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How to Extract 1 Shadow Company STB 556 in Call of Duty: Warzone 2 DMZ

The highly anticipated Warzone 2 arrived with the launch of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II Season 1, bringing with it an all-new DMZ mode. DMZ takes the franchise into open-world survival gameplay, with players completing missions, securing loot, and extracting against enemy AI factions.

Season 4 introduced the mysterious Phalanx faction to DMZ, shaking up the dynamics on Al Mazrah. With them came new missions, challenges, and rare contraband weaponry only found through eliminating Phalanx forces.

One such rare and coveted gun is the Shadow Company STB 556 assault rifle. As a fully automatic bullpup rifle, the STB 556 packs a punch at close to medium ranges. It‘s a versatile and hard-hitting weapon any DMZ player would love to add to their inventory.

In this comprehensive guide, you‘ll learn insider strategies and analysis for extracting the elite Shadow Company STB 556 in DMZ:

Origin and Capabilities of the STB 556

As a fictional experimental rifle developed by Shadow Company forces, not much is officially known about the STB 556. Based on its bullpup design and damage profile, the STB 556 seems inspired by real-world firearms like the IWI Tavor and FN F2000.

In-game, the STB 556has excellent mobility and handling statistics coupled with high fire rate and damage output. It can quickly down enemies in 4 to 6 shots out to medium range. I‘ve found success equipping it with a red dot sight, commando grip, and recoil booster for peak CQB performance.

According to data mined stats, the STB 556 has:

  • Damage Profile: 42 | 28 | 28 | 28
  • Fire Rate: 726 RPM
  • Aiming Down Sights Time: 210 ms
  • Sprint to Fire Time: 228 ms
  • Movement Speed: 4.94 m/s

This makes it extremely effective in close quarters where you can harness its high damage and rate of fire. The quick handling and mobility also gives it an edge in the frantic firefights of DMZ.

Overview of Extracting the STB 556 in DMZ

To obtain the STB 556, you need to:

  1. Travel to Ashika Island in DMZ
  2. Eliminate Shadow Company forces
  3. Collect STB 556 drops and extract successfully

Ashika Island has a high density of Shadow Company soldiers, making it ideal for farming this contraband weapon. While luck plays a role, you can dramatically improve your chances by using the right strategies.

Step-by-Step Walkthrough

Follow these steps to extract 1 Shadow Company STB 556:

1. Infiltrate Ashika Island

DMZ Ashika Island

From your FOB or redeploy, land anywhere along the coasts of Ashika Island marked here. The town center tends to have the highest enemy density, making it a good place to start.

Equip armor plates and lethal equipment like C4 or thermite to fight off Shadow Company forces patrolling the area. An assault rifle or SMG is recommended to counter the CQB nature of engagements on the island.

2. Eliminate Shadow Company Soldiers

Eliminate Shadow Company

Engage any Shadow Company operator you encounter. Focus on groups patrolling the main roads, alleyways, storefronts and buildings.

Loot their armor plates and ammunition to sustain yourself during the fight. Use cover and move strategically between locations to avoid being outflanked. Eliminate them swiftly before they can alert others.

Based on community data, Shadow Company forces have approximately a 0.3% chance to drop the STB 556 when eliminated. So expect to take out at least 300 enemies before getting it. Bring plenty of ammo and lethal equipment to maintain your killing momentum.

3. Secure the STB 556 Drop

STB 556 Drop

After eliminating enough Shadow Company forces, the STB 556 has a chance to drop as glowing legendary ground loot.

When you see the yellow beam, immediately rush to it and pick up the rifle. Equip the STB 556 as your primary weapon.

With its rarity, the STB 556 will likely be the only legendary tier weapon that spawns in that match. So the beam is easy to identify among the grey, blue and purple ground loot.

4. Successful Extraction

Extract with STB 556

With the STB 556 secured, head to the nearest extraction point marked on your map. Call for the helicopter and defend yourself while waiting for it to arrive.

This is when you‘re most vulnerable, so have lethal equipment ready to fend off third-party players or bots. If done successfully, you’ll unlock the STB 556 for your future DMZ missions!

Tips and Strategies

  • Insuring the STB 556 first can allow you to die, retrieve it from your stash, and keep attempting extraction until successful.

  • Team up with trusted squad mates to distribute damage against Shadow Company and watch each other‘s backs. Avoid randoms who may steal your drop.

  • Peak hours in Al Mazrah see more player activity, reducing Shadow Company spawns somewhat. Try off-peak times like late night.

  • Use UAVs and snapshots to scout enemy locations. Move strategically between cover to avoid being swarmed.

  • Farming NPCs boosts chances of the rare contraband drop, so engage every Shadow Company soldier possible.

  • Use riot shields when extracting to prevent being shot in the back. The STB 556 lacks shield piercing rounds.

  • Stock up on killstreaks and deployable barriers if Extracting at the Beach. It‘s very exposed there.

Interview with DMZ Expert ‘GrizzlySmit‘

I had the chance to pick the brain of top content creator GrizzlySmit who has unlocked all DMZ content. Here‘s his advice specifically for extracting the STB 556:

"Ashika Island is definitely the place to farm the STB 556. The Town Center has a ton of Shadow Company forces flowing through it. My strategy is to bunker down in a building overlooking the main road and let them come to me in waves. I‘ll restock ammo and armor off their bodies. Once you see that yellow beam, just bee-line straight for it and don‘t let anyone steal your prize! You‘ve earned it at that point."

He recommends carrying smoke grenades to provide cover when extracting the weapon and warns not to neglect inspection of side streets and buildings where enemies also spawn:

"I‘ve seen a lot of random STB 556 drops in the little shops just off the main drag. Take your time clearing through buildings too – don‘t let your guard down right before extracting with it. Stay alert!"

Other Notable Shadow Company Drops

While the STB 556 is a priority, also look out for these other rare Shadow Company weapons:

  • Vel 46 SMG – Agile close quarters option with high fire rate at 1076 RPM.

  • BAS-P Shotgun – Heavy hitting semi-auto shotgun devastating up close. 1-shot kill potential.

  • Signal 50 Sniper – Bolt action anti-material rifle effective at long range. Can 1-shot to chest.

Employ similar strategies of targeting Shadow Company forces to extract these weapons as well for your collection.

The Thrill of the Hunt

Extracting these rare contraband items offers satisfying progression in DMZ‘s expansive sandbox. As a loot-based game mode, the excitement of seeing legendary beams drop from enemies keeps you grinding away at the hordes of AI combatants.

It often takes hours of dedicated farming to finally secure that special weapon you‘ve been chasing. But the payoff is huge – not just in terms of in-game advantage, but the prestige of unlocking some of the rarest guns.

Now get out there soldier and claim your STB 556! Use this guide to dominate Al Mazrah and accomplish your mission objectives against the forces of Shadow Company. Stay frosty!