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3 Best Free Edu Email Generators [WITH PROVE]

Some free edu email generator websites include Tempumail, iStaunch, and Etempmail. You can use the edu email address to gain access to certain products, services, offers, and discounts. An edu email address can help you gain access to the GitHub student developer pack, Amazon student pack, Google G Suite for Education, AutoDesk, and  Microsoft Dreamspark. You will be able to utilize educational tools that offer free access to students.

You are also guaranteed discounts on products and services. The only downside is that you wouldn't know the legitimacy of the email address or even the email system restrictions. Also, if you use an alumni edu email address you might not get the same benefits as a current student.

If you aren't enrolled in a college, you can use these free edu email generators.

1. Tempumail Edu Mail Generator

Tempumail Edu Mail Generator

Tempumail is a platform that you can use for free to create an edu email. Alternatively, you can use Tempumail to create a random email address for other personal reasons.

To utilize the online tool, you simply need to type in a username, select a domain from the drop-down, and click the “create” button. You may encounter some ads while on the website, but they won’t redirect you to other sites. Once with the email address, you can use it to access the resources that you want.


  • It is free to use
  • It has a beautiful user interface
  • It makes it easy for students to stay connected with peers and teachers

2. Istaunch Edu Email Generator

Istaunch Edu Email Generator

iStaunch is another credible site that you can use to create an edu email address. However, for this, you won’t provide a username, instead, you will provide your email address, and you will get a customized email address & password for free within 48 hours.

When a student is admitted to an educational institution, they are assigned an edu email address mainly in the US, Canada, etc. So, what if you urgently need one and you weren’t assigned one? You use iStaunch to create one!


  • The website is free to use and straightforward.
  • You will be able to use the email address for a lifetime.
  • The site is safe and secure.

3. Etempmail Edu Email Generator

Etempmail Edu Email Generator

EtempMail is another incredible platform that you can use to create a temporary edu email address. By just accessing the website, an edu email address is created for you.  You can use it in the next 20 minutes to make any registrations that you want.

You are also provided with a recovery key and can even extend the time on the premium plan. Additionally, the inbox is shown there so you can see the received emails in real-time. It provides temporary emails to prevent any security breaches using your real email address.

Through the temporary edu email address, you can easily access educational content, discounts, and services.


  • It allows you to have a temporary email for 20 minutes or more if you opt for the premium
  • You can easily change the domain.
  • The emails can be used for registrations and verifications

What Other Ways Can You Use To Get A Free Edu Email Address?

Other Ways Can You Use To Get A Free Edu Email Address

If you don’t want to use the free edu email generators, you can consider creating an email address on some college websites, applying to a college, or university, or checking whether your college offers email services.

1. Create An Email Address


You can also consider creating an email address on the CCCAPPLY, Virginia Community Colleges center, or Diablo Valley College websites. However, to generate an email address you will need to provide your personal information and college to get the email address. Also, you need to be sure of a college so that you can register using it. The process may be a bit more complex than when just using the edu email generators.

2. Apply to A College Or University

One of the most straightforward ways is by applying to a college or university. You just need to access the website of your prospective school and start applying online. However, you will need to provide some personal information to create the email address.

Alternatively, you can register as a no-credit student. You can get access to the edu email address by enrolling in a local community college as a no-credit student. For example Virginia Community Colleges.

Create A Free Edu Email Address Effortless To Access Many Services

You can use these free edu email generators to create an edu email address to access some great services that are mainly offered to students.

You can also opt to create an email address through verified websites, apply for college or university in the U.S. to get an edu email by default or opt for third-party services to see whether you can get an edu email address.

However, you need to be careful when using a temporary edu email address to prevent being deemed as a fraud.