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Top 15 Free Apple Watch Games of 2023 You Should Play

With free Apple Watch games available for downloads here have narrowed down the 15 best Apps  and fun to play on your Apple Watch, listed below.

1. Lifeline 2

Lifeline 2 Apple Watch

Lifeline2 is the second series of lifeline stories that will need you to guide the main character Arika in her journey to complete her revenge mission. She is a young woman on a mission to avenge her parents' deaths and rescue her brother, who has been missing for a long time. This is a fun game in which your choices matter much for Arika to survive against mortal danger and forces threatening humanity.

In this game, your judgment determines Arika's survival in her quest to revenge. This app is fun since its story is based in real-time, as you can receive notification messages and respond to Arika directly from the app without needing the internet.

Download: apple-app-store

2. Trivia  Crack

Trivia  Crack apple watch

It's a free multiplayer Apple watch game that you can play with your friends and family on a spooky Halloween night. It's a fun game since you compete with real people, not just AI, and you feel how it moves when you spin the wheel.

You also get rewards cards from the vending machines, and it has leagues that are made competitive and fun as the characters are cute. The best part is that it has six categories where you can challenge your friends and enemies when the spinner wheel willy chooses the questions to answer in the categories.

Download: apple-app-store

3. Wordy

Wordie apple watch

Wordie games are one of the best fun apple watch games that can keep you intrigued and is an excellent fit for a small screen like an apple watch. How it plays shows four images, and you must guess the correct word according to the theme or contents of the image displayed since they have something in common. It's an excellent game to test the IQ of your brain because the game becomes more challenging and competitive as your progress further.

Download: apple-app-store

4. Solitaire

Solitaire on Apple Watch

For many fans of the solitaire game on PC, you need to try out the free solitaire game on your apple watch, and you will be surprised at how fun it is. It offers smooth performance on your device whenever you play, is fun to play, and has a clean design that loads extremely fast.

It is well designed to fit on the smaller Apple Watch, which you will find yourself spending more hours to win the puzzle, and it's good for the brain. The fun part of the game is that it is easy to play since it provides hint features to give you possible moves. They are two main modes offered in the game. We have the following:

 Random deal. The game randomly generates a deal, and you can try to compete in the play, and some deals have no solution.

Daily challenge. Each day you will be provided with a special deal and solution, and you can play them for the last three months.

Download: apple-app-store

5. Elevate

Elevate on Apple Watch

It's a brain training word game offered on the Apple Watch, mainly designed to improve your math skills, mind focus, memory, brevity, speaking abilities, processing skills, and word games. The fun part of this game is suitable for mental breaks when you get free time during the workday, either morning, lunch, or evening breaks. Using elevate app more will lead to improving your critical cognitive skills. As a result, it will boost your self-confidence, maths skills, productivity, improved vocabulary, and mental sharpness. When you sign up, the app has a basic free version; you tap X on your left-hand corner.

Download: apple-app-store

6. Ping Pong

Ping Pong on Apple Watch

Pong is a popular game that almost everyone has ever played on other platforms like PCs, gaming consoles, and portable gaming devices. It's now a free classic retro game offered on Apple Watch and is a great app when you have free time and nothing to do. It is a fun game watch as you play ping pong on your wrist and control it by turning the digital crown, and it offers multiple different games. The game is synced with other players, so you can play the game with a friend or family using a different iPhone and Apple watch. The game is categorized into three difficulty levels and can be played in multiplayer mode.

Download: apple-app-store


KOMRAD on Apple Watch

Komrad is an awesome Apple Watch app with an excellent script story. It has a fantastic experience and an exciting storyline that you can't put down. This game has interactive adventures in which you chat with an AI bot. The script of the play is you will chat with a soviet AI bot from 1985 who has spent thirty years in the dark training for the cold war, which ended during that time. In 1985 the Soviets had a secret project which they shut down when the war ended but had forgotten to shut down one computer which contained the soviet AI; It had no idea the war had ended. KOMRAD is now connected to the second largest arsenal, and you are the first person to connect to this soviet AI, and your choices will determine the fate of the world and yours. Komrad game is available for watchOS 2and 3 and iOS 9 and 10.

Download: apple-app-store

8. Vegas Bowling Lite Watch

Vegas Bowling Lite Watch on Apple Watch

This app only plays on the Apple Watch, and the lite version contains three-frame games you can play. To play full ten-frame games, you must upgrade in the upgrade link. The game's storyline is interesting as casino hustlers hungry for cash have moved from the moribund Vegas Strip to north las Vegas. If you enjoy playing outdoor bowling, you may cancel your plans since the vegas bowling Watch App is accessible on your wrist, and you can have fun anytime you feel like a bowling alley. This game trains your brain to improve memory, focus, cognitive skills, and communication. The game offers 40+ brain training games to improve brain cognitive skills, personalized workouts, and many more.

Download: apple-app-store

9. Runeblade

Runeblade apple watch

Runeblade is an app played on Apple Watch, and it is free with no purchases. When you open the app, you will see some creatures you must destroy by simply tapping the sword button to attack. It is a fun adventure game for you to eliminate the creature; it depends on how fast you are when swinging the sword and how powerful the blade is when destroying the creature. The game has boss battles where you must destroy the enemy in a limited time. If you don't win against the boss, try to upgrade the runes of the sword with the accumulated earned coins, which will boost your attack to be stronger and cause damage quickly.

Download: apple-app-store

10. Bubblegum Hero

Runeblade on Apple Watch

It's a simple and addictive Watch apple app that has 30 bubblegum characters where you have over 20 heroes to pick from. It seamlessly has music and sound adapting to the current world. You might experience this game with other devices, such as iPad or iPhones; it is now available on the Apple watch. The game is about a hipster chewing gum who will blow a bigger ballon; it's fun since your main goal is to ensure your bubblegum ballon is right, not too small or too large, which can burst in your face. When you make the right bubble, you also get the best score. Getting to the top of the leaderboard requires you to get the sweet spot of the bubblegum balloon, which can be tricky at some point.

Download: apple-app-store

11. Infinity Loop: Blueprints

Infinity Loop- Blueprints on Apple Watch

Infinity loop is a free puzzle game that is easy and simple. If you are fun of puzzle games, this is the right watch game app to check out. Infinity loop: Blueprint its games is about putting a bunch of pieces puzzles together by simply tapping on the mystery to rotate and connect them on your watch screen to form a closed loop. This game is fun to play in your free time to activate your brain since it becomes quite challenging when you go further with the game. The game modes involved in this app include classic, creative lounge, global puzzles, and daily top 5.

Download: apple-app-store

12. Pocket Bandit

Pocket Bandit on Apple Watch

Pocket Bandit is a fast-paced puzzle and fun game available on Apple Watch. The game offers good gameplay as you are required to organize a heist to get money, jewelry, and anything worth inside the safe. This game is interesting as you need to crack down vaults you will get notified on your wrist. This game is enjoyable as you can pass the time with it, and it is at some point addictive, which you will want to crack down on other vaults.

Download: apple-app-store

13. Dare the monkey: Go Bananas

Dare the monkey- Go Bananas on Apple Watch

It's one of the most popular Apple Watch apps, which is super casual and extreme addictive that has easy controls and challenging gameplay. The game plays by tapping to jump, and when you want to jump higher, you tap longer when bigger jumps are needed. You have the dare monkey who risks his life and runs, jumps, climbs, and rolls, defeating enemies and traps. For the daring monkey to reach his end goal in the tricky world and dangers for his life, the little monkey needs your help to achieve the end goal.

Download: apple-app-store

14. Soduku

Soduku on Apple Watch

Almost everyone knows Soduku and has played it at some point. It is a puzzle game available on Apple Watch and fits on the apple watch screen without annoying. The app has a feature for text entry where you can text easily. It has empty blocks, which you can tap and choose the number to place. The sudoku puzzle in the game ranges in levels from easy to more complex levels, and you can solve one mystery for you to open the next level.

Download: apple-app-store

15. Mimic: The Game

Mimic- The Game on Apple Watch

The app game contains four buttons with different colors on your screen, which display the lights in a pattern. This game has a level for you to proceed to the other; you need to use the buttons to light up the colors to form the same pattern that can unlock the following levels. As you proceed further to the next levels, the game becomes more fun and challenging as additional buttons are changed in their locations to confuse the gamer. If you make a wrong move, you will be redirected back to the start of the game, which can be frustrating and annoying and keep you on your toes to make the right move. This game is played best when you are free and have no stress affecting you.

Download: apple-app-store

How to install games on Apple Watch

To download and install app games on your Apple Watch, you can use the App Store on the watch to get game apps. The procedure below will guide you on how to install games on an Apple watch;

Step 1: Press the Digital Crown screen to direct you to the home screen, and tap the icon of the App Store

Step 2: Search and tap it, enter the desired app name you want, or scroll down to find more featured apps.

Step 3: Tap the game app you are looking for and see its description, reviews, ratings, etc.

Step 4: Tap the get button or the price.

Step 5: Double-click the side button when prompted, download the app and finally install it on your App Watch.


Q. How much storage space does the Apple Watch have?

All Apple watch  SE models have a storage space of 32 GB.

Q. How to Uninstall games from Apple Watch?

To uninstall the app, touch and hold the app you want to uninstall, and you will see view options appearing on your screen; tap edit apps, and finally, tap the delete button to confirm and tap the digital crown to end the process of uninstalling the app.


Here are the free best games apps supported by Apple WatchOS and can fit on the screen well. Each game described above has some fun and can make you intrigued for hours, which will help you pass the time, exercise your brain, and improve your cognitive skills.