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How to Fix Err_Connection_Reset in Chrome (8 Ways)

When visiting a website, your browser must first establish a connection to the website. To establish the link, the browser sends out a request, and once it receives a response, it starts receiving and sending info to the website. However, in some instances, the connection may not be successful, and you’ll run to the “Err_Connection_Reset” Error.

The error means your browser cannot connect to your target website’s server. An indication that there’s a client-side connection problem. So, how can you resolve the “Err_Connection_Reset” error promptly? Read on.

“Err_Connection_Reset” Error: What Causes It?

Err Connection cause

The “Err_Connection_Reset” error message appears on Google Chrome in particular. When using other browsers such as Microsoft Edge or Mozilla Firefox, you’ll encounter the same error but in different wordings; “Hmmm… can’t reach this page” or “The connection was reset.” To troubleshoot this error correctly, you need to understand its potential causes.

Here are some of the client-side causes;

  • Network device issues: If your network device, such as a router, is experiencing problems like overheating, it can kill your internet connection.
  • Antivirus or firewall interference: The main aim of an antivirus and firewall is to protect your PC from viruses and malware. However, they can sometimes block you from accessing some websites, especially when they suspect the website is a threat.
  • VPN interferences: While VPNs are ideal for maintaining your online privacy and safety, they can sometimes jeopardize your internet connection, thus leading to the error.
  • Bad proxy: A proxy will help you mask your IP address, thus staying anonymous when browsing. However, these proxies can become lousy and interfere with your internet connection.
  • Outdated browser cache: Browser cache should make your browsing experience faster when visiting common pages online. However, when the cache is outdated, it can cause connection issues.
  • Corrupted or Incorrect TCP/IP configuration: The correct TCP/IP settings will allow your PC to connect to the internet. However, you will encounter connection problems if the TCP/IP settings are corrupted or incorrect.

With the understanding of what causes the “Err_Connection_Reset” error, fixing the issue is straightforward. Here are easy fixes to try out:

1. Confirm if the Website is Working

Confirm if the Website is Working

In most cases, the “Err_Connection_Reset” error is a client-side issue that their website can cause. So, before jumping to other solutions, first check to see if the website is working by;

  • You are asking your friend to visit the site from a different device and network connection.
  • Use online website server checkers.

If you find the website is down, you will have to wait for the owner to work on it. But if you realize that it is working, proceed to the next solution.

2. Restart Your Network Device

Restart Your Network Device

In most cases, rebooting your network device or router can solve network connection issues. Thus, whenever you are experiencing internet-related problems, restarting your network device might resolve the problem.

Unplug the device from the main power and allow it to wait 30 seconds before plugging it back. Once the device reestablishes the internet connection, try accessing the website. And if the “Err_Connection_Reset” error persists, try another solution.

3. Check Your VPN

Check Your VPN

If you are using VPN to mask your online activities, it’s essential to understand that the VPN can fail to connect. When this happens, you might be unable to establish a stable connection with some websites. And this may result in the “Err_Connection_Reset” error.

Try manually reconnecting the VPN to your network to fix the problem. If it fails, temporarily disconnect from the VPN and try to re-access the website.

4. Disable Your Antivirus Software and Firewall

Disable Your Antivirus Software and Firewall

Antiviruses and firewalls are aggressive when it comes to maintaining your online security. However, sometimes, your antivirus or windows firewall may block you from accessing a genuine website.

To rule out the antivirus or firewall is blocking your access to a particular website, try disabling them temporarily and re-accessing the site. If you are still experiencing the “Err_Connection_Reset” error, try the next solution.

5. Clear Your Browser Cache

Clear Your Browser Cache

Cache data makes the loading of frequently visited websites faster. However, when the cache files are corrupt or outdated, you can encounter errors such as “Err_Connection_Reset” when loading a website.

You can resolve the problem by clearing your browser cache if that is the case.

6. Disable Your Proxy Server Access

Proxies are excellent when it comes to masking your actual IP address and thus guaranteeing your web privacy. However, when the proxies fail to connect to the proxy server, you will experience the “Err_Connection_Reset” error. Additionally, the proxy server may also fail to create a connection to the website you are visiting.

Try disabling your proxy server temporarily and check if the “Err_Connection_Reset” error has cleared.

7. Reset Your TCP/IP Settings

Reset Your TCP or IP Settings

TCP/IP settings are crucial to your computer’s internet access. If the settings are incorrect or corrupt, you will experience a connection reset error when you try visiting a website.

If you are sure your internet connection is stable and the website you are visiting is working, reset your TCP and IP settings. This solution should fix the “Err_Connection_Reset” error. If not;

8. Contact Your ISP

Contact Your ISP

Your internet service provider has a robust firewall system that protects you from the imminent dangers of cyber criminals. However, the ISP firewall system may have blocked the site you are visiting either intentionally or unintentionally.

If one of the above solutions seems to fix the “Err_Connection_Reset” error, it’s time you contact your ISP. This way, you will find out if the website you are trying to access is on their blocklist. If this is the case, ask them to grant you access to the site.


If you run into the “Err_Connection_Reset” error, your browser cannot secure a stable connection to the web server you are connecting to. Mainly, this error results from a misconfiguration in your network, VPN, firewall, proxies, or TCP and IP settings.

Depending on what causes the error, you can quickly fix it. Remember to start with the most straightforward solution, like confirming if the website is working and restarting your internet device before disabling your proxy server and resetting TCP/IP settings.