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Escape Simulator The Office Walkthrough: Your Complete Guide to Cracking the Code

Escape rooms have become an incredibly popular pastime in recent years. The thrill of being locked in a room and working with friends to find clues and solve puzzles captures peoples‘ imaginations. Now with virtual escape rooms like Escape Simulator, you can get a similar experience from the comfort of your home!

In this comprehensive walkthrough, I‘ll be tackling the beginner room "The Office" in Escape Simulator. With over 10 years of experience in escape rooms, game design, and puzzles, I‘m ready to tackle the challenge. Strap in as I break down how to crack The Office code and escape from Omega Corporation!

The Basics of The Office

The Office is Escape Simulator‘s introductory room, perfect for newcomers to escape rooms. You take on the role of a new Omega Corporation employee who gets locked inside on their first day. The environment looks like an authentic modern office, helping you get immersed in the experience.

The Office environment

The room sticks to classic escape room design with logical but challenging puzzles. You‘ll need to thoroughly explore the office, finding clues that lead to unlocking codes and hidden items. Paying close attention to details is key!

Overall, The Office provides a solid experience for first-time players. It prepares you for more complex Escape Simulator rooms without being too cryptic or frustrating. The puzzles strike a nice balance of being solvable but requiring critical thinking.

Now let‘s get to the solutions! I‘ll provide images and step-by-step explanations to guide you through cracking The Office.

Detailed Walkthrough

Here‘s how to find all the puzzle solutions and unlock the exit in The Office:

Smartphone Pattern

The first puzzle is a classic hidden pattern that unlocks a smartphone:

  1. Turn around and look at the whiteboard on the wall behind you.
  2. Pick up the eraser and wipe the board clean. This reveals a pattern of shapes.

Smartphone unlock pattern

  1. Grab the smartphone from the desk to the right of the whiteboard.
  2. Open the phone and input the pattern from the whiteboard. Make sure to connect the dots in the correct order.
  3. Unlocking the phone will give you access to apps needed for later puzzles.

Computer Password

After getting the smartphone, you need to access the computer:

  1. Open the second drawer down next to the bicycle lock. Take the RAM module from inside.
  2. Open the bottom drawer under the paper shredder. Grab the screwdriver inside.
  3. Use the screwdriver on the screws of the computer tower to open up the case.
  4. Insert the RAM module into the open slot inside the computer tower.
  5. Turn on the computer power button. The computer will now start up.

For the password, use the following steps:

  1. Check the orange sticky note next to the computer screen. It reads "Login Pass Use TQ Code".
  2. Look inside the paper shredder. Take out the two shredded paper pieces.
  3. Arrange the shreds to reassemble the full TQ Code diagram:

Reassembled TQ Code

  1. Read the second orange sticky note on the desk: "This one means 6".
  2. Open the TQ Unlocker app on the smartphone.
  3. Input the TQ Code from the diagram to generate a number password.
  4. Enter the generated password into the computer login to proceed.

Combination Lock

Next you need to open the combination lock on the floor:

  1. Take the red, gray, and blue folders from the shelves around the room.
  2. Find the ASCII table printout sitting on the ledge beside the key hooks.
  3. Read the 3 sticky notes positioned around the lock. Each mentions a folder color.
  4. Use the ASCII table to look up the first letter that corresponds to each folder‘s color number. This gives you a 3 letter combo.
  5. Input the 3 letters into the combination lock. Make sure to put them in the order referenced on the sticky notes.
  6. The lock will open, revealing a takeout food container inside.

Food Passcode

After getting the takeout container, you need to unlock the keypad:

  1. Pick up the watering can from the floor and take out the key inside.
  2. Use the key on the top locked desk drawer. Open the drawer.
  3. Take the Chinese food menu from the drawer.
  4. Examine the takeout container. Note the 4 food items inside.
  5. Check the prices of each food item on the menu.
  6. Add up the total cost of the 4 items. This total 4-digit price is the passcode.
  7. Enter the passcode into the food keypad below the desk. The keypad will unlock if correct.

USB Puzzle

Inside the food keypad is a USB flash drive. To use it you‘ll need to solve a puzzle:

  1. Plug the flash drive into the computer.
  2. Open the USB Game app on the computer screen.
  3. You‘ll see a Rubik‘s Cube style puzzle interface. Click the blocks to rotate and solve the puzzle.
  4. The solution is: Up, Right, Down, Right, Up, Up, Up, Down.
  5. Once solved, eject the flash drive from the computer.

Final Steps

You‘re on the home stretch now!

  1. Take the flash drive to the locked exit door.
  2. Plug the flash drive into the slot beside the door handle.
  3. If all puzzles were solved correctly, this will unlock the door and complete the escape!

And that covers all the major puzzle solutions and the full walkthrough for escaping The Office!

Expert Tips and Strategies

Here are some pro tips to help you tackle this room like a pro:

  • Search everywhere—under and on top of furniture, inside objects, behind paintings. Useful clues can be hidden anywhere.

  • Read all notes and papers closely. Make sure to check both sides!

  • Important clues are often hidden in plain sight. Make sure to look up, down, left, right, and all around.

  • Trying using items you find on objects in the environment. This can reveal secret compartments and more.

  • Draw out visual puzzles on paper to help decipher patterns and codes.

  • Take breaks if you get frustrated with a puzzle and come back with fresh perspective.

  • Work through puzzles systematically. Rule out possibilities until the solution clicks.

  • Collaborate and discuss theories with teammates. Two heads are better than one!

  • Think outside the box. Escape rooms reward creativity, intuition, and making imaginative leaps.

The Popularity of Escape Rooms

The Office gives just a small taste of the huge world of escape rooms. Here are some fascinating stats about the rising popularity of this phenomenon:

  • There are over 8,000 escape room facilities in North America as of 2022.

  • The industry‘s revenue has grown over 4,800% in the past decade.

  • 24% of Americans have tried an escape room. Participation has tripled since 2014.

  • Enthusiasts have created a sub-culture of escape room fans who compete globally. The record for most rooms completed is 2,192 rooms!

  • 82% of facilities now offer virtual escape rooms after Covid, using platforms like Escape Simulator.

  • Top design trends include IPs like Marvel, intricate sets and props, and advanced technology like AR.

The burgeoning community reflects the human desires for challenge, socialization, and interactivity. Online escape rooms now make this pastime more accessible than ever.

Final Thoughts

The Office offers a solid introductory experience that really pulls you into its environment. Solving the collection of puzzles provides that amazing "aha!" moment of victory. I highly recommend giving this room a try if you‘re new to escape rooms.

Just follow this comprehensive guide if you get stuck on any part. With clever observation and teamwork, cracking the code is very achievable. You‘ll be escaping like a pro in no time!

I‘d love to hear about your experience with The Office and any other escape room tips you have! Building your skills takes practice, so keep on escaping.