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22 Free Video Chat Apps to Stay Connected Anytime

Do you want to communicate through video chats but don’t know the best app to do so? This article provides you with the best video chat applications to help you keep in touch with family and friends without paying a dime.

If you have access to a top-tier video chat service, in-person meetings may soon become obsolete. While the threat of contracting COVID has diminished, there are still additional reasons to avoid proximity to people until the virus has been eradicated.

As an alternative to physically missing out, you can participate in activities you can’t physically be at using video chat software. To add insult to injury, the internet has made it unnecessary to be in the same time zone to communicate effectively. You can stay in touch with the people important to you without ever leaving your home, thanks to video chat applications.

The question is, which service is right for you? Since there are so many options, selecting the best app might be challenging. Here’s a rundown of the top video applications, so you can choose the one that’s appropriate for you.

1. Zoom — Best for Work Meetings and Interviews

Zoom Video Chat Apps

Zoom is useful when you don’t have much time to plan and organize your meetings. Zoom meetings are like Google Meet ones, except anybody with the invite link can join them. When you’re joining via the web version, you don’t need to be a registered user to participate.

HD video conferencing resolutions of 720p or 1080p are available without additional cost. The option to save meeting recordings to the cloud through the Zoom app is another fantastic function. This will allow you to access the recording at your convenience and share or download it with others. You should never again be late for a job interview or an important meeting.

2. Skype — Best Free Video Chap App with Screen Sharing and Live Transcription

Skype Video Chat Apps

Skype has been around for quite some time, and despite its age, it still provides a full suite of video chatting capabilities for up to 50 users at once. Not only is it free, but it’s also compatible with any gadgets you could ever require.

Not only that, but Skype is well-known for its worldwide calling and messaging capabilities, as well as its compatibility with landlines and basic mobile phones. You’ll have to shell out some cash, but this is well worth it if you have loved ones spread throughout the globe.

3. WhatsApp — Best Secure Video Chat Application

WhatsApp Video Chat Apps

Let’s say you wish to make easy video calls to close friends and family using a private messaging app. Because of its popularity, many people probably already have WhatsApp installed, making it ideal for fast facetime chats with loved ones who are far away yet within reach. You won’t have any problem locating other WhatsApp users, and the program is generally reliable and secure.

4. Discord — Best Community Video Chat App

Discord Video Chat Apps

Discord is another comprehensive social messaging application that allows you to join communities, connect voice channels, communicate in groups, and make individual phone calls. As a Nitro user, you have the option of streaming at 720p at no extra cost or upgrading to 1080p at a better quality and increased frame rate.

Hosting video chats is possible in both server channels and contact messages. Discord has a lot to offer, whether you want a private chat with a few close friends, to participate in a class or study group, or to play games with other people online.

5. Facebook Messenger — Best for Connecting with Friends Far and Near

Facebook Messenger Video Chat Apps

The convenience of Facebook Messenger for video chatting lies in the fact that you are likely already a user. With only a Facebook account and the Facebook Messenger software (available on both mobile and desktop devices), you can immediately begin video chatting with your Facebook friends. If you ever signed up for Facebook but no longer use the service, you can still utilize Messenger.

Select a contact or a chat group and begin a call by tapping the little camera icon in the top right corner of the screen. Also, like Skype, Facebook Messenger allows for up to 50 participants in a video conference at once. This significantly increased above the 32 participants allowed in a video call using Apple’s FaceTime or Google Duo.

6. Google Meet — Best for Business Interviews and Communication with Family and Friends

Google Meet Video Chat Apps

Google Meet is one of the finest applications for group video conversations due to its low latency and high-quality audio/video. Share the URL the host generates to start the session, which can accommodate up to 100 participants for an hour.

7. Viber — Best All-in-one Free Video Chat App

Viber Video Chat Apps

Viber is a comprehensive social program that allows you to text and video call your connections, employ end-to-end encryption for your texts and voice conversations, and make cheap international and domestic phone calls over VoIP. You have the option of making video calls to any of your contacts or starting a group video conference with up to 39 people. Compared to Telegram and WhatsApp, Viber is a much superior messaging program since it protects your privacy and makes all your calls easily accessible.

8. FaceTime — Best Free Video Chat Application for iOS Devices

FaceTime Video Chat Apps

A list of the top video chat applications would be incomplete without FaceTime. Although Apple’s software wasn’t the pioneer in video chatting, it was the first to make it widely available on mobile devices.

In the present day, Apple’s FaceTime comes preloaded on all of their devices. It offers many entertaining and helpful features, such as the ability to have up to 32 people on a single call and the usage of emojis, Memojis, and stickers.

9. Microsoft Teams — Best Professional Video Chat Application

Microsoft Teams Video Chat Apps

Microsoft Teams may be designed with corporations and professionals in mind, but it still has something for everyone. And especially if you’re ever coming together in huge numbers. There’s plenty of room for even the biggest family get-togethers, thanks to the free tier’s cap of 100 participants for each call. With Microsoft Teams, you can communicate with others, but you can also access certain valuable professional features that Skype lacks.

10. Duo — Best Video Chat Application for Android Devices

Duo Video Chat Apps

Google’s Android has lacked a native video calling app compared to Apple’s FaceTime. Instead, they had to download an app from the Play Store that wasn’t officially endorsed by Google and hope that their friends would join.

Duo, a video chat software that works seamlessly inside Android’s built-in phone application, was developed to solve this issue. Additionally, Duo offers a plethora of entertaining features, such as the capacity to record and send video messages that allow you to communicate with friends and family despite their absence.

11. Wink — The best Easy-to-use Video Chat App

Wink Video Chat Apps

In many ways, this may be the last resting place for people’s conversing and networking needs. Having each user’s identity confirmed would greatly reduce the prevalence of bogus profiles and spam. This is a free video chat software that does not stress out your phone because of its low memory requirements.

12. Ablo — Best for Easy Communication with Family and Friends

Ablo Video Chat Apps

Ablo is, in a nutshell, a free arbitrary video chat program with certainly paid enhancements. Considering it works with Android and iOS phones, you can be sure that there will be more than just the typical user demographics. Incorporating a translator into the product makes it more useful for a wide range of users.

13. Skout — Best Free Video Chat App for Easy Communication with Strangers

Skout Video Chat Apps

The primary goal of the Skout app is to facilitate physical encounters between users. Customers will always have access to the most recent information because of the regular updates. Because of the ability to broadcast to a large audience, video and group chatting have reached a new level of convenience. In this way, user profiles can be promoted.

14. Mico — Best Free Video Chat App with User-friendly Interface

Mico Video Chat Apps

Mico is a straightforward messaging app for iOS. This is the finest app for live-streaming video chats with random people. Group video calls are possible, too. Customers get additional benefits due to the real-time translations. The feeds are organized into useful categories according to their country of origin.

15. Hitwe — Provides Sheer Flexibility for Easy Communication

Hitwe Video Chat Apps

This free, arbitrary video chat program optimized for iOS has a dedicated user base. The software’s adaptability makes it ideal for every social situation, whether the user is interested in creating new connections, catching up with old pals, or getting to know someone new.

16. Azar — Offers Real-time Chat Translation

Azar Video Chat Apps

Because of its adaptability and widespread cultural acceptance, Azar is a top choice among video chat applications for meeting new people. This is the first and only system of its type, allowing users to communicate across language boundaries via instant translation of conversations. The app’s success may be attributed in large part to the fact that it provides users with comfortable spaces that can be tailored to their preferences.

17. Telegram — Best for Communicating with Like-minded People

Telegram Video Chat Apps

Telegram is an essential purchase application for anybody seeking reliable, trouble-free, and secure video chat software with random people. The app’s several customizable “rooms” make it easy to connect with individuals who share your interests.

18. Twoo — Best Free Video Chat App for Meeting New People Around the World

Twoo Video Chat Apps

The correct individual can be found quickly and easily using the free random video chat software. Free video calling makes it easy to connect with new people quickly. Whether you’re looking to set up the first date or are a seasoned social butterfly, Twoo is perfect.

19. CamSurf — Simple Layout for Easy Communication

CamSurf Video Chat Apps

The idea behind the video chat with strangers app is to make new friends from all around the globe. By providing a way for members to report offensive content, this tool is useful for preventing disruptive debates.

20. Qeep — Video-chat, Meet, and Have Fun with New People

Qeep Video Chat Apps

Qeep has been around for a while, making it an established app. It’s a hit on iOS and Android, making it a versatile choice for mobile users. Unlike similar video chat with strangers applications, this one has a picture blog to help users find others with similar interests.

21. Holla — Best for Free Video Chat with Similar Age Groups

Holla Video Chat Apps

This application has far and away been the most popular choice for video chatting with strangers this year. You can have a pleasant and lag-free experience using the app’s messaging and video calling features.

22. Chatous — Easy-to-use Random Video Chat Application

Chatous Video Chat Apps

Chatous is the best free random video chat software if you’re looking for a lively community to hang out with. Users can liven up their video chats by sharing casual photos and image messages.

Guide to Selecting the Best Video Chat Application

There’s no need to feel constrained in your search for the ideal video chat program since they all provide free versions. After all, the most dangerous part of the process is getting started with the program and creating an account.

If you’re wondering how to get going with this app, it’s important to assess why you need it. Duo, FaceTime, or any of Facebook’s other options will do if all you want to do is talk on your phone by yourself.

I suggest Discord, Skype, Zoom, or Microsoft Teams if you and your friends require something more professional or collaborative or if you and your friends use various devices to communicate (phones, tablets, laptops, and so on). These programs can be found on any system, and although some may have premium versions, you probably won’t need them. Even more so if the number of attendees is low or the planned conversation duration is brief.

The higher levels will likely provide finer features, but in many situations, the free tiers will offer plenty of value. All the fundamentals of communicating with others will be available at the very least.

Since this is the way these things usually work out, you’ll probably wind up utilizing the same video chat service that your friends and family already like. But if you’re in the mood for something else, maybe one of these alternatives can do the trick.


Q. Which video-chat app can I use to video-call without using my phone number?

Google Duo is web-based and doesn’t need a phone number to utilize.

Q. Can I use video chat apps anywhere for free?

Yes. All the video chat application on this list is free to use anywhere in the world.

Q. Can I video-call strangers with free video chat apps?

Yes. These video chat applications in this article are free to use and allow you to communicate with friends, family, and strangers via video call without paying a dime.


20 of the top applications for making anonymous video calls have been discussed above. Video chatting apps are typically free to download and use, although some offer paid upgrades or additional features. Privacy is a major issue for anybody utilizing video chat software. To be fair, most of the options do deal with the most common problems, but it may take some time to find the one that is most suited to the individual’s needs.

Having video calling software on your phone is helpful for more than simply talking to people. It’s a more effective tool for networking and connecting individuals than chat rooms alone. Live visuals can finally take their place alongside voice conversations on the same level of importance as static channels.