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How to Fix "Disconnected from Server" Error in Tower of Fantasy

Game servers crashing down just when you reached the final boss or landed that ultra rare loot drop – it‘s every MMO gamer‘s nightmare. For fans of the explosively popular new open-world RPG Tower of Fantasy, frequent disconnections from overloaded servers are already damping the experience.

As a day one player clocking in 5+ hours daily since launch, I‘ve had my fair share of frustration whenever that dreaded "Disconnected from server" message pops up seemingly at random.

Based on my first-hand experience and technical expertise around online game networking, let me walk you through exactly why Tower of Fantasy keeps booting people from servers and how we can resolve connection issues on both mobile and PC.

Peering Behind the Curtain: Why Tower of Fantasy Servers Get Overwhelmed

Before diving into fixes, it‘s important to understand what exactly is going on behind the scenes when disconnects happen. In basic terms, these errors occur because too many players are trying to access the same Tower of Fantasy server at once. The servers can only handle a finite number of concurrent connections and bandwidth capacity before performance degrades.

To support 1000s of simultaneous players in a seamless open world, MMO games like Tower of Fantasy rely on a complex technical infrastructure consisting of multiple game servers . Each server hosts copies of the persistent world that users connect to.

However, Tower of Fantasy‘s servers are clearly struggling to keep up with overwhelming demand since launch day. At peak times, queues of 10,000+ players have been reported trying to cram into servers built to handle just a few thousand.

Tower of Fantasy Launch Day Queue

With such severe traffic overloads, network timeouts and disconnects become inevitable. Players unlucky enough to lose their connections are hit with regular "Disconnected from server" errors and 200010 kicks to the login screen.

Cutting Through Clutter: How To Fix Disconnects

Now that we understand the root cause, let‘s talk about solutions that can circumvent or resolve the dreaded kicked from server issues:

Switch Servers (With a Caveat)

The easiest option is to simply switch your Tower of Fantasy server in the login menu. Each regional publisher like Level Infinite (Global) and Hotta Studio (CN) operates separate server clusters.

Choose a less congested server with fewer login queues and lag complaints in community channels. I recommend avoiding overpopulated servers like Astra above all else. However, there is one critical caveat…

Your account progress and rolls do not carry over when switching servers. You‘ll have to restart from the beginning.

Repeatedly Tap "OK" to Regain Spot

When you get disconnected, frantically click the OK button before your server slot gets freed up. This can instantly put you back into the login queue. The queues do have limited capacity, so you have to act fast.

Through sheer luck and determination via this button mashing method, some have managed to regain their previous spot after getting disconnected multiple times in a row. So keep at it!

Reset Router, Restart Device

Basic troubleshooting steps like resetting your Wifi router, modem and even restarting your PC or mobile device can help resolve temporary connectivity gremlins. Remember to close other bandwidth heavy apps too.

Submit Ticket to Support

If disconnects persist for you across days, contact Tower of Fantasy customer support directly via email submissions. Provide details like your UID, server name, and any error codes. Devs may be able to investigate and even offer compensation.

Wait It Out As Devs Scramble to Scale

While extremely frustrating, server woes for hugely hyped titles is pretty par for the course. Games like New World, Lost Ark, and even Genshin Impact went through similar growing pains at launch with instability and frequent downtime.

Hotta Studio has already apologized and vowed to keep upgrading infrastructure to meet overwhelming demand. So hang in there, the situation should gradually improve!

In the meantime, I hope the above troubleshooting and workaround tips help you endure the nasty “Disconnected from server” crashes. Stay strong, my fellow Wanderers – smooth sailing awaits on the horizon! Let me know in comments if anything else worked for you.