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50 Pretty Finger Tattoo Ideas For Females With Meaning

Finger tattoos are easily noticeable. You can choose designs ranging from flowers, signs, symbols, phrases, names, crowns, and much more. The tattoo will boost the right confidence.

Finger tattoos can boost your confidence when carrying out your day-to-day activities. Therefore, you ought to choose a design you will feel proud of. The tattoo can even give you the courage to encounter certain obstacles or act as inspiration.

Therefore, be creative and take your time while choosing a great tattoo to use on your finger. Tattoos are beautiful, and you shouldn’t miss having one. If you are a fan of finger tattoos, here are some amazing 50 tattoos to choose from.

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1. Little branches finger tattoo

Little branches finger tattoo

If you love nature, you can consider getting little branches or fig tree leaves as your finger tattoo. It all depends on which tree is your favorite. Your tattoo artist will know how to design it to look classy on your hands. Therefore, you can use that as a tattoo inspiration.

2. Love heart, arrows, lines

Love heart- arrows- lines

You can also consider getting these beautiful designs on your hands. You can have a heart on one finger, arrows on another, and much more. Just find out your favorite shapes or other great things you would want to use on your fingers. They may or may not have a hidden meaning.

3. Heavenly bodies tattoo

Heavenly bodies tattoo

It is so easy to note a tattoo on the finger. Therefore, you need to take your time while choosing a finger tattoo. If you love the heavenly bodies, you can consider having the crescent moon, dots, spiral, and much more on your hands. It will look good on you.

4. Butterfly finger tattoo

Butterfly finger tattoo

Butterflies symbolize a type of transformation. Therefore, you can consider having a butterfly on your favorite finger. All the butterfly species look amazing, and you can’t miss the one you like most. Therefore, consider getting a butterfly symbol on your hand.

5. Leaf finger tattoo

Leaf finger tattoo

If you love nature, getting a leaf tattoo would be perfect. You can choose a leaf from your favorite tree and get your tattoo artist to imprint it on you. It is also a minimalistic design that you will keep on admiring over and over again.

6. Paw finger design

Paw finger design

Another minimalistic finger tattoo idea would be a paw. You can get it on your favorite finger on the inside or outward part. It all depends on how you prefer the tattoo. Additionally, since it is just a small paw, it won’t be that noticeable if you don’t want to draw too much attention.

7. Queen finger tattoo

Queen finger tattoo

You can also consider getting a Q with a love heart on your finger. Your partner can then have the K with a love heart tattoo. Therefore, your fingers will complement each other. It all depends on how you want to spice up the initial.

8. Heartbeat finger tattoo idea

Heartbeat finger tattoo idea

Another great finger tattoo idea for women would be a heartbeat sign. You can have it alone or share it with your best friend or even your partner. This shows how much you treasure each other in every aspect and can’t stand losing each other.

9. Family love tattoo idea

Family love tattoo idea

If you value your family, you can also consider getting such a tattoo on your finger. It can either be on the inside side of your finger or the outward side. It all depends on how you like it. Additionally, it can be of another word other than your family.

10. Different symbol designs

Different symbol designs

You can also consider getting different symbols on your hand. However, you need to research the meanings of the symbols before you can put them on your hand. However, they will stand out and will be easy to notice. If you are not into minimalistic designs, this would work for you.

11. Lotus flower tattoo design

Lotus flower tattoo design

If you love the Lotus flower, then this would be a suitable tattoo for you. It is also minimalistic, classy, and beautiful. However, you are not just limited to the Lotus plant, you can also choose another one.

12. Twig finger tattoo design

Twig finger tattoo design

If you love trees, getting this twig finger tattoo would be great for you. You can choose whether it should just be on your thumb or even reach your wrist area. At the end of the day, you want to choose a tattoo you will be proud to show off to other people and not regret having it.

13. Arrow design

Arrow design

Another great tattoo idea would be getting an arrow-like design. You can separate the arrow to have the front part behind and the back part in front. It all depends on your creativity. Your tattoo should stand out from the rest.

14. Small plane tattoo design

Small plane tattoo design

If you love traveling or have a career in the transportation industry or flight management, getting a plane tattoo would be great. The plane can just be minimal enough to be seen and also attract the right attention. It’s your choice to choose which finger you would want it to be.

15. Love word finger tattoo idea

Love word finger tattoo idea

Love is a beautiful feeling. If you want to spread love among your friends,  family, colleagues, or everyone you meet, this would be a perfect tattoo for it. You just need to choose some blazing fonts to ensure it is easily readable. You will also love seeing it there.

16. Rose flower finger tattoo design

Rose flower finger tattoo design

Do you love roses? Then consider getting a rose flower tattooed on your finger. You get to choose which finger you want. However, roses are really beautiful, and you will look great with one on your finger. You can choose for it to either be colored or not.

17. Favorite symbol design

Favorite symbol design

What’s your favorite symbol or sign? Why not get that on your hands? It can even be a powerful symbol that has a deeper meaning. Regardless of whether it has a meaning or not, it would be the perfect sign for you.

18. Exhale phrase

Exhale phrase

You can also consider having the exhale or inhale phrase on your finger. You can choose whichever word you want to have on your finger as long as it provides positive vibes to you and those around you. When it is tough, inhale then exhale. Perfect, right?

19. Love heart ring-like tattoo idea

Love heart ring-like tattoo idea

If you love rings, this would be a great tattoo idea. You can have a love heart with lines surrounding it. This would resemble a true ring. It is admirable, and you will look attractive always with such a tattooed ring on your finger.

20. Cross tattoo idea

Cross tattoo idea

If you are religious, a cross tattoo would work perfectly for you. You can place it on any finger and always feel safe anywhere. It is a minimalistic design that will attract the right attention to you. Therefore, consider getting this on your finger.

21. Lightening like a tattoo

Lightening like tattoo

If you love the rainy season, why not get a lightning sign on your favorite finger? With the right shading, it will show your fierceness just like for lightning. Therefore, don’t hesitate to have this lightning kind of shape on your finger. It will attract the right attention for sure.

22. Rosary tattoo idea

Rosary tattoo idea

Rosaries are associated with protecting anyone who wears them. Therefore, you can consider getting a rosary sign on your hand and ensure it has all the recommended beads. You can even use the tattoo while praying the rosary to keep track of the prayers. It is an admirable tattoo for sure.

23. Forest tattoo idea

Forest tattoo idea

If you love nature or taking nature walks, getting a forest tattoo on your finger would be great. You can have them on both your and your partner’s fingers or even your best friend. It can even symbolize togetherness and can easily replace having rings.

24. Pussycat face-like tattoo

Pussycat face-like tattoo

How about getting a pussycat face-like tattoo? Well, if you are a cat person, you will be pleased with having such a tattoo. Just choose how you would want it designed. Either unfinished like in this case or well drawn to show the cat's face fully.

25. Same side arrows

Same side arrows

If you like directional signs, then you can get the same side-facing arrows on your hand. You can choose how bold or light they should be and the side they should face. The directional signs may have a hidden meaning or not have any at all.

26. Sun rising tattoo idea

Sun rising tattoo idea

You can also opt to have a sun-rising tattoo on your finger. The sun's rays are beautiful and so is it when it rises and when it sets. Therefore, you can choose to have this tattoo on your finger so easily. It will always inspire you to do more and be more.

27. Heart tattoo idea

Heart tattoo idea

The heart is a major reason why our body operates perfectly each day. To show appreciation, you can have a heart symbol drawn on your favorite finger. It can also be for some other reason why you have the heart there, but it would be a perfect fit for anyone.

28. Colored Flower crown design

Colored Flower crown design

A colored flower crown design would look great on your thumb. It also has a minimalistic design that anyone would find admirable. You just need to request the tattoo artist to make it as beautiful and colorful as possible with the right shading. You better not miss out on this adorable tattoo. It is stylish and classy.

29. Travel destination tattoo idea

Travel destination tattoo idea

What’s your favorite travel destination? Is it the beaches or anywhere else? Well, you can have some features found there on your hands. You can have the plane you will use to travel, palm trees you will find there, and water tides or waves. You aren’t limited to those features.

30. Star tattoo idea

Star tattoo idea

Stars twinkle throughout the night to ensure we have a peaceful night. Another great finger tattoo idea would be getting stars on your finger. You can choose the number that you wish based on how you want them placed.

31. Flower and moon tattoo combination

Flower and moon tattoo combination

Another great tattoo idea would be getting a flower and moon finger tattoo. You can choose your favorite plant or flower to be placed on your finger. You can also choose the shading that you want whether too colored or just light.

32. Intersecting triangles

Intersecting triangles

If you love shapes, you can get an intersecting triangle tattoo on your thumb or any other of your favorite fingers. You can also get to choose how deeply colored it should be. You are not just limited to triangles or a star-like shape, but you can choose any that you prefer.

33. Dots on your finger

Dots on your finger

Another great tattoo idea would be getting dots on your fingers. You can have them forming a certain shape or sign, but not exactly joined together. This would look so admirable for anyone. You can also have twigs on one of your fingers.

34. Night symbols

Night symbols

The sky normally looks so adorable at night. If you appreciate that, then you can have glittering stars, stationary stars, and the moon tattooed on your finger or fingers. You get to choose how many of them you will need on each of your fingers. This is a unique pick!

35. Different signs tattoo symbols

Different signs tattoo symbols

You can also also get different signs tattooed on your fingers. You can choose a specific sign on each of the fingers based on whether you want both hands tattooed. Additionally, the signs may either have a hidden meaning or not have at all.

36. Love sign symbol tattoo idea

Love sign symbol tattoo idea

The love shape would look great on the outward part of your finger or the sides. It symbolizes love which is a great feeling. You can have the love heart symbols on your finger and someone else who is special in your life. It would look great on both of you.

37. Crown tattoo

Crown tattoo

Do you consider yourself a king or queen? Well, you might be someone’s king or someone’s queen. Therefore, this crown tattoo would work for you. It would look great on the side of your finger as a constant reminder of how precious you are.

38. Bowtie tattoo design

Bowtie tattoo design

Another great tattoo design you can try out is the bowtie tattoo on your thumb or favorite finger. It can blend well with your nail art. It is a unique and bold choice for anyone. Therefore, choosing it would give you the right confidence and attention you need.

39. Mama's word tattoo

Mama's word tattoo

How much do you treasure your mother? You can get a “mama” tattoo on your finger so easily. It will always remind you of the pure love she offered you from birth.  Moreover, it will be a constant reminder of how much she values you, and you value her.

40. Blazing heart tattoo

Blazing heart tattoo

If you share some intense love with yourself, your partner, your best friend, or someone special, this blazing heart tattoo would be perfect. It showcases a unique kind of love that you will experience for a long time. Try it out and see how much admiration your finger will get.

41. Wings and number tattoo

Wings and number tattoo

What’s your favorite bird? You can choose to get flapping wings as your finger tattoo. You can combine it with your favorite numbers. The sign may have a deeper meaning or just be some aesthetics that you like. It can look great on the side of your finger.

42. Palm tree tattoo

Palm tree tattoo

If you love palm trees or love seeing them when you go to the beach, then you can get a finger tattoo. It is a unique kind of tattoo that you will love. You can choose whether you want it colored fully or semi-colored. The choice is yours.

43. Numerous stars on your finger

Numerous stars on your finger

If stars inspire you, then get some numerous ones on your finger. Stars are beautiful and so will your finger be when you get that tattoo. You can choose to either have a few stars or many of them. You can then choose whether you want them all colored or semi-colored. The choice is solely yours.

44. Special person’s name

Special person’s name

If you have someone special in your life, you can have their name tattooed on your favorite finger. You can choose your preferred font and even have a love heart beside the name. You can also choose your favorite colors to decorate the tattoo.

45. Bird tattoo

Bird tattoo

What’s your favorite bird? Then you can get it tattooed on your finger. For instance, you can choose a dove since it is one of the purest kinds of birds, an eagle based on its great eyesight, or even an owl. The choice is yours.

46. Flower design

Flower design

Another great tattoo would be having flowers on your fingers. You can have them colored red to give them that classy look. The flowers can either be small ones or big ones depending on how you prefer them. The artistic nature will be beautiful on your hands.

47. Single Flower on finger

Single Flower on finger

Another great tattoo idea would be having a flower on your favorite finger. It can be well colored with red and green to give it that perfect finish. You can choose either to have a single flower or multiple flowers with their petals.

48. Snake, love heart, moon

Snake- love heart- moon

You can also get four tattoos on your three fingers. You can have a a snake, dots, a love heart, and a moon on your fingers. The tattoos that you choose are dependent on what you like most. Your creativity matters most.

49. Fairy tattoo

Fairy tattoo

Do you believe in fairies? Then you can consider having a fairy tattoo. You can have the fairies from a tender age to a mature age. It is a unique type of tattoo that most people would admire when they see it on their finger.

50. Flower flowing tattoo

Flower flowing tattoo

There are different species of flowers out there. Therefore, you can also consider getting this kind of flower on your hands. It can have its petals all around and even make it look more adorable with artistic lines. You will love looking at it

Get the Best Tattoo on Your Finger

Whether you want a tattoo on one finger or a couple of them, these tattoo ideas are for you.  The designs can work for you, whether you like minimal designs or whether you like large designs.

Your tattoo artist will do his or her job well to ensure you get the perfect tattoo that you want. However, you also need to be creative on your part and help the tattoo artist imprint the right design on you. The design should be one that you won’t regret having.