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20 Best Free Web Scraper Tools in 2024 [Data Collection]

Do you want to extract data from web pages, but you don’t want to spend a dime? This article is here to help. This article provides you with the best free web scraping tools for a better and more convenient web scraping experience without spending any money.

The term “web scraping” refers to the process through which automated software programs crawl websites to collect information. They are the only practical means of collecting enormous quantities of data online since they automate the whole process.

Data can be extracted from millions of online pages in a matter of hours using a web scraper, which would take weeks or months using conventional data-collecting methods. Their usefulness, however, is limited to situations in which a website either does not offer an API or the API given is severely constrained.

You should know that there are a lot of free online scrapers out there, but the issue is whether or not any of them are worth your time. No! In reality, you should know that just a select fraction of the available free tools will accomplish your goals. Let’s check out some of the best free web scrapers available today.

1. — Best Free Scraper Tool to Scrape at Most 1k Web pages

Import Free Web Scraper Tools overview

  • Free Option: Free 1k URLs monthly is a well-liked cloud-based web scraping solution if you don’t plan on collecting more than 1000 web pages per month. is well-established in the web-scraping market, and the quality of its scrapers has been repeatedly shown. They were designed with current web standards, making them suitable for contemporary sites with plenty of JavaScript and more traditional ones with only HTML and CSS. Fast and simple, is ideal for bulk imports.

2. Diffbot Automatic APIs — Best for Easy Web Scraping Task

Diffbot Automatic APIs Free Web Scraper Tools overview

  • Free Option: 14 days free trial

You can utilize Diffbot for your web scraping project risk-free for 14 days with their free trial. Diffbot Automatic APIs stand apart from the crowd since it does not need location-specific training. This is because it employs AI and ML to recognize relevant data and extract it for you automatically.

Their Automatic APIs can automatically extract and cleanse data without requiring any rule-setting on your part. Diffbot excels in many different settings, including those involving items, films, online debates, and articles. Every website you can think of performs quickly, effectively, and reliably.

3. Scraper — Simple and Basic Free Web Scraper

Scraper Free Web Scraper Tools overview

  • Free Option: 100% totally free to use

The Scraper Chrome add-on is a minimal and straightforward web scraper. It is not as widely used as the other web scrapers I have covered, and it doesn’t even possess its site. This is likely so in the sense that it is a solo one-person effort. According to Haven, it is still one of the most downloaded Chrome extensions for web scraping. Scraper is not a tool for novices; proficient knowledge of XPath is necessary to utilize it effectively. However, if you have that knowledge, working with Scraper is a breeze.

4. SimpleScraper — Browser Extension Web Scraper

SimpleScraper Free Web Scraper Tools overview

  • Free Option: Offers Free-to-use Chrome Extension

To add to the list of top free online scrapers, SimpleScraper is a browser plugin. Installing the SimpleScraper Chrome extension will allow you to begin scraping data and converting a website into an API. Since SimpleScraper was developed with today’s web in mind, you won’t have to worry about any compatibility issues when it comes to JavaScript rendering and execution. It has been discovered that SimpleScraper works just as effectively on outdated websites as on newer ones. Scraping sites is now quick, simple, and stress-free with SimpleScraper, and it doesn’t cost a dime to use.

5. Outwit Hub — Easy and Downloadable Web Scraper Tool

Outwit Hub Free Web Scraper Tools overview

  • Free Option: Its Light Plan is 100% free to use

Downloading Outwit Hub will allow you to get information from several websites. There are four different packages to choose from, which are Enterprise (business), Expert (advanced), Pro (professional), and Light (basic). The Light Plan is free; however, it does have certain restrictions. In spite of its restrictions, Outwit Hub Lite edition is an excellent web scraper alternative for individuals on a tight budget. You can use Outwit Hub to convert any webpage into a database with columns and rows that can then be exported to various common file types. Outwit Hub is, without a question, a potent instrument, but its full potential is only unlocked by upgrading to the premium subscription.

6. ScrapeStorm — Best Web Scraper Tool for Non-coders

ScrapeStorm Free Web Scraper Tools overview

  • Free Option: Free download and free Starter Plan

Based on the group's expertise, ScrapeStorm should be at the top of the priority list. What’s the reason? Ex-members of Google’s crawler team developed it. As a visual online scraping tool, ScrapeStorm doesn’t assume any prior programming knowledge. ScrapeStorm is noteworthy because it uses AI to recognize data, eliminating the need for human identification in many scenarios. Images, prices, contacts, links, forms, and lists are some data types that ScrapeStorm can automatically recognize. When training the program, simulation activities can be used when automated identification of data fails.

7. Helium Scraper — Best for Fast and Easy Data Extraction

Helium Scraper Free Web Scraper Tools overview

  • Free Option: 10 days free trial with complete access to all features

You will have to pay if you want to scrape the web using Helium Scraper. In contrast, it offers fully working 10-day free trials so that companies can test out the service before committing financially. The scraper included in the trial version is entirely functioning; thus, it stands to reason that it is one of the finest examples of a free web scraper. Fast data extraction, support for SQLite databases with up to 140 terabytes of storage, the ability to schedule scraping activities, and the ability to export data in common formats like CSV, JSON, and Excel are just a few of its many impressive features.

8. (Web Scraper Extension) — Available for Free for Both Firefox and Chrome

Webscraper Free Web Scraper Tools overview

  • Free Option: Offers free Browser Extension

A browser plugin and a cloud-based service are available for web scrapers to use with Chrome and Firefox Online Scraper add-ons are free and well-suited to current web browsing. They can manage the execution of JavaScript, which includes tasks like initiating and waiting for Ajax calls, scrolling the page, and managing pagination. It has a simple user interface that allows you to set up your scraper with a few mouse clicks. As with the above tools, this one doesn’t need any knowledge of programming language.

9. Octoparse — Best Cloud-based Web Scraper Tool

Octoparse Free Web Scraper Tools overview

  • Free Option: 14 days free trial

When it comes to premium, cloud-based web scraping solutions, Octoparse is hard to beat. With their free plan, you can utilize their service by installing and running your copy of their web scraper. With the no-cost plan, you can perform two local crawls simultaneously and crawl an infinite amount of pages.

It works well for quick and easy web scraping jobs. It takes a few simple clicks to transform an entire website into an organized spreadsheet using Octoparse. It works with any form of a website, even those written in JavaScript. But proxies are something you’ll have to provide on your own.

10. ParseHub — Best Free Visual Web Scraper

ParseHub Free Web Scraper Tools overview

  • Free Option: Free Desktop app and free download for the Everyone Package

With its comprehensive capabilities and user-friendly interface, ParseHub is among the most excellent free web scrapers available today. Installing ParseHub’s software on your machine is free; they support Windows, Mac, and Linux. This contrasts with most free web scrapers, whose free plan is only available for a limited time.

To get the necessary data scraped, all you have to do to use ParseHub, a visual web scraping tool, is train the program with a few clicks of the mouse. Their web-based data miner has paid premium tiers.

11. Phantombuster — Best for Non-coders

Phantombuster Free Web Scraper Tools overview

  • Free Option: 14 days free trial

If you need to scrape websites without writing any code, Phantombuster is the best cloud service you can use. Its primary function is to glean information from online sources like social media and web pages. Data collecting for online shops is another area where Phantombuster becomes useful. This software offers several application programming interfaces (APIs) that can be used to gather information from many online sources, including social media, Google Maps, and the real estate market. There is a free trial period during which you can use this tool, but when that time has passed, you will need to purchase a membership to continue using it. The pricing ranges shift and fluctuates sometimes. This method of data extraction is lightning fast.

12. ScraperAPI — Provides Proxy API for Web Scraping

ScraperAPI Free Web Scraper Tools overview

  • Free Option: 5k free API

ScraperAPI is well-known among data scrapers and is another outstanding, free online scraping tool. With so many useful options, this web scraping tool easily ranks among the finest of its kind.

For me, the best part about the Scraper API is the dependable and efficient anti-block service it offers. If your web scraper keeps being taken down, you should switch to using the Scraper API instead. Utilizing the Scraper API will allow you to circumvent any restrictions placed on your access to the web. You have total command over the request headers, types, and geolocation.

13. Bright Data — Best for an In-depth Web Scraping

Bright Data Free Web Scraper Tools overview

  • Free Option: 7 days free trial

Check out Bright Data if you’re looking for an inexpensive alternative to paid web scraping services to fulfill your organization’s data collection requirements. In addition to being one of the greatest web scrapers available, its low price tag means you can focus on expanding your web scraping operations without worrying about the bottom line.

14. — Cloud-based Web Scraping Tool for Easing Web Scraping

Dexi Free Web Scraper Tools overview

  • Free Option: Offers free demos

Another tremendous no-cost option for web scraping is It’s a cloud-based service has helped hundreds of people quickly and accurately obtain the information they need. Here, you will find an automatic data processing program that does not supply fraudulent or incorrect information as extracted data. Convenient automated tools are already included in This automation of web scraping is made possible by the use of automated bots.

When it comes to data extraction tools, is among the finest for users who aren’t familiar with the necessary code. The program is excellent for inexperienced users because of its intuitive point-and-click layout. offers a free edition with limited functionality, as well as a premium version with unrestricted use of all functions.

15. ScrapeHero Cloud — Oldest Free Web Scraper Tool

ScrapeHero Cloud Free Web Scraper Tools overview

  • Free Option: Offers free pre-built scrapers for common sites like Walmart, Twitter, and Amazon

When it comes to collecting and storing data, one of the oldest and most reliable free web scraper solutions is ScrapeHero Cloud. It’s cheap and packed with valuable features like several pre-installed APIs. This program excels at scraping information from online retailers like Amazon and eBay.

You can evaluate the tool’s speed and reliability with its free edition by using its many data extraction functions. For those without programming experience, ScrapeHero Cloud is a great web scraping choice. This eliminates the need to acquire, set up, familiarize yourself with, and use specialized software and tools for web scraping.

16. Common Crawl — Best for High-Quality Web Scraping

Common Crawl Free Web Scraper Tools overview

  • Free Option: Free Archive download

The idea behind Common Crawl’s creation was to provide everyone the means to participate in open exploration and analysis of their environment in the hopes of discovering hidden patterns. As a means of giving back to the open-source community, they make available, for free, data of a high quality that was formerly accessible only to huge enterprises and research organizations.

Common Crawl is open-source and free to use for anybody, whether a student at a university, a data scientist learning the ropes, a researcher seeking their next study subject or simply a naturally inquisitive individual who enjoys uncovering patterns and trends.

17. ProWebScraper — Best for Free Web Data Extraction

ProWebScraper Free Web Scraper Tools overview

  • Free Option: Free to scrape the first 100 pages

You need not go any farther to get the data you want in a timely and cost-effective manner. If so, then ProWebScraper is what you want. Using ProWebScraper’s service from the time you express your needs until the data is given to you in the format of your choice will leave you dumbfounded. From the initial development and upkeep of the scraper to the quality of the information it extracts, ProWebScraper is incomparable.

From the initial planning stages to the final delivery of data, their expert personnel will be there to assist you every step of the way. Remember that there are no initial or ongoing costs associated with using their services. You may stop worrying about web scraping and instead concentrate on growing your company.

18. Content Grabber — Flexible Web Scraper Tool

Content Grabber Free Web Scraper Tools overview

  • Free Option: Free download

For its adaptability, Content Grabber ranks among my top online scraping tools. You can utilize their straightforward graphical user interface (GUI) to scrape a website without needing to supply any additional settings (graphical user interface). You can use Content Grabber’s default settings, or you can customize the extraction parameters to your liking.

Scheduled data extraction from the web is only one of the benefits of using Content Grabber. Most websites undergo periodic updates; therefore, it might be useful to have a content extraction process set up to run automatically at regular intervals.

19. — Best for Real-time Data Extraction

Webz Free Web Scraper Tools overview

  • Free Option: Provides Free Datasets and free 1k HTTP requests for 30 days

To get business-grade, real-time data from any website, you can use a tool called It collects data that is both clean and well-organized; it also has sentiment analysis and entity identification, and it can be downloaded in a variety of forms, including XML, RSS, and JSON.

One thousand monthly HTTP requests are included in the free plan. Greater calls, more control over the extracted data, and additional perks like picture analytics, geolocation, and storage for up to 10 years of previous data are all part of the paid plans.

20. ScrapingBee — Best for Authentic Web Data Scraping

ScrapingBee Free Web Scraper Tools overview

  • Free Option: Free 1k API calls

The last of my recommended scraping tools is ScrapingBee. An application programming interface (API) provided by Scrapingbee can convert even the most intricate JavaScript websites into usable HTML. In addition, it provides a specific API for Google search-based site scraping.

Benefits of Web Scraping Tools

1. They Provide Speed

What makes web scraping technology so appealing is, first and foremost, the time savings it offers. When people think about web scraping, they think of speed. There is no longer any need to manually gather data from websites thanks to web scraping tools (programs, software, or procedures). With web scraping, you can simultaneously scrape many websites at high speeds without having to monitor and manually regulate each request. Furthermore, it just requires a single configuration and can scrape an entire website in an hour or less, when the same task would have taken a human a week. This is the primary problem that web scraping was developed to address.

2. They help with Auto Web Data Scraping at Large

The sheer volume of data makes manual processing a daunting prospect. If you want more information than you could ever acquire manually, web scraping tools are the way to go. Say your task is to monitor the pricing of competing businesses’ offerings every week; this can be a very time-consuming task. You can’t keep it up even with a powerful and dedicated workforce so it wouldn’t be very efficient, either. Alternatively, you decide to game the system by using a scraper to continuously gather all the information you want at no expense and with no fatigue.

3. They come at a Low Cost or are Completely Free to Use

Web scraping is advantageous since it is a complex service offered reasonably priced. There is frequently no need to develop a sophisticated system or hire additional people when a basic scraper can accomplish the whole work. Since time is money and the internet is constantly changing rapidly, professional data extraction would be impossible without automating mundane operations.

4. They Offer Performance Integrity and dependability

Data integrity is ensured by the web scraping method itself. You must set up your scraper once to reliably and accurately gather data from websites. If I may ask, how does it function? Errors tend to crop up in tedious, repetitive work because people lose interest. Inaccuracies and errors in financials, pricing, time-sensitive data, or plain old sales can waste a lot of time and energy, and if they’re not identified, they’ll compound. That applies to any data; thus, it’s crucial to be able not just to gather information but also to present it in a clear and usable way.


Q. Is it free to use web scrapers?

Most web scrapers are free. It is essential to know that despite having many web scrapers out there that are completely free, some require you to subscribe to their premium version before you can access their full features. So, keep in mind that not all web scrapers are completely free.

Q. Is it legal to scrape web data?

If you collect information that is already accessible online, web scraping is perfectly legal. However, personal data, intellectual property, and sensitive data are all protected by international rules and must be handled with care when scraped.

Q. What is the estimated time for web scraping?

In most cases, a serial web scraper will make requests in a continuous stream, one after the other. If your crawler has to make about 40k requests daily, you’re good to go with this method. Put another way, if a request is made every 2 seconds, that’s 43.2k requests daily.

Q. Is it difficult to scrape web pages?

Scraping websites is a simple process. The correct technology makes data scraping accessible to anybody, regardless of their technical expertise. You can get the information you need without worrying about programming. Some of the tools are described here. Website scrapers are helpful because they allow people who aren’t programmers to gather information from the web.


Finally! The end of these fantastic free web scraper tools. If you look at the list above, you’ll see that even with their restrictions, most of the free web scrapers I covered are suitable for use in low-volume scraping applications. Free scrapers can be OK for occasional use, but they may not cut if you’re scraping on a massive scale.