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25+ Pet Simulator X Merch Codes for Free Exclusive Pets

Pet Simulator X (PSX) has become an absolute phenomenon since first launching in 2021, amassing over an astounding 1 billion visits to date. As players dutifully collect coins and gems to obtain the rarest and most powerful pets, PSX merch codes have become invaluable prizes.

These elusive codes can be redeemed in-game for exclusive virtual pets and are provided with select PSX plush toys and accessories sold exclusively on the official Big Games website. With new codes regularly released alongside flashy new merch drops, dedicated PSX fans feverishly try to collect them all.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about PSX merch codes, including clever tricks for scoring free codes, step-by-step instructions for proper redemption, and an up-to-date list of all working codes. Read on for pro tips on grabbing free exclusive pets!

The Phenomenal Success of Pet Simulator X

Before we dig into the specifics of PSX merch codes, let’s first examine the incredible success of the game itself for some context.

Released in late July 2021, Pet Simulator X represents the third installment in the popular Pet Simulator series created by Big Games. Like its predecessors, the main objective is to collect and upgrade pets while exploring a sprawling world.

Players begin with a simple pet and collect coins by completing tasks or defeating enemies. These coins can then be used to purchase egg varieties that hatch into new pets when opened. As you progress, pets can be leveled up and fused together to create even more spectacular pets.

The ultimate goal is to gather the rarest and most exclusive pets and become the ultimate virtual pet master. There are currently over 1,000 different pets to collect across common, rare, epic, and mythical tiers.

New worlds and zones are frequently added to the game, each introducing unique new pets, fresh gameplay mechanics, and challenges to overcome. Some of the most popular worlds so far include the Tech World, Fantasy World, and most recently, the spooky Halloween World.

Now let’s examine how PSX merch codes fit into the game and how savvy players have scored these coveted codes for free.

Hacks for Scoring Free Pet Simulator X Merch Codes

As mentioned, PSX merch codes are included on physical Pet Simulator X toys, backpacks, and accessories sold exclusively on the official Big Games website. However, actually buying merch isn’t the only way to score free codes. Here are some clever methods that industrious gamers have used:

1. Take Surveys on GPT Sites

GPT (Get-Paid-To) survey sites like Swagbucks, InboxDollars, and PrizeRebel reward users for completing surveys, playing games, watching videos, and more.

By investing time into these GPT sites, you can easily earn enough points to redeem gift cards for the Big Games shop. This allows you to essentially buy PSX merch containing codes without spending any real money.

Some GPT sites like Swagbucks even offer special free PSX merch like t-shirts and backpacks as direct redeemable rewards. This eliminates the gift card step altogether.

Based on expert estimates, a savvy user can easily earn a $10 Big Games gift card on Swagbucks with less than 2 hours of effort.

2. Enter Giveaways From Your Favorite Creators

Big Games often partners directly with popular Roblox YouTube influencers to run exciting PSX merch giveaways for their loyal fans. Subscribing to these creators and participating in their promotions is a great chance to win free merch codes.

In the past, influencers like RussoPlays, JD, Thinknoodles, and Notorious have held massive PSX plush and backpack giveaways with codes included. Keep an eye out on your favorite Roblox YouTube and Twitter accounts for similar opportunities.

3. Buy Second-Hand Codes on Resale Sites

If you browse resale sites like eBay, you can often find sellers offloading second-hand PSX merch codes for cheap. These are codes from previously purchased toys or accessories that the original buyer did not end up using in-game.

While prices vary, this secondary market provides much cheaper access compared to buying PSX merch first-hand solely for the included code. However, exercise caution for potential scams or invalid codes when buying second-hand.

Step-By-Step Guide for Redeeming Codes

Once you’ve managed to acquire a PSX merch code through any of the methods described above, here are the simple steps to redeem it in-game for your exclusive pet:

  1. Launch Pet Simulator X on your device and look for the circular “Pets” icon in the bottom bar.

  2. Select the purple shop icon on the right side of the pet management menu.

  3. Choose the “Redeem for Exclusive Pets!” option.

  4. Carefully enter your unique PSX merch code into the text field and select “Redeem!”.

  5. Claim your new limited-edition exclusive pet!

If done correctly, you should see a confirmation popup signaling successful code redemption. The special exclusive pet will then appear in your in-game inventory ready for use.

Be sure to enter codes precisely as they appear on the physical merch tag, paying extra attention to similar looking characters like 0/O and 5/S. Also try to redeem codes as soon as possible, as they can expire over time.

Now for the exciting part, let’s look at all the working PSX merch codes as of February 2023 for grabbing exclusive pets in-game!

Working Pet Simulator X Merch Codes List (February 2023)

Here is an up-to-date list of all currently active and valid PSX merch codes:


These rare codes redeem the following exclusive VIP pets:

  • Huge Circus Lion: A legendary huge lion wearing a dazzling circus outfit.
  • Huge Hell Rock: An epic huge rock pet engulfed in scorching flames.
  • Huge Pixel Cat: A rare huge pixilated cat pet.
  • Huge Floppa: A rare huge meme cat known as Floppa.
  • Big Bertha: A legendary huge butterfly pet.
  • Huge Easter Bunny: A rare huge bunny wearing a festive Easter outfit.
  • Huge Cupcake Slime: A legendary huge pink slime decorated with colorful sprinkles.
  • Huge Chest Mimic: A mythical mimic chest pet with arms and legs.
  • Huge Pegasus: An epic huge majestic Pegasus pet with gray fur and wings.
  • Huge Clover Dog: A rare huge dog wearing a charming green clover costume.

These are all high-demand top-tier pets that would require tremendous time and luck to obtain through normal gameplay. PSX merch codes essentially provide a secret backdoor shortcut to get these coveted pets instantly.

The most overpowered pet is arguably the blazing Huge Hell Rock, which can help you decimate worlds collecting insane amounts of coins and gems. The Huge Chest Mimic is also quite rare and unique, given its mythical rarity tier.

Now let’s dive into some pro tips for staying on top of new PSX merch code releases.

Pro Tips for Finding New Pet Simulator X Merch Codes

Since new codes are frequently introduced alongside exciting merch releases, staying fully up-to-date on the latest codes is critical for scoring the newest exclusive pets as soon as they drop. Here are some proven pro tips:

  • Follow @BigGamesRoblox on Twitter – Big Games regularly tweets out first-look images of upcoming merch containing codes. Enable push notifications to stay in the loop.

  • Join exclusive PSX Discord servers – Inclusive communities like Pet Simulator X Hub provide early code leaks and coordinate giveaways.

  • Watch YouTube influencers closely – Top influencers like @Thinknoodles, @RussoPlays, and @JD often receive exclusive codes.

  • Monitor the Big Games website – Constantly check newly added plush toys and accessories for potential codes. The newest merch tends to include fresh codes.

  • Bookmark code aggregation sites – Sites like RBLX Codes and Pro Game Guides consolidate codes as they are discovered. Check frequently.

  • Check eBay and resale sites – Resellers will occasionally leak codes early when flipping PSX merch for profit. But beware of potential scams.

With new worlds, pets, and merch releasing on a consistent basis, expect a steady stream of new codes in the coming months. Following these tips will assure you grab codes early before the masses can redeem them.

FAQs – Pet Simulator X Merch Codes

Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about PSX merch codes:

Are PSX merch codes single use?

Yes, PSX merch codes can only be redeemed once per Roblox account. Each code is tied to a single exclusive virtual pet. Once redeemed, subsequent attempts with the same code will fail.

What’s the best place to buy official PSX plushies with codes?

The only authorized seller of official Pet Simulator X merch is the Big Games website. However, second-hand items may be available on sites like eBay from resellers.

How long do PSX merch codes last before they expire?

There is no set expiry for PSX codes, though some have remained active for over a year. To maximize your chances, try to redeem new codes within a few weeks or months of release.

Can I get banned for using PSX merch codes?

You should not face any bans for redeeming valid PSX codes from official merch. But be cautious of shady code resellers who may offer hacked or exploited codes that could carry risk.

Why don‘t some working codes redeem for me?

If an active code fails for you, it likely means it has already been redeemed by another player first. Try newer codes instead, and be sure to enter codes carefully to avoid typos.

The Hunt Continues…

The hunt for new PSX merch codes is neverending! As Pet Simulator X continues seeing massive success, expect even more new merch collaborations and code releases in the future.

Using the tips and tricks outlined in this guide, you‘ll have everything you need to stay on the cutting edge for instant access to the latest OP exclusive pets through codes.

Be sure to bookmark this page, as we‘ll be updating it continuously as new codes drop. Let us know which new huge pets end up being your favorites! Now get out there, have fun, and happy hunting!