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22 Beautiful Espn Female Anchors & Commentator of 2024

For those who love sports, you may have a hint on an  ESPN channel that broadcasts all live sports events, including football, basketball, baseball, and soccer. It also broadcasts past sports events, sports updates, and interviews.

Sports lovers watch ESPN worldwide; though it is based in the united states, it focuses on sports worldwide. ESPN was founded in 1979 and has risen to be among the top most-watched stations globally. Well, ESPN has many female reporters who have proved that sports journalism is not only for their opposite gender but also for women.

Many female anchors have proven good reporting skills for those who have watched ESPN. Today, we have set aside a list of the top ESPN female news anchors you might love watching. These anchors also have a good physique that will keep you glued to your screens. We have also detailed the day and time they air their shows so that you can experience all of their exciting shows on sports.

Here is a quick summary of all the female ESPN anchors with the types of the leading programs they host and the program's time.

Anchor Main Programs Program Times Social Media
Erin Andrews College GameDay, Fox NFL Sunday Saturdays 10am ET (GameDay), Sundays 12pm ET (Fox) Instagram
Samantha Ponder Sunday NFL Countdown Sundays 10am ET Twitter
Cari Champion SportsCenter Varies Instagram
Molly Qerim First Take Weekdays 10am ET Instagram
Laura Rutledge SEC Network host Varies Twitter
Kaylee Hartung SportsCenter Varies Instagram
Elle Duncan SportsCenter Varies Twitter
Cassidy Hubbarth NBA Countdown Varies Instagram
Lisa Kerney SportsCenter Varies Twitter
Wendi Nix College Football Live Thursdays 4:30pm ET Twitter
Dianna Russini NFL Live Varies Twitter
Sage Steele SportsCenter Varies Instagram
Hannah Storm SportsCenter Varies Twitter
Michelle Beadle Get Up Weekdays 8am ET Twitter
Jade McCarthy SportsCenter Varies Twitter
Maria Taylor NBA Countdown Varies Twitter
Lindsay Czarniak SportsCenter Varies Instagram
Antonietta Collins SportsCenter Varies Twitter
Josina Anderson NFL Live Varies Twitter
Jennifer Hale College Football Varies Twitter
Jessica Mendoza Baseball Tonight Varies Twitter
Prim Siripipat Golf Varies Instagram

1. Erin Jill Andrews

Espn Female Anchors Erin Jill Andrews

Anchor Erin Andrews
Main programs College GameDay, Fox NFL Sunday
Program Times Saturdays 10 am ET (GameDay), Sundays 12 pm ET (Fox)
Social Media Instagram

Erin is a sports anchor, television personality, and actress. She began her career at fox sports in 2012. In 2010, she appeared on  ABCs Dancing with the Stars, giving her popularity. Amazingly, she got to host the same program in 2014 with her co-host, Tom Bergeron. Erin Andrews is currently the network's principal sideline reporter for the NFL broadcast team at fox sports. Erin also hosts Fox College GameDay football at Fox Sports, which airs on Saturdays at 10 am ET(GameDay), and Fox NFL on Sundays at 12 pm ET.

She brings out her complete analysis and enthusiasm through the main programs she hosts, which is why she is the favorite female anchor among the fans. Erin also has an Instagram account with a massive following of 2 million followers, where she actively shares her personal and behind-the-scenes glimpses of her professional life.

2. Samantha Ponder

Espn Female Anchors Samantha Ponder

Anchor Samantha Ponder
Main programs Sunday NFL Countdown
Program Times Sundays 10 am ET
Social Media Twitter

Samantha Ponder was born on December 11, 1985. The 37-year-old was born in Phoenix, Arizona, in the united states. She attended King's College and liberty university. Samantha, a sports anchor, confessed that athletics has always been her favorite sport. She joined ESPN 2011 as a reporter for college football and basketball games. Samantha also anchors her main program, Sunday NFL Countdown, which airs on Sundays at 10 am ET, and has anchored the show since 2017. Samantha also is behind the interviews and features on NFL. Sam worked for Fox Sports as a weekly columnist before joining ESPN.

In her current programs, she is known for her comprehensive knowledge and engaging interviewing style. Another thing Ponder does best in her programs is bringing insightful commentary to the program. Samantha is married to Christian Ponder, and they have three children together. The anchor has a Twitter account where she shares her thoughts on NFL games and other sports and updates her followers.

3. Cari Champion

Cari Champion

Anchor Cari Champion
Main programs SportsCenter
Program Times Varies
Social Media Instagram

Cari Champion is one of the prominent female ESPN anchors who has a captivating appearance, and the way she talks brings out a witty and attractive speaking style. Her increase in popularity came after she had an interview with the player Cam Newton which made her gain a considerable fan base. Her appearance as a hot female anchor has also significantly contributed to her growing popularity. Still, she is also an expert in sports journalism, which is extremely impressive.

Currently, she is a versatile anchor whose primary program is the SportsCenter on ESPN, streamed at different times. Since she has attractive beauty in her and is also a well-rounded sports individual, she delivers her work in the best way and provides the latest news and highlights to viewers. In her social life, you can find her on Instagram, where she frequently engages her followers and viewers by sharing photos with captions and giving out the latest updates from her professional world. Through her Instagram page, you will find more updates on her personal life, and you wil be updated if you are a great fan of hers.

4. Molly Qerim

Espn Molly Qerim

Anchor Molly Qerim
Main programs First Take
Program Times Weekdays 10 am ET
Social Media Instagram

Molly Qerim is another great anchor who is a television personality who is currently hosting her main program First Take, on ESPN, which is scheduled on weekdays at 10 am ET. In her program, she has managed to air out multiple Bowls, which include Hosting and reporting. She graduated from the University of Connecticut and took her master's degree in Broadcast Journalism. She replaced Cari Champion when she left ESPN in her program First Take in 2015. Having some experience back then, before joining ESPN, she had worked as a correspondent for fantasy football, covered college sports for the PGA, and worked for CBS and UFC events.

She joined on September 15, 2015, as the new presenter of First Take on ESPN, one of the popular talk shows. She has demonstrated how good she is by steering discussions, making her an integral part of the program. On her social life, Qerim connects with her followers and fans on Instagram, sharing part of her daily life and memorable moments of the show.

5. Laura Rutledge

Espn Laura Rutledge

Anchor Laura Rutledge
Main programs SEC Network host
Program Times Varies
Social Media Twitter

Laura Rutledge is one of the rising stars among the young female ESPN reporters in 2024. Before she became successful in her career, she was crowned Miss Florida in 2012. This shows how her talent has added an exciting dimension to her background. She has built her name from the host shows she hosts, and some of them include NFL Live, ESPN's year-round weekday NFL news, and the Information show.

The main program she hosts on ESPN is the SEC Network. The time for the program to be aired live varies as it does not have a specific time. She has managed to bring out her professionalism and charisma shine through covering college sports. If you want to know more about her daily life updates, you can find her on her Twitter handle, where you will get complete insight and updates on the SEC show and her personal life.

6. Kaylee Hartung

Kaylee Hartung

Anchor Kaylee Hartung
Main programs SportsCenter
Program Times Varies
Social Media Instagram

Kaylee Hartung is a famous female anchor on ESPN who dreamt of becoming a journalist at a young age. Fortunately, her dream came true as she managed to graduate from the University of Washington in the journalism field and started her intern job at NBC.

She joined as an ESPN anchor, where she contributes to her main program SportsCenter. We can agree she is a talented individual, especially in how she reports sharp skills where she engages in delivery, keeping viewers informed and entertained simultaneously. Her style is so impressive that you would want more of her broadcasting moments. To find more of her experiences and projects of her work and personal life, you can follow her on Instagram, where you can also connect with her.

7. Elle Duncan

Elle Duncan

Anchor Elle Duncan
Main programs SportsCenter
Program Times Varies
Social Media Twitter

Before Ellen Duncan started working at ESPN, she had already made her name through her emerging talent. She worked her first job as a reporter on Jacksonville's WAWS TV and the radio for several years. In April 2016, she started to work at ESPN, where she is currently running her main program of SportsCentre, which is aired at different times.

She is a dynamic anchor known for her appearance on her program, and she provides insightful commentary and a great appeal on-screen presence, making her most loved by fans. You can find Ellen actively on her social pages, like her Twitter page, where she interacts with her followers and share her thoughts on sports news, pop culture, and social issues.

8. Cassidy Hubbarth

Cassidy Hubbarth

Anchor Cassidy Hubbarth
Main programs NBA Countdown
Program Times Varies
Social Media Instagram

Cassidy Hubbarth is a skilled ESPN anchor who currently hosts the NBA Countdown in which the program time varies. Before becoming an anchor, she was an athlete who later became an athlete reporter in high school sports. She joined Northwestern University, where she did her journalism course, and luckily, she got a job at Big Ten Sports Network and Fox Sports as a reporter.

When she joined ESPN, where she hosted the NBA countdown, she was good at her job as she provided pregame analysis and commentary. Her advantage in her carrier is that she has extensive knowledge of the sport, and her engaging personality with viewers is higher. She also enhances the viewer experience for basketball fans. On her Instagram page, you will find a lot of her showcasing her personal life and professional work, where she shares exclusive content and updates on Instagram. If you are a basketball fan, try to follow her and be updated continually.

9. Lisa Kerney

Lisa Kerney

Anchor Lisa Kerney
Main programs SportsCenter
Program Times Varies
Social Media Twitter

Lisa Kerney is a versatile ESPN anchor contributing to SportsCentre, whose program time varies. She is a reporter with vast experience and expertise in sports journalism, as she plays a crucial role in delivering the latest news and highlights to viewers. What makes her a versatile reporter is how she covers a wide range of sports games, displaying her passion and having knowledge in each segment she hosts.

When we go at her outside social life of Lisa, we will learn that she is so active on social media, especially on Twitter. Using this platform, Lisa has engaged with fans, shared personal insights, and provided updates on her various projects and appearances.

10. Wendi Nix

Espn Wendi Nix

Anchor Wendi Nix
Main programs College Football Live
Program Times Thursdays 4:30 pm ET
Social Media Twitter

If you have been a fan of College Football Live programs, you must have come across Wendi Nix. She is a prominent ESPN anchor who usually hosts College Football Live. When you examine her work, you will note she is an expert and passionate about college football. The way she provides analysis and insights on the show and engages her viewers, you can give her a 5-star if given the opportunity.

You can find her personal space on Twitter, where she is fully active and engages her fans by sharing her insights and providing sports updates. Lisa has been regarded as one of the respected female anchors in the ESPN team as she continues to impress audiences with her expertise.

11. Dianna Russini

Espn Dianna Russini

Anchor Dianna Russini
Main programs NFL Live
Program Times Varies
Social Media Twitter

Dianna has always loved soccer. She once played soccer for four seasons after joining George Mason University. After completing her university studies, she joined WNBC as the youngest reporter. She later joined CSN Northwest as both an anchor and reporter. Alongside that, she has also worked for WABC and News 12 Westchester. She gained popularity after covering the Boston Marathon bombing at the first-ever professional sporting event. Dianna was the main sports anchor when she worked for WRC TV.

She is a talented reporter now working as an ESPN anchor and has expertise mostly in NFL coverage. During conducting this program as a host, she delivers in-depth analysis, breaking news, and interviews with players and coaches. You can find Dianna on Twitter, engaging with her followers by providing real-time updates and insights on NFL events.

12. Sage Steele

Espn Sage Steele

Anchor Sage Steele
Main programs SportsCenter
Program Times Varies
Social Media Instagram

Saga Steele is another anchor in ESPN who hosts SportsCenter. With the comprehensive experience, she has for all the years she has done sports reporting, she has a good understanding of various sports and events, making her one of the leading voices in journalism. She is very fit for the job as she can polish her presentation well enough to give out extensive sports knowledge and keep viewers informed on the latest headlines and game highlights.

Beyond her broadcasting career, Sage also has a vast following on social media, especially on her Instagram page. Through this platform, she shares about her life and engages in posts and interactions with fans on a more personal level.

13. Hannah Storm

Espn Hannah Storm

Anchor Hannah Storm
Main programs SportsCenter
Program Times Varies
Social Media Twitter

Hannah Storm is a seasonal ESPN anchor who also hosts the main program of SportsCenter.She has become a trusted source of delivering sports news and analysis. This is because she has an extensive knowledge of sports combined with her charismatic on-screen presence; you will love her reporting.

She is a reliable anchor, especially in major sporting events and breaking news, as she knows how to navigate live broadcasts and interviews professionally. Additionally, Hannah has shown interest in athletic stories, which adds depth to her human appeal and makes her shine in her reporting career. Even with all the broadcasting duties she has to work on, she also has a social life where followers can reach her through her Twitter handle. She demonstrates engagement with the audience, providing updates on sports news and sharing her opinions on various topics on sports.

14. Michelle Beadle

Michelle Beadle

Anchor Michelle Beadle
Main programs Get Up
Program Times Weekdays 8 am ET
Social Media Twitter

Michelle Beadle is one of the pretty reporters on ESPN who has a primary program of Get Up. She hosts the program, which starts on weekdays at 8 am ET. She is popular in the morning sports talk shows where she engages her personality and insightful commentary and also offers a lively start to the day for people who love sports.

Back then, she joined the University of Texas, where she took political science, but she didn't go far with her career as she did for three years and quit the profession and ventured into her career in Fox Sports News. Since she has massive followers on Twitter, she typically connects with them and shares update and behind-the-scenes moments of the GetUp program.

15. Jade McCarthy

Espn Jade McCarthy

Anchor Jade McCarthy
Main programs SportsCenter
Program Times Varies
Social Media Twitter

Jade McCarthy is another female ESPN anchor who has made a mark on the SportsCentre and has a lot of fans who love her reporting of sports news. What makes her do well in anchoring in SportsCenter is her engaging delivery and the comprehensive sports knowledge she has from previous experiences she worked as a reporter in the sports news.

To reach her, you can engage her on social media, where she is is is actively engaging her followers on Twitter; on this platform, she offers sports updates and participates in discussions with fans.

16. Maria Taylor

Espn Maria Taylor

Anchor Maria Taylor
Main programs NBA Countdown
Program Times Varies
Social Media Twitter

Maria Taylor is a talented ESPN anchor mostly known for reporting work on NBA Countdown. She completed her degree at the University of Georgia and had an athletic scholarship for playing basketball and volleyball. Her sports career began when she reported with IMG College, SportsNite, and SEC Men’s Basketball Tonight.

With all these experiences, she got to report on ESPN on NBA Countdown. She has insightful analysis and interviewing skills, and most fans love to watch her when reporting for NBA. Taylor has a social life where she informs and engages her followers on Twitter and mostly shares her thoughts on basketball games and other topics.

17. Lindsay Czarniak

Espn Lindsay Czarniak

Anchor Lindsay Czarniak
Main programs SportsCenter
Program Times Varies
Social Media Instagram

Lindsay is an American sports anchor on ESPN and hosts the SportsCenter.She started this love of being a reporter long ago as she started loving sports when she was still young. When she completed her online journalism course at the University of James Madison University in 2000, she started her career of anchoring in sports news.

She has managed to be a valuable asset in her career since she shows professionalism in her work and can cover a wide range of sports. Her social life is just like other female ESPN anchors, where she shares her behind-the-scenes on her program and highlights from her broadcast on Instagram, where she can connect with her fans more visually.

18. Antonietta Collins

Espn Antonietta Collins

Anchor Antonietta Collins
Main programs SportsCenter
Program Times Varies
Social Media Twitter

Antonietta is another beautiful and dynamic ESPN anchor popularly known for her appearance on SportsCenter.When you look at the history of Collins, she started loving sports at a young age, when she was ten years old when she played soccer. Her desire for sports has managed her to reach this point and become a news anchor on ESPN.

When she conducts SportsCentre, she is so engaging that her reporting skills make her one of the favorite anchors of her fans who love sports. Since she is a social person, she has a Twitter page where she often communicates with her followers to share her personal life events and sharing sports updates while interacting wither followers.

19. Josina Anderson

Espn Josina Anderson

Anchor Josina Anderson
Main programs NFL Live
Program Times Varies
Social Media Twitter

If you love to watch NFL Live, then you should have seen Josina Anderson, an ESPN anchor who dwells mostly on NFL Live. Her contribution as a host in NFL Live is that she has in-depth knowledge and insightful reporting that provides comprehensive coverage of the league.

You can find Josina on her social media pages, mainly where she engages actively on Twitter. She uses her Twitter page to share breaking news and exclusive interviews with NFL players and coaches.

20. Jennifer Hale

Espn Jennifer Hale

Anchor Jennifer Hale
Main programs College Football
Program Times Varies
Social Media Twitter

Jennifer Hale is a female ESPN anchor known for contributing her reporting to college football coverage. She has successfully been a good reporter because of her vast experience in sports reporting, and she delivers well in engaging her audiences by providing informative analyses of college football games.

On Hale's social life, you can find on her Twitter handle, where she keeps her audience updated and engaged and shares updates and highlights from various college football matchups.

21. Jessica Mendoza

Espn Jessica Mendoza

Anchor Jessica Mendoza
Main programs Baseball Tonight
Program Times Varies
Social Media Twitter

Jessica Mendoza is a respected ESPN anchor who hosts the Baseball Tonight program and is a former professional softball player. She is a trailblazer in the world of sports, where she has had a remarkable career as an Olympic gold and silver medalist. She first joined ESPN in 2017, where she grew to become a prominent figure in the sports media.

She inspires the next generation of female analysts and broadcasters by showing exceptional skills and dedication to her craft. As a baseball analyst on Baseball Tonight, she has provided valuable insights and commentary on MLB games. To find Mendoza on social media, we recommend you search for her on Twitter, where she has many followers, engages them, and shares her thoughts on baseball and sports-related topics.

22. Prim Siripipat

Espn Prim Siripipat

Anchor Prim Siripipat
Main programs Golf
Program Times Varies
Social Media Instagram

Another female ESPN anchor you should get to know is Prim Siripipat, known for her golf coverage expertise. If you are a golf fan, you may have come across her in her coverage of golf sports. She knows how to deliver insightfulness commentary and analysis where she enhances the viewing experience for golf lovers.

Prim also has her social life where you can catch her on her social media pages like Instagram, where she mainly shares updates and behind-the-scenes moments from her golf-related events on Instagram.