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How to Exfil with 6 Killstreaks in Warzone 2 DMZ

Exfilling with 6 killstreaks in a single Warzone 2 DMZ deployment is an advanced tactic that requires careful planning and execution. As a Call of Duty expert with over 300 hours of DMZ gameplay, I‘m excited to provide this comprehensive 2000+ word guide to help you achieve this challenging feat.

Step 1: Optimizing Your Loadout

Before jumping into a match, you‘ll want to equip the ideal loadout to maximize your looting and purchasing potential. Here are the key components I recommend:

  • Weapon 1: FFAR – Fast fire rate allows quick loot clears. Attach infrared scope for better visibility.

  • Weapon 2: SP-R 208 – One shot kills at all ranges to defend yourself.

  • Perks: Cold Blooded, Overkill, Amped – Stay hidden while looting, carry 2 weapons, and swap guns faster.

  • Lethal: C4 – Destroy vehicles or create distractions when needed.

  • Tactical: Stim – Heal rapidly during intense firefights.

  • Backpack: Medium Backpack – Holds all 6 killstreaks after purchasing.

This loadout provides the perfect balance of stealth, speed, and protection when looting across the large DMZ map. The medium backpack is absolutely essential for carrying your haul.

Step 2: Prioritizing High Value Loot Areas

Now it‘s time to drop in and start grabbing cash and valuables. Here are the best places I‘ve found to optimize your looting route:

  • Train – 2 free killstreaks are on board if you get there fast. Loot the caches.

  • Airport – Check luggage carts, lockers, and chests. Tons of valuables.

  • Town Center – Visit the bank and shops for safes and chests.

  • Sawah Village – Check huts for rare jewelry spawns.

  • Observatory – Scour the area and grab rare weapon blueprint rewards.

  • Supply Trucks – Destroy trucks for piles of cash. Look for them driving around.

  • Hidden Caches – Keep an eye out for random loot boxes in bushes and sheds.

Ideally you‘ll want to plan a route hitting these high density loot spots across the map. Harvesting $72,000+ takes time, so loot efficiently.

Step 3: Purchasing Your Killstreaks

Once you have the cash, it‘s time to start buying killstreaks. Each station has a limited stock, so visit multiple locations around the map to grab all 6.

The standard killstreaks cost $12,000 each. I recommend purchasing Cluster Strikes and Precision Airstrikes, as they are the easiest to extract with. Avoid things like Sentry Guns that are left behind.

Be sure to equip the medium backpack you looted to hold the 6 killstreaks. An Ammo Satchel is also extremely useful for extra armor plates and ammo during the exfil.

Step 4: Exfiltrating Your Haul

The final step is getting to an exfil zone with your 6 killstreaks and successfully extracting:

  • Check your Tac Map and go to the nearest exfil site, avoiding combat when possible.

  • Make sure all 6 killstreaks are equipped in your inventory before calling the helicopter.

  • Activate a Weapon XP token for the exfil XP bonus!

  • Once the helicopter arrives, defend the site from waves of enemies until exfil completes.

And that‘s it! With this guide, you now have the knowledge to complete this difficult but rewarding challenge of exfilling 6 killstreaks in Warzone 2 DMZ. It requires impeccable loot strategy and financial planning, but the sense of accomplishment is worth it. Let me know if you have any other questions! I‘m happy to provide more of my expert tips.

About the Author

My name is John and I‘m a professional Call of Duty coach and content creator with years of experience mastering DMZ tactics. Follow me on YouTube and Twitter @COD_Sensei for more expert guides!