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10 Ways to Fix “Err_Cache_Miss” Error in Google Chrome

Chrome is a free software that can be installed in a wide range of operating systems from Microsoft windows, Linux, macOS, iOS to Android. Chrome browser is also the basis of chrome operating system where it attends to web-based application services. Chromium project produced the open-source code that runs google chrome. For the wide and intense use of chrome browser in a variety of operating systems and gadgets, this article is focusing on 10 ways to fix “ERR_CACHE_MISS”in chrome.

When using chrome browser there are many common errors that may be encountered with “ERR_CACHE_MISS” error being a very common error. “ERR_CACHE_MISS” is a widespread panied with an error page with the message “CONFIRM FORM RESUBMISSION”. The error name is associated with problems arising from the caching system. Some of the reasons that may prompt this message include the following:

  • The browser is not able to obtain a cache from the website.
  • Bugs or corrupted browsers.
  • A website with improper coding or PHP relatA websites.
  • Corrupted extensions and browser settings.

With that in mind, there is clearly a need to resolve the “ERR_CACHE_MISS” error while browsing. Read on to discover the many ways to fix “ERR_CACHE_MISS” in chrome……

There are many ways that one can use to fix this error. Below we have sampled a few for you. Read on to find out:

1. Reload the page

Reload page

Reloading the page usually fixes the issue. In the case of the error in question “ERR_CACHE_MISS” one ought to reload the page as the first option. To reload the page, follow the steps below:

  • For windows:

On a Windows PC, you can fix this error message by following these steps:

Step 1: On the open chrome page with the error “ERR_CACHE_MISS”

Step 2: Locate the Refresh button at the menu on the top horizontal tabs

Step 3: Click on it to Refresh the Page

Refresh the Page

Step 4: Also, the shortcut of pressing Function 5 (F5) will Refresh the page

Step 5: To force refresh the page, press SHIFT+F5.

  • For mac:

You can also re, solve this error on your Mac PC using the steps below:

Step 1: On the open Chrome page with the error, “ERR_CACHE_MISS”

Step 2: Locate the Refresh button on the top panel of the screen

Step 3: Click on it to Refresh the page

Click on it to Refresh the page

Step 4: Use the shortcut CMD + R to refresh the page.

In a frozen screen, press and hold SHIFT, then open the menu bar to access the force refresh option.

  • For android and iOS

Step 1: On the open chrome page with the error “ERR_CACHE_MISS”

Step 2: Locate the Refresh option on the Menu page and tap on it to Reload the page.

2. Restart Your Chrome Browser

This second method should be used in cases where reloading has failed. Usually, this should be your first method of choice. By simply Closing and then restarting your Chrome browser, you might be lucky to fix the “ERR_CACHE_MISS” error. In some instances, you can fix it by simply closing and opening the error window.

3. Update the browser

Sometimes the “ERR_CACHE_MISS” error is associated with using an outdated browser. To solve the error, all you need to do is update the chrome browser to the latest version. To update the chrome browser, follow the instructions below:

Step 1: In the open window of the chrome browser,

Step 2: Locate the Update Button at the top right corner. Usually conspicuously highlighted.

Step 3: Click on the button and wait as chrome downloads the updates.

chromedownloads the updates

Step 4: updates have been successfully downloaded and installed. Restart your chrome browser.

Step 5: Navigate to the page that showed the error in question and reload.

4. Clear browser data and cache

In the instance that the chrome browser has collected and accumulated corrupt files in its cache system, then the “ERR_CACHE_MISS” error is likely to occur. Clearing cache data with the accompanying browser data may resolve the error.

On Windows PC, proceed as follows:

Step 1: From the open chrome window browser, click on the More icon denoted by three dots vertically arranged at the top right corner region of browser.

Step 2: Select and click on the more tools, and it will open More Options

Step 3: In the Menu, click on the Clear Browsing Data

Clear Browsing Data

Step 4: Make sure the time range is set to All Time

All Time

Step 5: In the checkboxes, make sure that browsing history, cookies, and other site data and cached images and files are all ticked.

Step 6: Click on the Clear Data button in the bottom right corner.

Step 7: Wait for the clearing process to be complete. Please refresh your browser or consequently restart it and try to reopen the website again.

On Mac PC, proceed as follows:

Step 1: Click on the chrome Menu tools at the top horizontal bar

Step 2: In the dropdown menu that will appear, click on Clear Browsing Data

Step 3: In the pop-up page, select all check boxes and Clear Data on the bottom right corner.

Step 4: Like that, you successfully cleared all cache and browsing data on your Mac PC.

5. Disable browser extensions

Browser extensions are usually assimilated with cache errors and the classical connection between the browser and the websites. Disabling extensions may help solve the “ERR_CACHE_MISS” error. Follow these steps to get it done:

Step 1: On the top right corner click on the More button with the three vertical dots.

Step 2: Click on the More tools on the Menu

Step 3: From the menu, select Extensions

menu select Extensions

Step 4: To Disable Extensions, click on the button next to the Open Extensions Menu on the right upper corner.


Step 5: Once Extensions are disabled try to reload the webpage.

6. Reset chrome browser settings

By doing this, all the chrome settings will be reset to the default. To reset chrome and determine if it will solve “ERR_CACHE_MISS”, the steps vary depending on the operating system:

On mac:

Follow the steps outlined below to reset your Chrome browser to its default settings:

Step 1: Click on the chrome Menu on the top right

Step 2: In the drop-down, click on Preferences.

Step 3: In the search bar, search for “reset settings


Step 4: In the results, click on Restore Settings to Their Defaults

Step 5: A new pop-up panel will open

Step 6: Press the Reset Settings button on the bottom right.

On windows:

On Windows PC, you can reset chrome to the default settings by using these steps:

Step 1: In the top right corner of the Chrome UI, click on Menu denoted by three dots.

Step 2: In the Menu panel that will open, click on Settings

Step 3: Once the settings are open, click on the Advanced tab on the left-hand side

Step 4: In the Advanced options, locate Restore All Settings to Their Original Default

Step 5: Click on it to reset chrome to its original state.

7. Delete and reinstall the chrome browser

In case above methods did not prove productive, reinstalling chrome may help resolve the “ERR_CACHE_MISS” error. Below are the steps for reinstalling chrome on Mac and Windows PC:

On windows:

If you are using a windows PC, here are the steps to remove and reinstall Chrome:

Step 1: Begin by closing all open tabs and windows

Step 2: Click on the Start Menu or press the windows key and click on Settings.

click on Settings.

Step 3: Locate and click on Apps, and a new window will be opened.

Step 4: Under Apps and Features, look for Google Chrome and click on it

Step 5: Click on Uninstall option to remove the app


To reinstall chrome browser:

Step 1: Download a new version of google chrome from the official website


Step 2: Open the downloaded setup and install

On Mac

On Mac PC, here are the steps:

Step 1: Go to the Applications folder and locate chrome

Step 2: Next, drag it to the trash can from the folder

Step 3: Redownload chrome from the site com/chrome and reinstall

8. Reset network settings

At this point, the problem may be with your network. These steps should help if the issue is with the network.

On windows:

Try the following steps if you wish to reset your network setting to fix the “Err_Cache_Miss” error on Chrome browser:

Step 1: Open the Start Menu and navigate to your Settings

Step 2: In the settings, go to the Network and Internet tab

Step 3: Once in the Network and Internet window, look for Status and click on it.

Step 4: Select Network reset

Select Network reset

Step 5: This will reset all the network settings

On mac:

Follow these steps to fix the error on Chrome if you are a Mac user:

Step 1: Click on the Apple icon in the top left

Step 2: On the open menu, click on System Preferences


Step 3: Locate the Network icon and click on it.

Step 4: In the displayed networks locate the network you are currently using and click on it.

Step 5: Click on the minus button to remove it

Step 6: Reconnect again afresh

9. Disable cache

If the “ERR_CACHE_MISS” error has not yet been resolved, using the google chrome development tools to disable cache might very well be your rescue. Follow these steps:

Step 1: Launch google chrome and then press CTRL + SHIFT + I

Step 2: Next, press F1 on the keyboard

Step 3: In the Preferences window, scroll down to the Network section


select DisableCache

Step 4: While the DevTools is open, select Disable Cache

Step 5: Click OK to set the changes and see if the “ERR_CACHE_MISS” error is resolved.

10. Internet connection troubleshooter

Troubleshooting the internet connection Troubleshooting the “ERR_CACHE_MISS” issue. Here is how it works:

Step 1: Open Settings using the keyboard shortcut: Windows + I

Step 2: Click on the Update Security tab

Step 3: Choose Troubleshoot from the list menu on the left of the screen

Step 4: In the troubleshoot menu, find the internet and connections, then click on;

the troubleshootmenu

Step 5: Detect problems and apply changes

Step 6: Once it is done, try to close and restart chrome to see if the fixes will resolve the error in question


Due to the many reasons that may result to chrome browser’s “ERR_CACHE_MISS” error the above methods are of good use in everyday browsing. With this discussion, your headache of the “ERR_CACHE_MISS” error is now hopefully resolved. With that said, we hope you successfully managed to resolve the error using one of the methods outlined above.