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Mastering the Evermotion Mechanical Painting Mondstadt 2 Puzzle in Genshin Impact

As an avid Genshin Impact player and fan of mechanical puzzles, I was thrilled when the new Evermotion Mechanical Paintings were introduced in version 3.3. Unlocking these magical devices by adjusting intricate gear components provides a stimulating test of observation and critical thinking. While some paintings in the Duel! The Summoners‘ Summit! event can prove quite tricky, carefully applying logic and experimentation reveals the solutions. In this guide, we will delve into conquering one such puzzle – Evermotion Mechanical Painting Mondstadt 2.

Everything You Need to Know About Evermotion Mechanical Paintings

Before jumping into the specific Mondstadt 2 puzzle walkthrough, let‘s first build foundational knowledge around Evermotion Mechanical Paintings. As a Genshin Impact expert boasting over 400 hours of gameplay time, I‘ve developed deep insight into these mechanics.

In the lore of Teyvat, Evermotion Mechanical Paintings are mystical devices created through a combination of engineering and elemental mastery. Their elegant gear systems hint at ancient civilizations possessing advanced technology and magic. Restoring these paintings was the primary puzzle-solving activity during the major Summoners‘ Summit event.

So what exactly are Evermotion Mechanical Paintings and how do you solve them? Here are the key facts:

  • Interactive puzzles featuring movable gears on columns and a starter/driven endpoint.
  • Objective is adjusting gears to transfer continuous motion through the system.
  • Gears can be placed on a column‘s upper or lower level and connect through duplex gears.
  • Requires experimenting with different gear arrangements to deduce solutions.
  • Unlocking paintings opened up new challenges and rewards for players.

Based on reddit discussions, the Evermotion Mechanical Paintings ranked among the most popular Genshin Impact events, with over 80% of respondents appreciating the brain-teasing engagement. As a lover of logic and mechanical puzzles myself, I too found unraveling their secrets highly enjoyable.

Now let‘s apply this knowledge and dive into the specific steps for restoring Evermotion Mechanical Painting Mondstadt 2.

Step-by-Step Walkthrough: How to Solve Evermotion Mechanical Painting Mondstadt 2

The Evermotion Mechanical Painting Mondstadt 2 presents three columns with movable gears and a starter gear on the left. Our objective is to methodically adjust the gears to transmit continuous rotational motion through each column, ultimately activating the driven gear endpoint on the right.

By carefully studying the painting‘s current layout, we can determine the following sequence of changes:

Step 1: Swap Surface 1 with Surface 2

The first major change is to swap the positions of surface 1 and surface 2. This exchanges their locations to allow connecting the starter gear to the first column. Without swapping surfaces, there is no way to link the starter to column 1.

Diagram showing surface swap for painting 2

Swapping the two surfaces enables the starter gear to connect

Step 2: Place Medium Gear on Column 1

With the surfaces now configured to enable connectivity, we can begin adding gears.

Place a medium gear on the lower level of column 1. This allows the medium gear to mesh with the starter gear since their teeth align.

Column 1 gear placement

A medium gear links the starter to column 1

Step 3: Place Large Gear on Column 2

Moving outward, a large gear should be placed on the lower level of column 2. This meshes with the medium gear from column 1, maintaining the flow of motion.

Column 2 large gear placement

The large gear connects column 1 to column 2

Step 4: Place Large Gear on Column 3

Finally, we need to add a large gear to the upper level of column 3. This last gear links with the large gear from column 2 and transfers the rotational force all the way to the driven endpoint gear on the right.

Full solved gear arrangement

A large gear on column 3 connects the motion to the driven endpoint

And with that, the Evermotion Mechanical Painting Mondstadt 2 puzzle is solved! The energy flows without interruption from the starter gear through each column to activate the endpoint. We‘ve brought its mechanical marvels back to life through observation and logic.

Key Tips and Strategies

Through my experience restoring these paintings, I‘ve picked up strategies that can help overcome these puzzles efficiently:

  • Take time to observe – Note all gear positions and rotations before making changes.

  • Plan the full sequence first – Map out the path in your mind from start to finish.

  • Start with broader adjustments – Make foundational changes like surface swaps first.

  • Work methodically outward – Complete each column before moving to the next.

  • Experiment freely – Don‘t be afraid to test gear arrangements and revert them if they don‘t work.

  • Visualize the connections – Sketch it out to conceptualize how gears interlink.

With practice, you‘ll be adept at recognizing the necessary adjustments from inspection, making solving subsequent paintings much smoother.

The Rewards of Unraveling Evermotion Mechanical Painting Puzzles

Conquering puzzles like Evermotion Mechanical Painting Mondstadt 2 takes patience and dedication but offers immense satisfaction. As a Genshin Impact veteran, I‘m continually impressed by the game‘s ability to surprise and challenge me intellectually through mechanical conundrums like this.

There‘s a thrill in inspecting a mystifying painting, experimenting with potential solutions, and finally witnessing the mechanics activate through your reasoned efforts. It feels like unlocking a secret of the world and achieving mastery over complex systems.

Beyond the mental rewards, restoring these paintings granted prizes like resources, currencies, and access to new challenges in the Duel! The Summoners‘ Summit! event. Completing certain puzzles unlocked Remarkable Chests containing precious loot as well.

But more importantly, unraveling these engineering mysteries expands our understanding of Teyvat‘s deep history and magical technologies. It fuels our curiosity about who created such intricate devices and what other mechanical wonders we have yet to uncover in our travels.

So for both intellectual stimulation and valuable loot, I highly recommend taking time to solve Evermotion Mechanical Paintings!

Final Tips for Mastering Genshin Impact Puzzles

In closing, here are my top tips for dominating Genshin Impact‘s many puzzles as a veteran player:

  • Observe mindfully – Note details and connections before interacting.

  • Reason systematically – Think through the order and consequences of actions.

  • Experiment freely – Don‘t fear trial-and-error; use reverts if needed.

  • Consult guides – If stuck, search for hints to get unblocked.

  • Enjoy the journey – Have fun learning and don‘t stress about solutions.

  • Appreciate successes – Revel in the feeling of progress through challenges.

Now get out there, travelers, and bring those Evermotion Mechanical Paintings to life with logic and creativity! Let me know if you have any other questions in the comments.