laser device as shown below:

    [Image showing laser device]

    This laser is critical for marking the path for the flame later.

  2. Activate the laser and angle it precisely to point at the target region on the chamber in the distance, as shown in this screenshot:

    [Image showing how to point laser]
  3. With the laser pointing the way forward, ride on a nearby mount to the area marked by the beam. Dismount the creature in this precise spot.

  4. Use Cal‘s Koboh Grinder tool to collect some explosive Koboh Matter from Deposits in the area. Throw the Matter into the nearby flame.

    [GIF or video showing grabbing Koboh Matter]
  5. When the Koboh Matter ignites in the flame, quickly but carefully manipulate the flame to extend it towards the chamber, following the laser‘s path.

    Be slow and methodical here – move too fast and the flame can break and reset the puzzle.

  6. Keep extending the flame along the laser beam until it connects with the Koboh Matter cluster inside the chamber.

    [Image showing flame reaching chamber]
  7. Once the flame and chamber Koboh ignite, the puzzle is completed! Collect the Ambidexterity perk as the reward.

    [Image showing Cal unlocking perk]

With this powerful perk unlocked, Cal can now boost his lightsaber strikes after targeting enemies for a short period. Combining skills like Ambidexterity with elegant lightsaber skills helped the Jedi of old overcome overwhelming odds. For Cal to survive, he too must master these abilities and trust in the Force.

Additional Tips for Jedi Puzzles

While using deductive logic, patience, and the laser guidance helps solve this settlement puzzle, Cal will face ever-changing challenges on his journey. Here are some additional tips for overcoming Jedi trials along the way:

  • Examine environments closely – The key to any puzzle is often hidden in plain sight if you look closely enough. Scour areas for interactive objects.

  • Try powers in creative ways – Think outside the box when using Force powers like stasis, telekinesis, and perception. They can often reveal solutions.

  • Revisit puzzles later – Walk away and return with fresh eyes if you get stuck. New ideas arise after a break.

  • Fully explore – Seek hidden paths and items opened by puzzles that will help solve future trials.

With intense challenges awaiting Cal Kestis, solving puzzles thoughtfully and creatively provides a path forward. Completing them unlocks the skills and upgrades essential to surviving the Empire’s Jedi Purge. May the Force be with you!