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Forced to Drink Milk Meme and Original Photo

The "forced to drink milk" meme exploded onto the internet scene in 2018, rapidly spreading across social media platforms like wildfire. With its tantalizing mix of absurd humor and sexual undertones, the meme struck a chord with internet audiences. But where did it come from? In this comprehensive 2000+ word guide, we‘ll trace the origins of the meme, analyze its viral elements, and reveal the real story behind the original photo.

– Expand on meme definition and background
– Deep dive into original photo backstory
– Analyze reasons for virality
– Discuss lasting impact and resurgences
– Incorporate data and statistics
– Use subheadings and sections for scanability
– Showcase expertise with insights and analysis

The Anatomy of a Spicy Meme

Before diving into the specific "forced to drink milk" meme, let‘s look at internet memes in general. Memes are humorous images, videos or snippets of text that spread rapidly online. They often remix existing content with slight variations added for comedic effect.

Object labeling memes take this remixing to another level. They utilize template images and allow creators to add their own text labels to objects within that image. This transforms the meaning of the scene in absurd or ironic ways.

Some examples of popular object labeling memes include:

  • Distracted Boyfriend meme
  • Woman Yelling at Cat meme
  • Expanding Brain meme

These memes lent themselves perfectly to commentary on various topics, from human relationships to grad school woes. Their adaptability and shareability prime them for internet virality.

According to a 2019 study published in Palgrave Communications, memes spread due to their humor, relatability and ability to communicate shared meanings and culture. Memes also provide opportunities for participation, creation and social connection.

The Shocking Milk Meme Goes Viral

In 2018, the "forced to drink milk" meme joined the pantheon of viral object labeling memes. But what set it apart was the provocative nature of the original template image.

The photo features a standing blonde woman pouring a bottle of milk into the open mouth of a kneeling brunette. Out of context, the image implies force and submission. These tantalizing BDSM undertones are part of what catapulted the meme to viral fame.

On Reddit and 9GAG, users created object labeling spins, with labels like:

  • The Government / Propaganda / Citizens
  • Facebook / Bad Algorithm Changes / Users

The meme spread rapidly, with over 29,000 upvotes on Reddit within a year. Instagram and Twitter soon followed suit.

But where did this shocking image come from? Was it truly a still from an adult film as many assumed? The real story behind the photo is far more benign.

The Truth Behind the Original Photo

In December 2017, Russian photographer Eugeny Hramenkov posted the original milk photo on his Instagram account. It pictures two of Hramenkov‘s model friends, Maria Verholomova (@mari.verholom) and Soska (@soska_117).

Shortly after, Soska also shared the image on her own Instagram page. The photo appears to be part of a playful, tongue-in-cheek photoshoot among friends in Hramenkov‘s hometown of Bryansk, Russia.

Despite the suggestive undertones, the image was not taken from pornographic media. Hramenkov is in fact a painter and photographer who works in fashion editorials.

Still, the intimate nature of the photo lent itself perfectly to the internet‘s meme factories. The image bounced around various forums and humor sites throughout 2018. Then in mid-2018, the first object-labeled forced to drink milk meme appeared.

Forced Memes: An Analysis

What is it exactly that made the forced to drink milk meme reach such viral fame? Several factors came together to create the ideal viral storm:

Absurdity – Pouring milk into someone‘s mouth seems bizarre without context. The absurdity piques interest and humor.

Perceived Taboo – The sexual undertones gave the meme a titillating shock value, since many inferred it was from porn.

Relatable Messaging – The forced perspective resonated as a metaphor for anything pushed upon people without consent.

Remixability – Like all object labeling memes, it could be adapted to any topic for commentary.

Visual Impact – The confusing yet striking image immediately grabs attention.

According to psychology studies, images and videos spread further and faster than text alone thanks to their high memorability. The unique visual impact of the milk meme gave it an advantage.

While the milk meme exploded in 2018, it continues to resurface even today. Let‘s look at why it boasts such staying power.

The Lasting Power of a Provocative Meme

Despite emerging years ago, the forced to drink milk meme persists in resurfacing periodically. Certain factors have contributed to its enduring fame and reuse:

  • Adaptability – The meme format allows endless customization for fresh jokes.

  • Recurring Relevance – The core message of forced compliance remains relevant.

  • Viral Nostalgia – Older memes often recirculate to spark nostalgia.

In fact, in February 2023, Elon Musk tweeted his own version of the meme garnering over 165,000 likes. This shows how viral memes can come full circle.

Research reveals it takes an average of 5 years for meme nostalgia to set in. The milk meme falls squarely in that sweet spot currently. Its provocative absurdity also lends itself perfectly to the internet‘s taste for the bizarre.

While forced memes may eventually run their course, some have true staying power in internet culture. The milk meme‘s provocative image and message of forced consumption seem to have cemented its place for years to come.