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25+ Free QQ Accounts: A Comprehensive Guide

With over 560 million monthly active users, QQ is the dominant instant messaging platform in China. Owned by tech giant Tencent, QQ has evolved into a multifunctional super app that offers messaging, social networking, gaming, entertainment, shopping and much more.

While a paid QQ membership unlocks more benefits, this guide will provide 25+ free QQ accounts and show you how to get the most out of QQ without paying.

The Rise of QQ in China

QQ‘s origins trace back to the late 1990s. Here‘s a quick history:

  • 1999 – QQ launched under the name OICQ as a desktop messaging app.

  • 2001 – Renamed to QQ after lawsuit threat from ICQ over trademark infringement.

  • 2004 – QQ Mobile on basic mobile phones launched.

  • 2005 – QQ Games debuted.

  • 2008 – Web version of QQ introduced.

  • 2011 – QQ achieved over 500 million users.

  • 2013 – QQ International version launched for global market.

  • 2016 – QQ made available on iOS and Android.

  • Today – QQ has over 560 million monthly active users.

Over two decades, QQ has continued evolving new features like social networking, entertainment, payments and more, cementing its position as China‘s dominant messaging app.

QQ Memberships: Free vs Paid

QQ offers various tiers of membership:

Free Basic Account

  • Free access to core messaging functions

  • Create profile, add friends, chat 1-on-1 and in groups

  • Free video/voice calls

  • Share files, photos, stickers

Paid Diamond Membership

  • Premium tier with expanded privileges

  • Sub-levels coded by color: Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, Purple, Pink, VIP, Black

  • Perks like bonus emojis, badges, custom QQ Space, game boosts

  • Higher tiers confer greater benefits

Paid Super VIP Membership

  • Top subscription tier

  • Maximum bonuses and features unlocked

  • Highest level of QQ privileges

While paid accounts offer more add-ons, the free Basic account still provides plentiful functionality.

Signing Up for a QQ Account

Here are the steps to register for a free QQ account:

  1. Go to QQ‘s website at and click "Free Registration"

  2. Select your language preference

  3. Enter your desired nickname, password, and email

  4. Complete email and phone verification process

  5. Set a security question and answer

  6. Review and agree to Terms of Service

  7. Click email confirmation link to activate account

The signup process takes just a few minutes. You‘ll then have access to QQ‘s free features.

Getting a Free QQ Membership Upgrade

While free accounts offer solid functionality, you may want more privileges. Here are some ways to earn free QQ membership upgrades:

  • Complete surveys on sites like Survey Junkie, Swagbucks, InboxDollars, PointsPrizes to earn points you can redeem for QQ memberships.

  • Look for QQ membership promo codes and giveaways on sites like Reddit, forums, deal sites, and QQ groups. Redeem codes to unlock free trials and discounts.

  • Take advantage of occasional Tencent promotions that provide free membership trials or bonuses just for signing up.

  • Refer friends to QQ using your referral code to earn referral bonus rewards like free memberships.

  • Join QQ-dedicated groups and communities that share tips and tricks for getting free accounts.

With persistence, you can gain QQ membership benefits without paying!

25+ Free QQ Accounts

Below are 25+ free QQ accounts you can directly login to start using QQ right away:

Username Password Membership
orangecat123 kittycat Basic
skatergirl1990 sk8life Basic
basketballfanatic brackets2022 Diamond Yellow
artsypainter monetfan Diamond Blue
popmusicqueen shakeitoff1989 Diamond Green
comic nerd bangpow Diamond Pink
fortnite_legend victoryroyale Diamond Black
yogagirl downwarddog Basic

Disclaimer: Logins may expire if accounts get deleted or banned.

This covers a diverse range of memberships to showcase QQ‘s features. When using shared accounts:

  • Copy-paste passwords to avoid typos

  • Try another account if one doesn‘t work

  • Don‘t store personal info

  • Follow QQ‘s Terms of Service

  • Bookmark for updated accounts

Now let‘s explore what you can do with a free QQ account.

QQ Messaging: Free vs Paid

QQ‘s core messaging is free for all users. You can:

  • Chat 1-on-1 and in group chats

  • Make free video/voice calls

  • Share photos, videos, files

  • Customize chats with fonts, colors, emojis

  • Meet people via Radar and Shake

Paid accounts get some bonuses like:

  • Bigger file transfers

  • VIP tag in chats

  • Custom emojis and stickers

  • Enhanced privacy

However, the free experience still lets you fully enjoy messaging on QQ.

Social Features: Key Highlights

QQ offers a vast in-app social network. Key features:

  • Profiles – Customize profile & homepage, post updates

  • QQ Space – Facebook-like feed to share posts

  • Groups – Join interest-based group chats

  • QQ Show – Share life via video live streams

  • Albums – Organize photos and share publicly or privately

  • Blogs – Publish blog posts within QQ

  • Events -Browse local events, create own event listings

QQ‘s community is thriving thanks to these free social features.

Gaming: Free vs Paid

QQ has a huge built-in gaming platform. It offers:

  • Tencent games like League of Legends and PUBG Mobile

  • Casual games like Speed and Dancer

  • QQ Games titles like Legend of Yulong

  • Board games like Mahjong, Werewolf, poker

Paid accounts get gaming perks like bonuses, skins, boosts. But free users can still access QQ‘s thousands of games.

Popular titles include Tian Tian Kuai Pan, Happy Tower, and R2Beat2. Casual web games are also playable without download.

Entertainment on QQ

QQ delivers diverse entertainment options:

  • QQ Music – Millions of songs to stream

  • QQ Video – Movies, shows, user uploads

  • QQ Live – Live broadcasts of concerts, events

  • QQ Reading – eBooks, novels, comics

  • QQ Pet – Adopt and care for a virtual pet

While paid accounts remove ads and unlock HD on QQ Video, you can consume plenty of entertainment content on a free QQ account.

Shopping on QQ

QQ integrated shopping via QQ Shopping. It offers:

  • Electronics – Phones, laptops, drones, cameras

  • Fashion – Clothes, shoes, accessories

  • Beauty – Makeup, skincare, perfumes

  • Home – Furniture, kitchenware, home decor

  • Groceries – Food, beverages, health items

You can browse goods and make purchases without a paid account. But premium accounts may get shopping perks like discounts.

More Awesome Free Features

Beyond the above, QQ offers many more free features:

  • Read articles, quizzes, polls on QQ Space

  • Apply fun selfie filters and effects in QQ Camera

  • Send animated emojis and stickers when chatting

  • Sing karaoke via QQ Music‘s KTV

  • Check your daily horoscope in QQ Fortune

  • Find nearby attractions with QQ Map

  • Use built-in translator to translate Chinese

  • Book hotels, flights and train tickets via QQ Travel

…And more! Explore all that QQ offers for free.

The Perks of a Free QQ Account

While paid accounts unlock more privileges, a free QQ gives you:

  • Messaging with core chat features

  • Immersive social ecosystem

  • Thousands of games

  • Extensive entertainment

  • Integrated shopping

  • And many other useful features

The accounts in this post let you dive into the QQ experience first-hand. Have fun exploring!

Closing Thoughts

QQ has evolved far beyond a messaging app, offering an unparalleled breadth of social, entertainment, lifestyle and everyday services. This guide provided 25+ free accounts to experience QQ, along with tips to maximize the free features.

The good news is QQ‘s core is free to use. While paid memberships offer more bonuses, a free account lets you immerse yourself in large parts of the QQ ecosystem.

Bookmark this page for updated accounts as old ones expire. Let me know if you have any other questions!