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11 Best Free Anime Websites to Watch Anime Online 2023

Do you want to watch anime on your device without paying a dime? This article is here to help. This article provides you with the best free anime websites to stream anime online.

The term “anime” is commonly used to refer to Japanese animation. The animation styles of Pixar, DreamWorks, etc., and Japanese anime are very different. Since most anime is made in Japan, it uses a simplified animation style that allows for a high volume of episodes and detailed character designs.

To a large extent, anime's global success can be attributed to the genre's singular visual aesthetic. There has been a dramatic increase in the number of people who watch anime throughout the years. The worldwide success of Demon Slayer Movie is evidence of this. Fairy Tail, Bleach, Naruto, One Piece, and many others have also contributed to the worldwide success of anime.

1. GoGoAnime — Best Free Anime Website for High-Quality Anime Download and Streaming

GoGo Anime Tv overview

  • Provides filter option for easy searching of anime
  • Free to stream any anime
  • Large catalog of anime

When it comes to free anime streaming sites for 2022, you can also check out GoGoAnime. It's a lot like 9Anime in that there's a lot of anime to watch.

Anime can be sorted out by genre, and you can check out the most well-liked shows on the site to see what others are watching. In addition to English dubs, the anime website also hosts Chinese dubbed episodes. If you sign up for the service, you can also download anime in ultra-high definition.

2. 9Anime — Best Pace to Watch your Favorite Anime with Filer Options

9Anime overview

  • Provides free anime
  • Has quality streaming
  • Large library with up-to-date anime

When it comes to places where you can watch anime online for free, 9Anime is up there with the best of them. It contains an extensive anime catalog that includes the newest anime releases. Anime is organized in numerous ways: by type, by nation, by airing status, and so on. Anime series are available with English subtitles and dubs.

Watching an episode of anime on 9Anime is not without its drawbacks, the most significant of which are the constant interruptions from advertisements and the automatic redirects that accompany it.

3. Asian Crush — Best Free Anime Website for Romantic Anime Streaming

Asian Crush overview

  • Supports Roku, iPhone, and Android
  • Provides quality and fast streaming

In 2022, Asian Crush joins the ranks of legitimate anime streaming sites like Crunchyroll and Crunchyroll to offer free access to a wide variety of animes. Since both Asian Crush and Midnight Pulp are published by Digital Media Rights, it's possible that some of the same articles appear in both magazines.

In spite of the fact that one must pay for a premium membership in order to access all of the information, including the newest anime releases. With a free membership, though, you can watch commercial-supported anime.

4. Midnight Pulp — Best Place to Watch Action Anime

Midnight Pulp overview

  • Provides Anime in high quality
  • Provides filter option for easy sorting and searching of anime

If you're looking for a nice place to watch anime online for free, Midnight Pulp is a solid option. There are a number of dubbed and subtitled anime films and television programs available. Legal and free anime can be found on a number of different entertainment websites, including this one, all of which are owned by the same company: Digital Media Rights.

5. Crackle — Best Free Anime Website for Classic Anime Streaming

Crackle overview

  • Doesn’t bug you up with ads
  • High speed streaming and HD quality

It's possible that many of you have heard about Crackle. This Sony-owned site offers free access to a small selection of anime episodes. The site makes up for the lack of number with excellent video quality and an absence of annoying advertisements.

If you're looking for places to watch TV series and movies without paying a dime, you should look at the other content they have to offer. Bear in mind that access to this site is now restricted to the United States, Canada, Australia, and 18 countries in Latin America. There's a chance it won't function for you if you're in a different part of the world. However, if you utilize a virtual private network (VPN), you can avoid these limitations.

6. Tubi TV — Best Free Anime Website for Streaming High-Quality Anime with the need to Register

Tubi TV overview

  • Available on iPhone, Android, and Web
  • Fast Streaming quality in HD
  • Doesn’t necessitate registration before streaming anime

You can stream both subbed and dubbed anime for free on the renowned streaming service Tubi TV. Since it's not widely available, it's ranked so low. This anime website might not have the most recent or well-known titles. However, you should see the shows presented here because the video quality is superb.

TubiTV supports video streaming at resolutions between 360p and 720p. You can customize your watching experience with a variety of playback parameters and captioning settings. The nicest feature about TubiTV is that you don't have to join up to watch free online anime.

7. CONtv — Best Place to Stream your Favorite Anime for Free

CONtv overview

  • Available on iPhone, Android and Web
  • Supports 240p-1080p Streaming
  • Provides Subtitles in English

CONtv, formerly called Viewster, is a great place to stream anime online without paying a dime. In all likelihood, many of you have heard about it before. Following its purchase by CONtv in June of 2020, Viewster became known as CONtv Anime.

As a result of the purchase, this site now offers otakus a large library of anime television shows and films. You can quickly find what you're looking for on CONtv, thanks to the interface's clean aesthetic and intuitive design. It's 2022, and because of the site's advertising revenue, anime is available for free online.

8. Anime-Planet — Quality Platform for Anime Streaming

Anime-Planet overview

  • Provides Subtitles in over 8 languages
  • Anime Streaming are free and in HD quality

As with Crunchyroll, Anime-Planet is a popular destination for Otaku. Not only can you watch anime episodes online for free, but you can also read Manga and learn about the most up-to-date anime adaptations of popular media. It provides access to a large collection of anime episodes without charge, including fan favorites like Hikari: Be My Light, ReLife, JoJo's Bizarre Adventures, Pokemon, Naruto, and many more.

You'll need to create an account on Anime-Planet in order to view anime episodes online for no cost. Then, you can watch the anime online without cost in your choice of 240p to 1080p resolution and 8 different subtitle languages.

9. Funimation — Best Place for Anime with English Subtitles

Funimation overview

  • Geo-restricted, but easy to Bypass with Premium VPN
  • Up-to-date Anime Episodes

For those who would rather listen to the voices than read the subtitles, Funimation has you covered. It's a great place to find anime with English subtitles.

Anime often airs for free and is financed by advertisements, albeit the most up-to-date episodes require a paid subscription. Anime fans can now enjoy the medium without worrying about being subjected to a quality cap. However, Funimation has a major limitation in that it is only offered in certain regions. But using a Virtual Private Network (VPN), you can easily get around these restrictions.

10. Netflix — Most Popular Platform for Original and New Anime in High Quality

Netflix overview

  • Offers High Quality Anime
  • Large Library of Anime
  • Provision of English Dubs for Anime

Many people don't realize that Netflix, one of the most popular streaming services, has a sizable selection of anime. Additionally, many of the anime series available on Netflix have English dubbed versions available for viewing.

Netflix has every great anime series, including Black Clover, My Hero Academia, One Piece, and Attack on Titan. Netflix has many of the best anime films ever made available to stream. Also, in 2021, Netflix will debut a slew of original anime productions.

You may be surprised to see Netflix on this list of free anime sites in 2022, but if you already have a Netflix account or regularly use torrents to watch anime, I strongly recommend it.

11. Crunchyroll — Best Place to Watch Anime without Signup

Crunchyroll overview

  • Available in over 100 Countries
  • Doesn’t Require Signup before Streaming Anime
  • Anime are Free
  • Updated Simulcasted Episodes

Though Crunchyroll's premium packages cost money, the site's thousands of free episodes make it possible to enjoy anime legally and without a subscription. The only downside is that there are commercials interspersed throughout each show. If you don't mind commercial breaks, you can watch the entirety of Naruto for nothing.


Q. Where is the best place to watch uncensored animes?

Funimation, Crunchyroll, and HiDive all provide legal access to uncut anime.

Q. Where can I watch anime without registration?

Crunchyroll is a great place to watch anime without having to sign up first.

Q. Do I need a VPN to stream anime online?

In most cases, only viewers in specific countries can access the legal anime streaming services. One of the largest distributors of Japanese animation, AnimeLab, is unfortunately only accessible in Australia and New Zealand.

You'll need a virtual private network (VPN) to watch anime online if you don't happen to live in one of the above countries.


You can potentially find the newest episodes of your favorite anime on one of the numerous other free websites dedicated to the genre. Nonetheless, it must be understood that their illegality cannot be overlooked.

Sites that are taken down due to a lack of legal authorization often reappear under a different but confusingly similar domain name. If you want to watch anime online in 2022, you should bookmark a site from this list of the greatest free anime streaming sites.